NBC "obtains" video of Ziad Jarrah

What does everyone here make of this recent video release? Just wondering.

"al Qaeda"

“It has no existence as an independent concrete entity. It designates a highly developed category of Western covert operations designed to secure destabilization through the creation, multiplication, mobilization, and manipulation of disparate mujahideen groups. The evidence suggests that this was certainly the case on 9-11.”

-Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed, in The Hidden History of 9-11

See also; "The Power of Nightmares"

interesting, good catch

so Jarrah, who had a "christian" upbringing and liked to party in college, was allegedly successfully recruited as a "suicide hijacker" (or patsy- or was he an infiltrator?) for the 9/11 plot. When he was filmed in this video, allegedly a year and a half before 9/11, he lacked passion, certainty and was even filmed cracking up.


Is There A Way To Get This Jarrah Video On Youtube?

This video is valuable evidence deserving of a wider audience.

Sure there's a

Sure there's a way!

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Faster than Fed Ex!

Amazing Video! Evidence That Jarah & Co. Were Patsies

NBC makes it seem that all that was needed was just a little additional peer pressure, to turn the disco dancing, beer drinking ladies man Jarrah into a suicide pilot.

Jarah apparently could not keep a straight face. The recording apparently felt like a Saturday Night Live skit for him.

Meanwhile, there is not one witness, fingerprint or confession placing Jarrah behind the controls of UA 93.

Meanwhile, by sheer coincidence, the technology needed to automatically guide the 9/11 planes into targets just happened to become fully developed just before the attacks.

Jarah was probably just a regular guy lured by covert-op cash.

Roemer's "Alientated Youth" Comment

Re: 9/11 Commision's Roemer's reference to Al Qaeda (whoever they are) preying upon the world's "alienated youth".

Does a disco-dancing, beer drinking, ladies man fall into the category of aliented youth?

Is this the face of a murderous suicide pilot?

Another lie, another patsy

In my humble opinion, he seems an honest man. He doesn't seem to be willing to kill people or commit suicide.

The only thing for sure is

The only thing for sure is that this MSNBC video is just more corporate main stream media propaganda.

Maybe the levee

Is going to break and we will see more media of the rest of the story. I wonder when this video came into the possesion of authorities or if they were holding the camera.

Contact your represenatives! http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/

NYC 9/11 Investigation Ballot Initiative

The only hope on the horizon is the NYC 9/11 Investigation Ballot Initiative, with full subpoena power, looking "inward" for answers and not in caves in Afghanistan.

It will be interesting to see how the media behaves once such an investigation comes close to being.

Actually there are a lot of

Actually there are a lot of good reasons many did not support the NYC Ballot Initiative, described here --


Here's number 1 --

"The initiative itself appears flawed in such a way as to almost guarantee its failure. The initiative itself demands that $100,000 annually be paid to each of the 9 specified commissioners. "

I don't know about you, but handing over 100,000 to people like UFO advocate Edgar Mitchell isn't my idea of a real investigation, nor an only hope.

Hopefully Any Loose Ends Can Be Contained

A NY city based investigation is very acheivable and seems like the only opportunity on the horizon.

Because such an investigation may and should look "inward" for answers (as opposed to caves in Afghanistan), any complicated baggage can and should be cut loose.

if a new investigation is flawed

it will be obvious as it is being put together and as it is being conducted. imho, Lorie Van Auken will not lie to us. Any new investigation will be reviewed and critiqued by the community here, all over the web and in the carbon world. An openly sabotaged or subtly steered investigation will be obvious.

That said, i never could get behind this investigation, what with Les Jamieson taking it over, then mostly recently, finding out about Edgar Mitchell's views on visits by extraterrestrials and the fuss the MSM made over it sealed it for me. I wish them the best, hopefully truth and justice will come from it- even if it's sabotaged, we will have plenty to point out to the world.


A note about NBC's terrorism expert, Evan Kohlmann

"Kohlmann was paid by the Prosecution to produce a movie, called "The Al Qaida Plan" to be used as evidence during the Guantanamo Military Commissions.[15] Carol Rosenberg of the Miami Herald reports that the "The Al Qaida Plan" was modeled after a film made for the Nuremberg tribunals called "The Nazi Plan"."

from wikipedia

Kohlman is often used by the US govt prosecution in terrorism trials.

Nice find

Good info on Kohlmann, I think it answers the question "why now?". With the dismantling of Gitmo being discussed on the political horizon, the spin-masters will be out in force defending the operation and the myths about al-Qaida. The bad news for them is that they need to continue to invoke 9/11, which helps keep the issue alive just long enough for us to smash it.

We've got them on the ropes.

I think this video is being released by the govt

because of, not in spite of, Jarrah's profile as the least likely hijacker. While most of us here see this video, and the other one released last featuring a laughing Jarrah and Atta, as propaganda that seems to discredit the idea of the 19 hijackers being fundamentalist Muslims, people who believe the OCT see a video like this as proof that "al-Qaeda" reaches beyond Islam and may be lurking where you least expect.... !

