NOW OR NEVER 2008 NYC Documentary fundrasier for John Feal Fealgood Foundation

Matt Kazee from has produced this DVD to rasie money for the FealGood Foundation.

Have a Good Holiday everyone.

Watched the first 10 minutes

Watched the first 10 minutes for now - looks really good.

Tried to order a few copies at the website but PayPal link there not working, and a few other problems.

Will try again another day.

UPDATE: The initial PayPal

UPDATE: The initial PayPal tab is not working. Matt is in the process of fixing this. But if you continue through the checkout path, and choose the first PayPal option (not the second, duplicate, PayPal option), it will work.

Thanks. Great.

Awesome Collection of Clips. And put in good order as well. Nice to have this stuff on file and organized like this. It is rejuvenating to the spirit of why I come here every day. And do my thing...