NY Times: Judge Orders Five Detainees Freed From Guantánamo

Judge Orders Five Detainees Freed From Guantánamo

Published: November 20, 2008

In the first hearing on the government’s justification for holding detainees at the Guantánamo Bay detention camp, a federal judge ruled Thursday that five Algerian men were held unlawfully for nearly seven years and ordered their release.


Yes!! Yes!! A judge with juevos!

"It is you who are the torch-bearers with respect to that truth.... ...Steel your spines. Inspire your children. Then when the moment is right, rise again...." W PEPPER

Truly Awesome!!

This is fantastic!!!! (But you spell huevos with an H :-)

Vincit Omnia Veritas

I truly jumped for joy

when I heard about this decision, howled in celebration for about a half hour, and could hardly contain myself...YES...! YES....!...YES! This, more than the Fourth of July, is a day to celebrate!


It's a start.

Questions For Obama Supporters

I and many others expect you to be just as vocal, just as outraged, about Guantanamo under Obama as you were about Guantanamo under Bush.

How much slack will you give Obama on closing Guantanamo and similar U.S. prisons/torture facilities?

Will you demand he close them immediately, in six months or a year?

What will you do if he hasn't closed Guantanamo in 2 years and is vague about closing it at all?

If he keeps Guantanamo open I hope you won't try to rationalize it away somehow saying Guantanamo is really necessary after all or circumstances have changed and consequently has to stay open.


It's not divide and conquer over a personality. It's about who is going to do what is best for the Country. What is best for the Country being the key part. Of course Obama supporters want 9/11 exposed, Guantanamo closed, children clothed, and everything else. Most of us I'm sure voted for Obama because we thought he'd be the most capable of moving the country in that direction. First of all he could be elected and second of all he showed more tendency towards independence than did Johnny McCain.

Put your reputation on the line. Most people aren't so shallow to look over 9/11, Torture, or Guantanamo just because they like Mr. Obama.
Who did you vote for McCain? Because I expect all presidential supporters to put truth, the Constitution, and the American people above the interests of their particular candidate.

I'll be as pissed off at the cover ups under an Obama admin as any other. I just feel the chance to uncover some stuff is now more likely than it would be under a McCain admin and more likely than a Kucinich win would have been.

We'll see. We'll work. Unite. Don't divide any more than necessary or play up differences that don't matter. To tell you the truth, I'm already pissed at the lack of uniqueness of the appointments to the cabinet. I liked Rahm because of his personality and the role of Chief of Staff. But I'd like to see some more daring picks than Napolitano and Clinton. We'll see. But you can believe I am working for the truth above all else.

I Hope You're Right

My guess is you are. I will be surprised if Obama supporters accept his betrayals quietly. The libs and dems I know and see online sound genuinely concerned about Guantanomo. But I have a wait and see attitude.
Remember how so many republicans and conservatives abandoned their values and went along with Guantanomo.

Obama supporters will make their true political colors apparent inside of a year.
Some are already taking exception to his business as usual moves here in the early going and that's encouraging.

And no I didn't vote for McCain. How could I?
He has betrayed the MIAs and their families. He's a war criminal. He admits to dropping megatons of high explosives on heavily populated areas in Vietnam.

Besides I pulled my head out of the two party left/right paradigm years ago, around the time the democratic members of congress started parroting the official 9/11 fairy tale and rejecting calls for a real investigation.

Good news and will the other ~200 be tried or released ?

Herblay FRANCE

Now free the rest.

Now free the rest.