Video Update: "Rescue Me" to feature 9/11 Plot Line

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Last Night: Denis Leary Reveals New 'Rescue Me' Plot and Reminds us 'Why We Suck' @ Book Soup

by Erin Broadley
December 2, 2008 1:07 AM

Let's get something straight -- Denis Leary is not one for conspiracy theories. However, last night at Book Soup to sign copies of his new book Why We Suck, the actor dropped plot details about the upcoming season of his hit series Rescue Me. Possibly an exclusive, what Leary disclosed is sure to rev up the 9/11 truth seekers who religiously TiVo the New York-based firefighter drama to see what post-traumatic, survivor's guilt head-space Leary's character will tailspin into next.

When asked by a hesitant fan as to whether or not the actor thought there should be a reinvestigation into the events leading up to and surrounding the 9/11 tragedy, Leary's eyes lit up as he revealed that conspiracy and reinvestigation into 9/11 are, in fact, major plot lines in the first 10 episodes of Rescue Me season 5, set to premiere in April 2009 for a 22-episode run on FX.

But when another fan pushed it too far and asked Leary's opinion about the conspiracy surrounding Building 7's collapse, the actor and author was quick with his response. "You guys don't want to get into that with me," Leary said, suddenly serious as he explained that he "knew several of the guys who had been there working to hold that building up." Leary then paused, politely changed the subject and returned to meeting fans...




Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Leary of Dennis

I'm afraid Dennis is an idiot.

Just how were they working to hold the building up?

Just how were these people he knew working to hold the building up?

It is unsettling that a high profile person is willing to indulge himself enough to make a comment like this, since he is in a position which can affect how people view things.

I am afraid I might have to agree with the comment questioning Denis' cognitive abilities above, unless he was simply reluctant to get into this issue in public. However, I think there were better ways he could have found to stay away from it, if he didn't want to be public about it.

People are still delusional

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

and curiously unfunny, too

he seemed to adopt an almost righteous indignation when he mentioned that thing about his friends "holding the building up"... and i don't think he was trying to be amusing there, either. sad.

I would think that Daniel

I would think that Daniel Sunjata might have had something to do with Rescue Me's future plot line approaching the 9/11 questions . . .

I love Denis Leary as an actor in this show, but I definitely don't agree with him on his personal & political takes on various issues like 9/11 . . .

Also, I have a good friend who's a comedian in L.A., and from what I understand, there's a lot of animosity felt toward Leary and his alleged plagiarism of Bill Hicks material . . . who appears in many 9/11 films.

Don't know if there's any truth to that, BUT, regardless, it's "strong" (personality-wise) people like Denis Leary that we need to work on the most, because when they turn (and understand the truth of 9/11), I believe things will crumble as quickly as our economy is.

We're still riding the tsunami of truth, but I think we're nearing the top . . . : )

2012 could be the Year of Awareness.

I can confirm this is true.

I can confirm this is true. Daniel Sunjata mentioned it during his speech at the Now or Never events and he confided to me beforehand that it was, in fact, going to be part of an episode.

Should be interesting.


So Denis Leary "knew some people who had been working to hold that building up"? Utter garbage; even Leary can't make up shit like that. What does he mean by "holding the building up anyway"... any "holding up" was certainly not being undertaken by the FDNY, who had been "pulled" from the building early on in the day.

Denis Leary on Glenn Beck

Denis previously commented on WTC7 on Glenn Beck's show awhile back. Here you can watch part of the interview.

And Glenn Beck drives everybody else crazy

Referring to the clip you linked, it is just amazing to hear Glenn Beck make the simple minded comment that "it drives me crazy" when referring to questions about conspiracy and 911. He drives the rest of us crazy with the thought that he has an audience and either doesn't have a clue or is part of the cover-up.

Denis Leary is less than impressive on this clip also, as he makes the astounding comment that 1/4 of the foundation of WTC 7 was gone from debris damage.

You can bet these two characters really did their homework before they opened their mouths.

counting down and running away...


Dennis Leary is a notorious Joke Thief from Bill Hicks.

The great Bill Hicks who was a brilliant comedian who inserted a lot of political thinking into his stand up act and life. Commented on JFK. World Hunger. Etc. He's worth looking into for anyone interested in Comedy. Peace.

Dennis Leary is known to have lifted jokes from Bill Hicks. Sad. Pathetic. Unoriginal Man.

