Splitting the Sky speaks in Victoria, BC on November 29th, 2008

"Following the money trail" to expose those behind the 9/11 attacks




Has STS blogged specifically on his 9/11

financial research?

If so, can you provide a link or two?


Some of his info is

Some of his info is available in written form, most notably, his list of companies involved in 911 put option stocks, and connecting these to the current economic meltdown, but he has primarily been laying it out in his various radio interviews and speaking engagements available on video, through his website and blog. He has most recently been collaborating with Richard Andrew Grove and has a lot of new material which he will present this weekend in Victoria.

Splitting the Sky: A Lifetime of Resistance -
"From a background of orphanages and boarding schools, Dacajeweiah (Splitting the Sky) emerged as a principal participant in the Attica rebellion at the age of nineteen, and later became active with the American Indian Movement. He has engaged in numerous armed standoffs with Canadian and US authorities ...and lived to share his experience, knowledge and discoveries with us!"

"Dacajeweiah "Splitting the Sky" aka John Boncore and John Hill, a Mohawk, was a principal leader of the Attica rebellion, a leader within the American Indian Movement with the League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations, in particular at Gustafen Lake BC, and now a 9/11 Truth researcher, advocate and speaker. He is also a part time film and screen actor, as well as a carpenter. "

Below is a 2 hour video, including some video footage of his speech on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and a
subsequent studio interview with Patrick Biron where he lays out all of of his "9/11 money trail" research (up to that point).

part 1 http://blip.tv/file/1267564

part 2 http://blip.tv/file/1267724