A fake hunt for Bin Laden...? (A test for Obama) - CannonFire.blogspot.com

(See also Juan Cole's report on the "no-hunt" story: http://www.juancole.com/2008/11/afghan-article-says-us-bin-ladin-hunt.html -rep.)

Cannonfire.blogspot.com is a popular "liberal" blogger who is now buying into a "conspiracy theory";

"I do feel certain, or at least persuaded, that the American people were never told the full truth about what happened at Tora Bora."

This is someone who, in a links list titled "The Real 9/11 Truth Movement", links to Debunking911.com to "debunk" demolition theories- and in the same links list, links (several times) to articles at http://www.911Review.com that debunk the "no 757 at the Pentagon" and other disinformation. Strange disconnect, as 911Review.com also debunks the disinformation that plane damage, jet-fueled office fires and building mass turned the WTC towers into rapidly inflating dust clouds and small piles of rubble.

Seems to me there's a significant % of people who want real answers and accountability for 9/11, that are currently steering clear of the "9/11 truth movement" due to the corporate media branding those who raise unanswered questions about 9/11 as "conspiracy theorists", and the efforts of the Three Amigos http://visibility911.com/blog/?p=517 and others to associate truth and justice seekers with discredited theories. I don't know if these are the reasons Cannonfire does what it does, but i think these 2 things have had an effect on a significant % of people, which is why the corpse media and the amigos do what they do. That's just my opinion, of course.

A fake hunt for Bin Laden...? (A test for Obama)
Many of you, I hope, have seen the important documentary 9/11: Press For Truth. No, that film does not contain crackpot theories about bombs in buildings. But it does present evidence -- good evidence -- that Al Qaida could have been stopped in its tracks in December of 2001, and that, after the battle of Tora Bora, the United States assisted in an airlift of Al Qaida personnel to the wilds of Pakistan.

CIA offiers Gary Berntsen and Gary Schroen have both asserted that Bin Laden could have been captured at Tora Bora.

A French documentary called The Search for Osama Bin Laden makes a cognate claim. A secular independent newspaper in Afghanistan called Hasht-e Sobh recently published a precis of that film. Juan Cole considers the matter worthy of our (cautious) attention:

So, the rumour was right: French soldiers trapped Usamah Bin-Ladin, but were not allowed by the Americans to arrest the apparent fugitive leader of Al-Qa`idah. A Bin-Ladin documentary just released by French documentary cinema examines this issue, an issue which has led to heated debate in the French media.

What is seen, and the film also emphases this, is that all these slogans, this fighting and killing are a game, a painful and prolonged game whose end even the players do not know and which is running out of control. Apparently, it is a game of cat and mouse, just like "Tom and Jerry", the famous cartoon. But it is a reality that the stubborn one from Texas does not want to catch the mouse - unlike credulous Tom - and that the long-bearded Wahhabi Arab does not want to hide - unlike the intelligent and roaming Jerry. Their prolonged game has made not only the audiences tired but has also transformed the playground into a big pool of blood.

What does it say about the omnipresence of American culture that an Afghan journalist would use Tom and Jerry as a metaphor?

If Usamah is not the lost one of the Americans, then who is? What are the Americans searching for in Afghanistan and who are they looking for? The main media in the West remained silent before the report of the Usamah Bin-Ladin arrest by French soldiers. And, through a news boycott, they reduced a certain fact to a rumour.

Well, at the moment, I don't know whether the claims made in The Search For Osama Bin Laden (unseen by me at this writing) should be considered "certain fact." But I'm willing to look into the "rumor" -- which means that I want to know more about this documentary.

Initial Googling has not uncovered any further references to the participation of French special forces in the battle of Tora Bora. That fact does not mean that we should dismiss the film's allegations out of hand. The participation of Germany's KSK in that operation was not revealed to the public until just a few months ago.

I do feel certain, or at least persuaded, that the American people were never told the full truth about what happened at Tora Bora.

How does Obama fit into this matter? Simple. If his administration uncovers the mystery of "What happened to Osama Bin Laden?" then we will know that the new president is serious about righting the wrongs of the Bush years. If such matters remain mysterious, then we will know that he was put into position in order to keep certain cats within certain bags.

PS: Trannies, don't try it. You know damned well that I won't allow a single syllable. You have no shortage of other places. Save us both some effort, all right?
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I suppose by "trannies" he means truthers; meaning my comment won't get posted:

"I do feel certain, or at least persuaded, that the American people were never told the full truth about what happened at Tora Bora."

Surely you're not one of the 16% of Americans that believe the Bush Administration is "telling the truth" about what it knew prior to 9/11?

