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Declassify and Release 9/11 Commission Records in 2009

Mr. President-Elect Obama, The 9/11 Commission records “general restriction from public access”, according to federal law, lasts until 2009. Please order all involved Federal Agencies, including but not limited to the Pentagon, FAA, FBI and CIA, to finish the work of declassifying 9/11 Commission records for public release, immediately. Researcher and writer Professor Peter Dale Scott, summarizes the current situation:

“The FBI has been declassifying documents cooperatively with respect to this commitment, and recently the CIA has begun to cooperate as well. [79] But some federal agencies, notably the FAA and Pentagon, are not collaborating with the 9/11 Commission's commitment at all...Both the FAA and the Pentagon declined to release important records to the 9/11 Commission, despite its statutory powers, until required to do so by judicial subpoena.”


Declassify and Release 9/11 Commission Records in 2009

"it's deleted and I'm banned"

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i'm an idiot

and even i can tell the official 9/11 story rests on a foundation of holes and lies.

I'd rather be banned from an astroturf gatekeeper's shiny bauble of a change-pretending website, than keep my mouth and fingers shut about lies and injustice.

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