Like the story about "White Al-Qaeda" in Great Britain, this video (and the NBC interpretation) convinces many that al-Qaeda is a global, existential threat to America.


While smart observers see the huge problem Jarrahs profile causes the official story, the media's latest reference to Jarrah may indicate a desire by some to imply that anyone can become magically materialized into a terrorist.

The establishment is probably not finished playing the "terror" card in order to control the public and justify the unjustifable.

Behold the power of media propaganda to suspend one's common sense.

Still, I don't rule out the possibility that those to whom the 9/11 attacks were outsourced to, made a large blunder by not considering all of Jarrah's profile.

Another Propaganda Video 7 Years After 9/11

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

This guy was a CIA assett. They must be getting worried to put this SHI? out 7 years after 9/11. We're making a difference and they know it. Keep up the battle for TRUTH.

Take Care Matt

Could this be preemptive spin?

Maybe they feared that this incriminating video would soon be leaked so they had to release it preemptively and frame it as a reluctant hijacker rather than what it plainly looks like, a video of a patsy. They preemptively roll it out with all the Al CIAda spin, the biased experts etc., framing it as a testament to Al CIAda's patience and tenacity. That is a major fucking streeeeetch, in my opinion. If I knew I was making a video to be played after my martyred death which would probably include the deaths of many others, I would not be laughing or acting so casual. NBC played along beautifully. Remember, NBC is owned by military contractor General Electric. Take away the newscaster and the comments from the spin doctors and the video looks like a guy who doesn't take whatever they are doing seriously. He doesn't look like a guy who is facing death or contemplating martyrdom. It is a joke to him.

A barrel roll...

A barrel roll is an aerobatic manuever with an aircraft that has the pilot pull up on the yoke while simultaneosly using aeilerons to roll the aircraft either left or right which makes the aircraft climb slightly while constantly banking or "rolling" in either direction eventually completeing a FULL 360 degree roll to either side. AND...as the roll finishes, the altitude gained from the onset of the manuever is GREATLY eliminated as the aircraft rolls onto and then through its back...and its lift soon heads downward and ADDS to gravity pulling the aircraft towards the earth SIGNIFICANTLY as it rolls out back towards level flight at the bottom of the roll...UNLESS...you hit the ground...as many of us think UA93 actually did.

Roll'er over, plunk her in...

So, I ask you this...does this dweeb look like a guy who would kill a captain, strap into the seat of a B757, conduct a barrel roll and plow into the earth?

I don't...I actually think that he's a guy who would give his lunch bag away every day to the same thug who talks a few decibells too high at him when he demands the contents of the bag...

This dude has an Adam's Apple and two testicles in his throat...

Maybe he was thinking that this video would break him into Hollywood???

I've seen comics virtually "melt"" at the idea of being accountable for their actions during "auditions".

This was an audition...there are absolutely NO doubts in my mind...

Love, Peace and Progress...

Robin Hordon

GE is speaking...

Lately, there have been quite a few "releases", OR, "witheld releases" from General Electric's media outlets...such as an awsome SNL bit pulled off air by the DNC/Soros?/NBC/GE team.

To me this seems like we are continuing to worry the "warring corporatocracy...war financing...and war manufacturing institutions"...most likely because because we simply won't go away...and we are on to them...and they truly know it...

Griffin's 9/11 Ripples I'd say...and the TRUTH finds its way through amazing barriers...

So, lets just keep on doing what we do in public and PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE...honor the monthly "9/11 for Peace" street actions...its annoying these criminals immensely...and if you do it on Sundays at busy intersections near churches...it REALLY has impact...[providing we are polite and respectful etc.]

Love, Peace and Progress with:


[Hey, lets swap out Columbus Day...its just another lie in our early history anyway...talk about "disaster capitalism" and its early days...check out THAT era in our history with a book on tape: "Lies My Teacher Told Me"...just for starters...]

Robin Hordon

What does this say about the target audience?

The MSM believes they can say anything and the american people will take the bait, hook, line and sinker? Maybe they're right. Come on ! Your working with a terrorist group and you can't keep from laughing when they give you a suicide script to read? Yeah, what was he doing feeling exceptionally brave that day? And the announcer says he had mixed emotions? That makes sense. I am not sure I want to die for this cause and I can't stop laughing thinking about it. Perfect sense right? These jerks are rubbing our noses in it, I wonder if they can't stop laughing about this report when the camera and microphone are not on? That's the tape I'd like to see.

Book in the waiting?

I am hoping that someone will invest the effort to compile a book summarizing what we know about each of the 19 hijackers. We have seen so many fragmentary pieces of evidence about these guys that undercut the OCT. The inconsistencies about Mohamed Atta are well documented, and this clip of Ziad Jarrah even further explodes the mythology about the hijackers. It would be great to have all this information compiled in a single place.