9/11 Press for Truth's producer was Kyle Hence of 911CitizensWatch.org

The film was based in large part on facts and official statements that can be easily sourced in The Complete 9/11 Timeline run by Paul Thompson

Cannonfire links to 911Review.com, which debunks disinformation such as "no 757" hit the Pentagon; and the "theory" that the twin towers and WTC7 were felled by fires, plane damage, gravity, etc.

Even the NIST report doesn't agree with its own conclusions; the world is still waiting for a peer-reviewed response in a mainstream engineering journal to this letter:

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he didn't post my comment

but posted this as a comment on his post:

"Even with that PS, you'll never guess what I just got..."

I'd say it pretty much confirms that by "Trannies" he means "Truthers".

Curious that someone who makes a pretense of being "liberal" and critical of the Bullshit Administration would say "trannies" instead of the standard "twoofers"; with this choice, it seems "he" is trying to insult both truth and justice seekers and people who cross dress.

At least Joseph Cannonfire links to 911Review.com and and encourages people to watch 9/11: Press for Truth; he's probably gotten way more people to click those links and think, than i have with my dinky little blog.

If you're reading this Joseph- thanks!


Let's see if he posts my comment

While it was somewhat tame, it may just prod him to look a little deeper.

All we can do is try, right?


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

not there now

what did you post?

I'm wishing now that i'd just done something like link to this Tora Bora timeline

and point out 9/11 Press for Truth is based on The Complete 9/11 Timeline

and seen what he said. His mind seems not just closed, but locked. How can anyone not be curious about the Fourteen Points of Agreement? Pretending to be intellectually honest is easier than being patriotic? How do people live with that?


I don't know how people live with that,

maybe they drink a lot, or take painkillers...

I pointed him to The Terror Timeline and 9/11 Contradictions. I thought those two books would be relatively non-threatening.


All we can do is try (and not waste too much time on those who choose to remain in denial).


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

i would bet

he feels "threatened" by DRG- and the Terror Timeline- although even Peter "limited hangout" Lance has endorsed it, strangely enough. The online version has a Steven Jones timeline


blanket ad hominem attacks

This type of juvenile name calling usually indicates that the writer is in his or her "child" mode. We are seeing the emotional and irrational part of the human psyche rearing its ugly head. Many times this mode of communication arises when there is a high level of frustration from the perception of falling short in adult to adult discussions. It is the mode of last resort when all the writer's rational adult arguments have been exhausted to no avail.

a mature, rational response

and an astute observation as well; it's a "kill the messenger" mentality- get rid of the bearer of bad news, as if that means the bad news isn't true- or, at least it felt good for a moment acting out of rage and frustration.

when i grow up, i'll probably stop referring to the current administration with the cheap shot pet name that i used in my comment, and i'll have more patience with people like cannonfire.


I am right there with you.

I am actually more emotional than rational most of the time. It is difficult to be rational when the opposition isn't being rational.
911 is emotionally charged. Passion is an important element which should be expressed. I use ad hominem attacks regularly.
Just because I made the observation based on my understanding of transactional analysis, doesn't mean I am above being in "child" or, for that matter, "parent" mode.

My observation was in response to the "trannies" label. My initial emotional response was, "Fuck that ignorant prick!"

Additionally, I tend to feel that the term "Bullshit Administration" is descriptive and rational.

the psychology...

yeah- 3000 dead in an obvious controlled demolition of 3 skyscrapers, the resulting wars, lies and destruction of our Constitution and Republic, no honest investigation or accountability- and he insults US for pointing out evidence of criminal, treasonous wrongdoing and asking questions [Edit- and suggesting that investigation and accountability are appropriate]. Incredible.

It sounded like half the audience applauded the questioner, and half applauded Zinn- 35-40% of Americans didn't support the American Revolution, but didn't support King George either. Now it's about 100% support. I'm not suggesting violence, just pointing out the demographics; the gene pool has likely not changed much in 232 years.

EDIT- gene pool; by this i mean the nature and historical patterns of the human race and human beings have not changed much in 232 years; we're the same People, here in the US and the world, ultimately- however much the gene pool has been changed by technology, migration, economics, population growth, etc, etc.



Could this exposure be related to the latest "Al Qaeda" / Taliban threat to attack Paris, France if French troops do not leave Afghanistan immediately?

"The Taliban said it wouldn't come to the negotiating table until all foreign troops left Afghanistan. It also vowed in a videotape to strike in Paris unless coalition member France withdrew its forces."
-Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 18 2008

Why single out only France for a special threat? This is curious.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at-- yahoo.com.

Off the top of my head I can come up with two scenarios:

1) Sarkozy is unapologetically pro-U.S., so this may be a genuine threat,

or, more likely in my mind:

2) This is a fraudulent message sent to goad the French into staying, or even increasing their presence, in Afghanistan.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

interesting, good catch

worth keeping an eye on.

And Obama just got his warning about a 9/11-topping spectacular