Yea....not a fan of Leary

Yea....not a fan of Leary :)

Not sure....

who makes me more sick. A couple of tools for certain. How can people be so stupid?

Leary of Dennis Pt. 2

Maybe the Bic lighter NIST approved thermal expansion demolition companies that can cause skyscrapers to turn to powder at freefall speed by setting a file cabinet on fire could use the insight of the several guys Dennis Leary knows really well that diligently and heroically helped hold up Building 7. Of course this would have to be done while simultaneously having the gaul to ignore the real first responders. Dennis would't stoop that low. Would he? He wouldn't be willing to put career before country. Would he?

Great work Paul and Kiki!

We first met Paul and Kiki at our 3way Freeway overpass bannering in Hollywood They saw our banners and dropped by for a chat and have since joined WeAreChangeLA.

Turns out the two of them are a couple of hot independent filmographers and editors. Great work you two, you made the LA Weekly with your questions!

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA -

Thank you! sooooo many people know about these opportunities..

to ask a question on tape... but do they do anything about it? you did! thank you.


Mr. Leary goes from revealing the "investigate 9/11" plot line to denying he wants to be a part this type of discussion? What? Too late Mr. Leary you are in the show! WTF? This man no makey any sense.

That was really great stuff.

That was really great stuff. That team of citizens did a great job. Denis Leary came across quite peculiar, odd, a bit scary. Well done guys. Bless you all.

As it turns out...

Leary worked at Catch A Rising Star Cambridge only once for an audition where I was told that all he had to do was to get a haircut and he would make it in LA...because of his looks! What little comedy work he wrote himself wasn't funny nor did it ever speak truth to say the least. When he did speak truth to power, it was someone else's work as he always borrowed other comic's materials. Hicks' work is but one of MANY victims that he pilfered from and abused. My own friends in comedy claim that he yanked almost an entire album from one of his very best and most trusted comedian friends in Boston...who then had to take a full year to rewrite another complete act beacuse once its out there under someone else's name, it can't be ethical people anyway.

So, now we are finally getting a better and better picture about how LA works...DOT...DOT...DOT...and if you think that this level of personal integrity displayed by Leary is unique in sowbiz, well, think again...Hollywood is chock FULL of those who compromise and sell themselves...daily...DUUHHH!

No party line in showbiz? party...and no paycheck!!!

There are very few Willie Nelsons out there because Willie has built his own showbiz career on his own and LA-Hollywood cannot take it away from him...or they surely would have by now...and it would be just for the sake of keeping control...DOT...DOT...DOT...

Working at finding or trying to develop people in showbiz to flip over to 9/11 Truth is a complete waste of time...but respectfully handing out some good DVDs may help. I even think that Vidal had to back off a bit...uncomfortably so...on the Politically Direct Show on AirAmericaRadio this past Sunday...DOT...DOT...DOT...

Its better that we inform citizens whose careers are not dependent upon spreading lies...DOT...DOT...DOT...and its gonna get even worse because we have so much solid information that is now swaying average citizens, some in the press and "some" experts and academians ...DOT...DOT...DOT...

Obama is "IN"...and Carter couldn't speak at the Democratic Convention in Denver...a former president was removed from the schedule because of...DOT...DOT...DOT...

Someday, Truthers will get past the following concept and mindset: "and a famous public hero saved us..." especially those Hollywood Types...because Obama got 60% of his campaign money from the finance industry...DOT...DOT...DOT...

Hey, since Leary depends upon "others" to write his stuff, maybe there will be some clever writer that slips some 9/11 stuff past the Hollywood censors who are working dilligently all goes through a nexus...DOT...DOT...DOT...but my guess is that Leary's series is gonna be several shows stringing together a complete cover-up of the truths known by the NYFD and NYPD personnel...high and low...TRUTHS that the New York 9/11 Truthers KNOW that these first responders are aware of...but in Bloombergville...nary a Truth will be told...

Did I mention that the DOT...DOT...DOTS got former president Jimmy Carter booted from OBAMA's? OWN Democratic? Convention in Denver?

So, getting some actors to say exactly what the DOT...DOT...DOTS want them to say is a really pretty easy thing for the DOTS to do...

Carter out...Leary in...

Big message here Truthers...

Its CI...Civil Informationing...and its We The People working We The People BABY!!!

