9/11 Truth and the Art of Whale Wars

I was downtown on 14th street in Manhattan on 9/11. It was surreal. It didn't make sense to me then either. How could both of those buildings fall down in exactly the same manner? And what about building 7?

I’ve been monitoring and participating in the 9/11 truth movement every day since 2005 . I am obsessed. I am also in a constant state of disbelief about how few people really care about stuff like 9/11 truth, or anything else beyond Dancing with the Stars and the latest Wii game. It remains surreal.

I have found it challenging (to say the least) converting people to 9/11 truth. Despite my best efforts I have only just begun to scratch the surface. There is so much resistance amongst well-to-do “smart” people. It doesn’t make sense. How much more evidence, testimony, and research do these people need to convince them it wasn’t necessarily 19 Saudi Hijackers and that there was a huge cover-up? What is really frustrating, however, is when you do convert someone and then they say something like ‘there’s nothing we can do about it, let’s go watch the Giants.’

Ouch that hurts. And it is sad, too. No one seems to care. They are numb from media/propaganda overload. They think ‘We elected Obama – every thing is going to be alright now.’

I have seen over the past few years since my own awakening, many significant people emerge and many significant events in the “movement” that have given me hope. I’m not going to name them, most of you know who and what I am talking about and if you don’t, just Google “9/11 truth”. If you believe what you read at 911blogger.com you would think that everyone out there at least knows that there is controversy surrounding the true events of 9/11. Hold it right there…not so fast.

I was out to dinner the other night with a close friend and former business associate who I hadn’t seen in over two years. He is a very successful 44 year old marketing guy currently working for Omnicom. We were meeting a third friend who was late, stuck in traffic hell coming into Manhattan from NJ. I took the opportunity to perform my favorite type of activism, one on one conversation.

I told my old friend that I had had an “awakening” in the past three years and that really got his attention. I started talking to him about how I had watched a movie called Loose Change. He hadn’t heard of it. I told him I was convinced that the official story of 9/11 was bogus and that there had been a cover-up. More than likely elements from within our own government were involved. He was stunned. I asked him “Haven’t you heard of the 9/11 truth movement?” “The what?” he said, with a look of puzzlement - like I had three eyes.

He had never heard of the 9/11 truth movement. What could I say? I was a bit surprised. He’s an Internet guy, too. Wow, how did he miss this boat? I thought to myself, we are not doing a good enough job spreading truth because we haven’t gotten past the mainstream media. To his credit, my friend promised to check out some of my 9/11 truth recommendations online (I followed up the next day with an email including some of my favorite hyperlinks.)

That same night, as I drove my friend back to the W hotel on 50th street, he asked me if I had seen a new show on the Animal Planet channel called “Whale Wars.” He enthusiastically proclaimed it was his favorite new show. I thought to myself, yeah whatever. He described the show to me as a bunch of crazy activists chasing down Japanese whaling operations in the Antarctic sea near Australia. My friend has always been a good salesman and he easily piqued my curiosity about this show.

Last Friday night my wife and I were flipping channels while preparing to go out. By coincidence we came across Whale Wars. I must say, we were glued to the TV and were nearly late for our appointment. I have rarely seen the level of commitment these activists had. Whether or not you agree with them and/or their tactics, you have to admit, they are committed to their cause.

What also struck me, however, was that the captain of this activist ship and crew was an avid follower of the book the Art of War. He successfully used these tactics to force a dialogue between the Japanese and Australian governments about alleged illegal whaling, thereby forcing the media to cover the story. It was brilliant. And I think there are lessons the 9/11 truth movement can learn here.

So, how can we force or fool the media into covering a story about 9/11 truth in a positive light? Are there similar tactics we can use to get positive publicity without the media being able to quash the story?

I’ve got to get a copy of The Art of War.

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Seeking a dialogue -- Yes!

Great observations... "He successfully used these tactics to force a dialogue between the Japanese and Australian governments about alleged illegal whaling, thereby forcing the media to cover the story. It was brilliant. And I think there are lessons the 9/11 truth movement can learn here."

I would like to see a dialogue between serious 9/11 researchers and "experts" representing the official story -- I welcome such a discussion, especially before the public via the media (like C-span). We made progress when several of us were on c-span, but that was two years ago.... There seems to be a media "black-out" on such coverage now, actually letting us speak out and to the public -- or am I mistaken?

Dr. Corsi suggested to me that it would be great to have 9/11 researchers present published papers (e.g. the Fourteen Points paper) and allow official-"experts" to rebut, in public. How to arrange such a publicly-broadcast discussion? Are the "experts" afraid to meet us in public discussion?

Let's think about this....