HOAX! >Was the WTC7 "collapse" really reported by FOX before it actually happened?

There is now this video circulating on the internet:

With the the title: Never seen before!: Fox news 5 reports WTC 7 collapse before it happens

WTC7 "collapsed at 5:22pm eastern time. But when we look at archive.org - at the live coverage record of Fox5News 4:51:20 - 5:33pm eastern time (the exact time can be draught from the time embedded sometimes in the tv record) - then we will find, that the Fox5News reported the "collapse" of WTC 7 not sooner than 5:26:15pm eastern time - 4 minutes after the WTC7 was already gone. So the YouTube video is a hoax.

archive.org embedded:

Source: http://www.archive.org/details/fox5200109111651-1733


I'm pretty sure Louder Than Words discovered this as well, but they never published anything, AFAIK.

Yeah, it was debunked I think a year ago

I wonder why somebody is publishing this crap over and over. It doesn't make a good name to 9/11 movement. I even wrote to the guy who published the video on YouTube - to remove it - but so far with no success - and with reply "and how can you explain the BBC reported it in advancer too" - fanatics ... as usual...


I found this about a year ago in the archive.org footage. After carefully checking the time codes, it was clear that the FOX reporters are watching a replay of 7's demolition.

I also remember another blogger post confirming this.


Here's the math for those who want it

Video is unedited. Beginning has time stamp:
4:52 = 0:00:39 on video timer / 5:20 = 0:28:39 on video timer
WTC 7 collapsed 5:20:52 = 0:29:31 on video timer
Collapse shown at 0:34:50, 5 minutes after the collapse.


Hi again Chris, do you still have the cat? Thank you for the exact time of the WTC7 "collapse". I couldn't find it when checking the video, so I used the latest time I've found on the net - 5:22pm - and even so the fox reporting came out as 4 minutes after.
I wonder about this hoaxes - why somebody still digs into Fox "early reporting" - which is apparent hoax - why they don't concern to rhe BBC? A distraction? I was looking in the collection of that YouDupe guy "hearthetruthamerica", and I've found he for example recently republished also the long ago "disappeared" shizzzham video which feeded the suspicion about the 9/11 video fakery.

CNN - 50 story building down - 10:45 AM

At 11:07 AM, CNN reports a 50 story building collapsed. at 10:45 AM

Recommended head ware for when the fecal matter comes in contact with the air moving device.

Very interesting that about CNN

Especially the the discussion with many ideas and links. I must post the link on my Czech 911 blog.
Thank you for the cathatpic, I've put it to my desktop- the 3D projection of that unbelievable but in 84Rades recorded "UA175" acrobatic takeoff in the middle of the Boston bay at 3000ft - intimately reminding a missile primary target acquisition - was already boring.