The DOT...DOT...DOTS will soon be on a massive and well coordinated rampage against 9/11 Truth now that they have elected Obama and can turn the hounds upon us...after all, Obama has stated that he WANTS dissent in this country...and that he will listen especially WHEN there is dissagreement...

I expect that he wil be choking on a mouthful of DOTS pretty soon...if he is not choking already...and we have thousands of street actions to put out there...

Love, Peace and Progress...

Robin Hordon

PS: Was it 35 MILLION Russians that saw ZERO?...the one with Vidal in it...and we think that there will NOT be a significant ramping up against us by our DOT...DOT...DOT friends and their five sided buddies? Didn't Richard Clarke serve under the Clinton Administration...and YES...we DARE Bill! [...but in a civil way...]

Doesn't it seem ilke Hillary is always making up for, or covering for that guy...HMMM?...Secretary of State...HMMM?...

As it turns out...2

As it turns out...Leary was on NPR's "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" this Saturday as if on cue...DOT...DOT...DOT...DOT. As usual he wasn't funny except one line including the term "books", so he definitely didn't write THAT joke! And additionally, he grabbed an answer from the audience, it flopped as did he, and he blamed them.

Just consider the audiences for PBS, NPR and shows like this...the "liberal" TV, news and radio network?...and if you do, you will see rather wealthy...DOT...DOT...DOTS...lead by other...DOT...DOT...DOTS who ALSO speak the "right" words by avoiding the WRONG words...about the wrong country...

PBS and NPR are totally compromised as to their original intent and have millions of people hoodwinked... and don't get me going on Diane Rhem's show.

Political satirist Barry Crimmins coined the interpretation of NPR being National Pentagon Radio...and Rehm so proves this...

Personally, I have a better definition for NPR:

National Placebo Radio...

If wave making Garrison Keillor is considered our cutting edge, man-o-man are we in deep, deep trouble! If its OK at Lake Wiebegone, then all is well in our fine land...and so much for the TRUTH...

Too bad that Carlin died this THERE was a dude cutting an edge!!! Another TRUTHER at heart...

Here is my prediction about what may happen with Sunjata...

Soon there will be a behind the scenes "star conflict" that is created from whole cloth...then Sunjata will be sent packing while Leary heads his show down the 9/11 "denial" roadway...

...just like his ULTIMATE bosses want...DOT...DOT...DOT...

Love, Peace and Progress...

Robin Hordon

Sorry but I haven't watched TV in years and stopped

watching cable when it was still commercial there are lots of shows and series I have never seen including this one what ever it is. But this guy looks like a loser to me. One of these " don't get me started on that" type who knows better than you and the truth is he's never done his homework or he's a phony. These new episodes may be about conspiracy but will probably end like typical hit pieces we've all seen from the powers that be.


bliptv doesn't play on my computer at work.... any chance of someone putting this on youtube?

Raw Story currently has a new story about this headlined...

top of the page as of this writing. Article links to PrisonPlanet and the Sunjata "Inside Job" t-shirt pic...

Dennis Leary firefighters show to tackle 9/11 conspiracy theories

Leary blinked

about 15 times after you asked him about WTC7.

Leary Made Himself Look A Fool. Shouldn't Sujanta Educate Him?

I would like to comment on this articles main video ( ) and the one called "Dennis Leary on Glen Beck - 9/11 WTC7" )

What is Leary thinking? He is an intelligent guy but the comments he makes on this issue are so easily proved to be false that the comedian has become the joke. I mean, it is almost as if he is trying to make himself look stupid. If he is going to defend the original conspiracy theory, fine. But Denis, please, do it more intelligently and stop making yourself look like a fool. I enjoy your comedy and Rescue me - please stop making yourself look like an idiot.

Should not his outspoken co-star and friend on 'Rescue Me', Daniel Sunjata, point out the obvious floors in Leary's child-like commentary on the reason WTC7 collapsed? And his blatent misinformation on the damage to the building.

I do not knock Leary for having his opinion, but I have seen kids state what he has stated and far better. Leary appears like he doesn't care about sounding like a fool in his explaining. Blatant mistake sin his reasoning and descriptions.

Information on this subject has been made available to any casual Fan browser of Leary's on Wikipedia ( ). You never know, it might just send them to this website.

Interesting T-Shirt in Season 3, Episode 4

A critical of Bush on 9/11 T-Shirt featured in Season 3, Episode 4:

"Truth Does Not Fear Investigation No Matter Who It Offends"