This is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama's White House By Jeremy Scahill

This is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama's White House

By Jeremy Scahill, AlterNet - Thu, 2008-11-20

U.S. policy is not about one individual, and no matter how much faith people place in President-elect Barack Obama, the policies he enacts will be fruit of a tree with many roots. Among them: his personal politics and views, the disastrous realities his administration will inherit, and, of course, unpredictable future crises. But the best immediate indicator of what an Obama administration might look like can be found in the people he surrounds himself with and who he appoints to his Cabinet. And, frankly, when it comes to foreign policy, it is not looking good.

Obama has a momentous opportunity to do what he repeatedly promised over the course of his campaign: bring actual change. But the more we learn about who Obama is considering for top positions in his administration, the more his inner circle resembles a staff reunion of President Bill Clinton's White House. Although Obama brought some progressives on board early in his campaign, his foreign policy team is now dominated by the hawkish, old-guard Democrats of the 1990s. This has been particularly true since Hillary Clinton conceded defeat in the Democratic primary, freeing many of her top advisors to join Obama's team.


I showed this...

To a co-worker today, and this co-worker is as hawkish as they come. He said to me, "thanks Jon for showing me that this Administration isn't going to be as left leaning as I thought they were. I still hate Democrats, but this isn't a bad administration."

This video came to mind...

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Democracy Now debate on Obama's foreign policy direction

Jeremy Scahill debates David Corn on Obama's likely foreign policy in light of his appointments and picks to his transition team,.

Part 1


Part 3

Thanks for posting this, stewball

I often try to show the relevance of 9/11 in the comment section at Alternet, although it has become an intellectual wasteland for the most part.

I'd love to be able to chat Mr. Scahill up about 9/11 sometime.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I'd love to be able to chat Mr. Scahill up about 9/11 sometime.

I did briefly. At a book signing I gave Jeremy 13 DVDs (all the best). He told me that he knows many people doing what I was doing and thanked me (and US) sincerely for my (and OUR) work. He knows the truth.

North Texans for 911 Truth
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Very cool, way to go Joe!

I'm more and more impressed with you North Texans for 9/11 truth every day.

I guess Dallas isn't all bad...(sorry, we Californians have a thing about Texas, other than Austin, that is).

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I look forward to visiting you sometime in the near future.

Keep up the great work!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

disastrous realities

Anyone who thinks thinks thinks things will change with a new president needs hid head examined. It will be a different face but the same old NWO policies. Obama is just a front man for the NWO thugs. He is just another puppet.

this is a great piece of work by Jeremy Scahill!

thanks so much for posting this!

The Imperialism You Can Believe In (

While naive, giddy and myopic establishment leftists have been celebrating the great “change” heralded by the election of Barack Obama, the President elect has been busy appointing people to key positions who advocate the same Neo-Con imperialist foreign policy crafted during eight years of the Bush administration.

The New York Times, widely recognized as the voice of the establishment Democratic left, set the tone of what we can expect from an Obama foreign policy in a lead editorial last Sunday entitled, “A military for a dangerous new world.”

The editorial calls for U.S. military imperialism not to be scaled back under Obama, but to be vastly expanded both in terms of budget and scope.

Iran, China, Somalia, Russia and Pakistan are all listed as potential targets of U.S. military aggression and the paper echoes what Obama himself has said he will implement - an addition of nearly 100,000 more soldiers and marines to American ground forces, bringing the total to 759,000 active duty forces, at a cost of $100 billion dollars over the next six years.

Does this sound like a “change” from the Project For a New American century framework of endless “multi-theatre warfare,” the inspiration for eight years of Bush administration militarism, or an expansion of that very doctrine?

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Robert Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill testify on war profiteering

Robert Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill testify on war profiteering - 65 min - May 14, 2007
Brave New Films -

Robert Greenwald (director of Iraq for Sale) and Jeremy Scahill (author of BLACKWATER) testified before the Defense subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee on May 10th, 2007.


it's happening!!!!!!!!!

I'm surrounded by puppets! It's a horror-movie, with puppets! Jesus, (at least) 4 more years of Clinton's cackling ass! NOOOOOO! Nightmare-ville. I want off this ride.

Jeremy Scahill has impressed me as brilliant and truthful.

I remember seeing his presentation on Blackwater at a book signing several months ago. He warned then, that the situation was already being set up to continue policies of the Bush Administration and Clinton Administration.

I concur with him that NOW is the time to scrutinize what the Obama camp is doing with the all important selections of advisers and and cabinet positions. The indications are clear. Obama is not about real change. As Scahill and others have surmised, this is just a re-branding of the same product. It is sad to see that Obama has selected the President of the New York Federal Reserve as the Treasury Secretary. Timothy Geithner's selection removes all doubt as to what the Obama presidency will be about. Obama continues the incestuous financial leadership that has gotten us where we are today. I see no potential for significant changes from Obama on any of the substantial issues which sorely need real change. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Thanks to Joe for this highly informative post.

I agree with Jeremy, except for one point.

We assume that Obama selected Emanuel as chief of staff, but it is more likely that Emanuel selected Obama as president way back before the beginning of the election cycle. In terms of the imperial vice presidency, Biden is the man wearing the pants. With Hillary as Secretary of State, I don't know if there will be much left for Obama to do, except, perhaps, to start a tent ministry (oh, he's already done that!). Actually, I do believe Obama is a remarkable person, and Emanuel would never have selected him for the job if he didn't have the talent to carry out the task at hand.