Former Canadian PM, Paul Martin meets Ottawa 9/11 truth

everyone saw "those planes going into the world trade center"

this man has not been exposed to 9/11 truth. he has merely been "briefed" about some/one of the "conspiracy theories" and it's not clear whether the theories he's been briefed on were at all credible... but it sounds like they weren't. additionally, the problem of "early exposure" of half-baked theorizing has clearly affected the truth movement... hopefully it's something that can be recovered from.

Good intervention/activism

he was forced to say "i saw with my own eyes on TV planes going into the buildings" - obviously unresponsive to your question about the collapses. Of course, talk about the new currency etc. is a welcome relief for these people when confronted with the huge questions of contolled demolition and inside job. Myself, I don't care if they issue roles of green toilet paper and call it whatever they want.

Just to clarify -

my view is that Alex Jones (and the NWO, Globalization crowd) are doing a great job on false flag terror and police state issues. Where they go off the rails is in trying to fit the current reality into a John Birch Society ideology of ultra nationalism and fear of "foreigners". Capitalism has been a world system dominated by the big corporate interests since 1880's. There is nothing NEW about it. Bretton Woods, WTO, G 7, G 20, all that are efforts to manage and harmonize this system - ultimately they fail. What we are witnessing now is a terminal collapse of that global system. But, I'm not saying we all need to agree on that. I'm just saying lets stick to proving the false nature of the "war on terror" and thus free ourselves from the tyranny of the capitalist state bent on maintaining a sick system. Then of course we will need to build a new order, but that's the next phase.

Good points--echoes my views of Alex Jones exactly...

Jones has done admirable work on 9-11, and for that reason I recommend him to others researching 9-11. But his vague term, "new world order," as well as his apparent lack of knowledge of capitalism being a world system since the late 19th century, disagree with me. Nationalism is NOT the answer, it is part of the problem.

Well said memory_hole. Nationalism is part

of the problem - replacing religion in the twentieth century as the main form of ruling class manipulation - bringing about two world holocausts and more. Jones confuses the elites phony "internationalism" with genuine human (proletarian) internationalism. IMO

Someone buy Paul a copy of Bruce Springsteen's Magic


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Paul Martin : "another Fool gets Fooled Again" thanks agin G.W.!

Make one point to the crowd before you ask a question...

Had you made a statement along these lines:

"500 architects and engineers have proven that the official story about 9/11 and the collapses of all THREE buildings is scientifically imposssible, and based upon that challenge to the official story, would you support another full and objective investigation into the events on 9/11 on behalf of the 24 Canadians which were killed on 9/11?"

Its obvious that he is well prepared to respond to the 9/11 TM from the bully make his own statement...and to take his own position...which is are the rest of the audience.

The idea is to spread one or two simple truths out to the audience and then to make him dispute FACTS...and its allow him to gather the crowd around him and form a citizen's wall protecting him. Unfortunately, this action was hurtful to the 9/11TM unless it can be used to do a better job at spreading out information in subsequent interactions. You walked into the lion's den asking the lion to give up the antelope's leg...and you got bloodied for that approach. Sorry, but that's the way it appears.

Please think FIRST of getting a simple truthful fact or two out to the people, and then couch your question[s] with that in mind.

I also suggest that you separate your 9/11 Truth interactions away from chemtrails, SPP, the Federal Reserve, fringe candidates and all that peripheral stuff...cover that seperately at another time, or through another partner at the event...stick to 9/11 Truth and let the information and responses stand on their only 9/11.

Once a person is in the 9/11 Rabbitt Hole, they will make their way over to what you want to discuss...

Love, Peace and Progress...

Robin Hordon

Really Good Points made here Robin

My two cents:

Recently when I confronted Tariq Ali ...I did several things in preparation...When I entered the theatre I positioned myself in a seat closest to a mike that I knew would be used. My plan was to get in line asap once Q&A was opened up by the moderator for the audience, Second I prepared a question ..."a question that is with-out any commentary of my own " and one that would require a thoughtful answer rather than an easyly shoved off to the side answer......At times and days before an event I would discuss this with others how to put together the best question to ask (plan of attack for the best results). My first plan with Tariq did not work so I quickly went into an unplanned B, by confronting Tariq during a book signing. I learned quickly that one must also be prepared with a plan B and C as well... One screw-up I did was I accidentally covered the mike with my hand when I asked Tariq my prepared question...Having a plan and a plan and a back-up plan I'm learning has the best results. I think Ottawa did a great effort here and now is a good time to evaluate how to do better next time...

I liked how you had two camera's set up and on opposite sides to this small room. Did you have others with prepared questions? Ive been to several Liberal events, two with Stephane Dion and I can tell you judging from the applause Martin had his liberal cronies in the room...this can be countered by having several of your own people situated in various parts of the room. Recently at a Rally presentation for Omar Khadr we had 8 members of Edmonton 911 truth on hand and although they did not allow for Q&A, our group managed handing out 100s of DVDs in a 700 crowd capacity. I guess that was a good plan B.

live n learn, our mistakes are our best teacher! remember too, Paul Martin is a politician who was once our nations prime minister, he didn't get that far by not knowing first how to duck the difficult questions.