Ottawa 9/11 Truth's November 11th Truth Action

Here's a video regarding Ottawa 9/11 Truth's November 11th, 2008 Truth Action.

Here's a write up regarding the truth action on Rememberance Day.

It was Rememberance's Day in Canada. A day where Canadians remember the courage and sacrafice of our troops past and present. Members of Ottawa 9/11 truth attended the ceremony in the morning to pay our respects to our fellow Canadians who served our nation.

In the evening we did our truth action downtown in the Market in front of CTV's A-Cha , our local media headquarter. We went there to raise awareness regarding the events of 9/11. We handed DVDs to the public and engaged our local media. This was our 20th 9/11 Truth Action and we gave out our 5000th DVD to the citizens of Ottawa.

We interacted with A-Channel personalities such as Ken Evraire (Sports Anchor/Reporter, 'A' News) , Bill Welychka (Weather Anchor, 'A' News ) and Sandra Blaikie (Anchor, 'A' News). Ken and Bill both took DVDs from us, Sandra was hostile towards us. She felt that we were dishonoring the memories of our soldiers by our truth action. 9/11 was a false flag event and Canada is currently involved in to War on Terror right now in Afghanistan and present losing soldiers based on the lies of the 9/11 commission. I find it humourous to find on the A-Channel in her profile:

"Sandra is a veteran journalist who cuts through the spin and gets to the heart of the story. She focuses on the issues that matter to local residents and the ones that impact our community. Sandra is not afraid to ask the tough questions - and to dig deeper to get the other side of the story."

If this is indeed true, then why is so opposed to the evidence of 9/11, to ask the tough questions ? One could email her at her contact email on the A-Channel website to find out ( ) however in the video she has shown her true colours and doubt she would follow up on any evidence / footage brought her way. She is part of the problem, she is complicit in the 9/11 cover-up. We need honest media to bring the important stories to the people and follow the truth and the facts whereever they may lead.

Canadians have not yet had an open debate in our Parliament about about the Afghan mission. We have not had any honest media bringing the truth regarding the Afghan mission nor the origin of the War on Terror. Media officials that cover up the truth such as with 9/11 , the SPP among others thing dishonor the memory of our troops. After all, why did they fight and died for our country if we are losing our sovereignity and democratic process with the SPP and we are sending our Canadian brothers and sisters to Afghanistan based on a false understanding of 9/11.

We are living in a mad, mad world.
The only way to end such madness is with Wisdom .