David Ray Griffin & Steven Jones on The Alex Jones Show - 11/19/08


These people have done so much. Americans are a genuine disappointment.

good interview

It is always inspiring to hear these two highly credible scholars give their observations about the events of 911.

One of the most important things I drew from their interview was something David Ray Griffin said.
Now that Obama will be the president, it is time to push harder for 911 Truth. He observes that with Bush in power our chances of getting a new investigation were nil. With Obama, even though he is showing signs that he will want to perpetuate the status quo, we certainly have a better chance of success than with GW Bush at the helm.

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This interview rocks!

This is an important interview because not one, but two accomplished thinkers / experimentalists were interviewed in a relaxed discussion. I would include Alex Jones as the third accomplished participant because he displayed intelligence and humility in asking relavant questions and remaining silent for thoughtful answers. There was obvious synergy, and it was a rare pleasure to hear level-headed, logical discussions by true experts. Thank you, Alex.

When it comes to 9/11 Truth, every moment in time is aupicious; however, our current era of economic upheaval, political changeover, and the nauseating extension of the fraudulant War on Terror is particularly so. Changing social conditions makes me hopeful that 9/11 Truth will get some crucial foothold to propel itself onto that high rocky plateau of success. To my great relief, on this point Steven Jones and David Ray Griffin spoke with hopeful optimism that the 9/11 Truth Movment is currently in a state of increasing forward momentum, stemming from their recent experiences within the scientific and international communities. Good news about the formation of Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth. Good news that over 500 people attended a presentation in Japan. Good news that new and continuing experiments on WTC dust are being performed. This discussion is hopeful. It is electrifying to bear witness at this precise moment in history to the real players. Makes me want to do more.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.