Mark Cuban SEC Charges Related to 9/11 Movie?

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A strange twist in the Mark Cuban story tonight, one which pushes it a little bit further into our wheelhouse. New York Times blogger Floyd Norris has published an email allegedly sent on May 05, 2007 to Cuban by Fort Worth SEC lawyer Jeffrey Norris (”no known relation to me”, notes the blogging Norris). In the email, Jeffrey Norris essentially tells on Cuban to SEC Chairman Christopher Cox, who is CCed, regarding Cuban’s involvement with Loose Change, a 9/11 conspiracy theory film which appeared online in three different incarnations over three years, becoming an internet sensation.

Addressing Cox, Norris explains that Cuban “participated in distributing the vicious and absurd documentary” and declares that Cuban’s “support for this project is irresponsible and immoral.” Floyd Norris posits that the email may be evidence that Cuban is “the victim of a political hit job because he helped finance a movie that was scathingly critical of President Bush.”

Only one problem: there’s no solid evidence that Cuban ever did get involved with financing or distributing the movie.



Scathingly Critical Of Bush?

It's like some can't even bring themselves to say that 9/11 (and the ensuing cover-up) go's far beyond Bush.

Saying 9/11 has to do only with Bush places the topic into a petty partisan category with little meaning.

This is also a prime example

of how people that have not done the proper research, stereotype the 9/11 truth movement by saying we all think Bush did it to go to war. And that couldn't be farther from the truth.

You raise a good point.

"...stereotype the 9/11 truth movement by saying we all think Bush did it to go to war..."

Well simply put the INTERNATIONAL Military Industrial Complex which controls, finances and selects puppets like Bush, Osama AND Obama & potential Secretary of State Hillary Clinton etc. carried out 911 and are planning much bigger 911s.

Pure and simple.

We are going to put a stop to this.

Pls Also see :Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State?

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Hanging it on Bush/Cheney is the ultimate limited hangout

I've been spotting hints at this for about two years now.

It is a LIHOP/incompetence scenario, primarily pinning it on Dr. RIce and Mr. Tennant with Bush/Cheney playing the "bad guys".

Let's see how many more seeds get sprinkled here and there as the transition moves forward and the new administration take over.

Of course, anyone who has done any research at all knows it's a pathetic farce, but the Obama legions will gleefully take it and tell us to move on. This may very well be the reason Obama got the nod over Clinton (although I've been accused more than once of giving the truth movement too much credit for what happens in the realm of deep politics).

Time will tell, meanwhile let's keep pushing the truth everywhere we can, brothers and sisters.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

This story

about the email re Cuban and "Loose Change" is circulating widely around the Web.

See, for example, this:

which was picked up here:

Mark Cuban's residence recently received some 9/11 Truth info...

Mark Cuban residence(s) recently received some 9/11 Truth DVDs and broadsheet-flyer and info cards. This was about 2 weeks ago. The broadsheet-flyer looks like this-->
North Texans for 9/11 Truth
group videos-->

A more recent reason they may have gone after Cuban....

He has apparently financed a website critical of the recent Bailout.

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I wouldn't trust a dime of Cuban's money.

You guys made the right decision to finance your operations yourself with some help from Alex.

Just keep up your efforts. We have to work and partner only with faithful, honest and genuine people who are Real Patriots.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Fabled Enemies

Only one problem with this new movie they financed themselves - there is too much credence to "terrorists" taking over planes and flying them into the WTC, rather than guided in.

Anyone else find it

either cool or disturbing or a bit of both that an SEC lawyer knows about Loose Change?

Congrats, Dylan. You broke the glass ceiling.



A person close to Mr. Cuban provided what he said was one of a series of e-mail messages from Jeffrey B. Norris, an S.E.C. lawyer in Fort Worth, who accused the billionaire of being unpatriotic for helping to finance a movie named “Loose Change.” In the e-mail message, Mr. Norris described the movie as a “vicious and absurd documentary” that “posits that President Bush planned the demolition of the World Trade Center as a pretext for going to war against Iraq.”

In the e-mail message, sent from his S.E.C. e-mail address, Mr. Norris said he was informing Christopher Cox, the chairman of the S.E.C., of Mr. Cuban’s actions.

“If this upsets you, I wonder how George Bush feels,” Mr. Norris wrote. “I assume that Mr. Cox would view your involvement with ‘Loose Change’ much as I do. After all, he served his country as a Republican congressman from Orange County for nearly 20 years and was appointed by President Bush.”



Cuban did release Redacted, man that was a good movie, about a true story of war crimes in Iraq, in faux documentary style.

Selective Enforcement.

This is clearly politically motivated selective enforcement. Among the establishment billionaires insider trading is more likely the rule rather than the exception. This is the shadow government's way of saying, "you may be a billionaire, but we control the government. We have the power to spank you if you rock our status quo boat." This isn't about some irate SEC lawyer. This is about the real powers that be spanking Cuban for entertaining the thought of exposing their game. Those who perpetrated 911 and those that perpetrated the recent bailout may have just sent a chilling message to Mark Cuban.

Exactly. Just a little


Just a little warning to any and all, but especially those with mega resources, who might dare to stand up for truth in the face of mega corruption . . .