Charlie Brown Closes the Gap in CA-04

In CA-04, state senator Tom McClintock (R) leads retired Air Force Lt. Col. Charlie Brown (D), but his lead is diminishing. It is now 533 votes--down from 1248 yesterday. This gain by Brown was expected as yesterday's count was from Nevada County, a Democratic stronghold. The remaining 35,000 absentee and provisional ballots come from a mix of counties so the race is still a tossup. The seat is vacant due to the (forced) retirement of John Doolittle, who had close ties to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

If he wins...

expect graft. "Snoopy appointed to top Air Force slot" etc.

I voted for Charlie

I voted on a paper ballot but i put it in a Diebold machine to be tallied. It was probably counted on a Diebold machine. I have NO faith that my vote was counted.

I hope that the final count is close enough to require a complete hand recount. Thanks to Debra Bowen there is a paper trail. If Diebold messed with the vote it will be exposed.

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