Framing Pakistan

December 1, 2008
Framing Pakistan.

I have mentioned it and/or alluded to it in most of my posts dealing with Iran, namely that Iran will be used by the US and its allies to stir sectarianism wherever a Shiite minority exists. I mentioned Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

I have come to this conclusion after close study of the Iraqi "experiment".

Already a year ago, I have been saying that Pakistan is next on the list. I maintain what I said.

The Mumbai attacks add an extra confirmation to my hypothesis.

The first thing the Western Media and the Indian government did, while the fights were still raging, was to point an accusatory finger at Pakistan - including guess who ? Patrick Cockburn, the "firebrand" Mullah Sadr, lover.

For those of you who have been following the news, Pakistan for the past 4 months or so has witnessed an escalation of US air force attacks on it, in particular in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
This followed the "bizarre" assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the stepping down of Musharraf, the ex-Pakistani president. (see addendum at end of the post)

And just by coincidence, the Mumbai attacks are said to be carried out by militant Jihadists, belonging to Al-Qaeda, in other words hard core Sunnis. And all the heads turned immediately to Pakistan.

The aim of course is to destabilize Pakistan which happens to have nuclear power. Pakistan will be destabilized by the eventual use of the sectarian card, and this is where Iran will come in very handy. Just like Iran came in very handy for the dismantlement of the Iraqi state.

I have a Hindu friend, who is not terribly politicized but still quite aware. He gave me some information that I have no way of verifying but that I gladly received as it clarified some missing links regarding the latest in Mumbai.

He said :

- First of all, in all 5 stars hotels in India, there are security guards inside and outside the hotel, ever since India has been experiencing a string of attacks every two months or so. Inside each hotel there are cameras and "special office desks" where all movements are monitored.

- Secondly, he got first hand information that two of the "jihadists" had been working in the Taj Mahal hotel kitchen for over a year. That all this talk of Al-Qaeda is nonsense to him . For him as a Hindu, America is Al-Qaeda, they invented Al-Qaeda.

- Thirdly, that he could not understand how the Indian army which is known to be one of the most powerful and well trained, could not intervene in the 5 attacks that took place and they did not take place simultaneously either. He could not understand how the attackers were able to run from one location to another and take final refuge in the hotel, as the official version alleges.

- Fourthly, he believes that some forces/parties within the Indian government have a hand in it and that these attacks have been planned for at least 2 years in advance, with the bomb blasts preceding them - as some kind of psychological preparation.

- Fifthly, he believes that the US wants to create an insurmountable rift between India and Pakistan, pitting one country against the other, destabilizing both, politically and economically. He added that India alongside China is an emerging power and that the US needs to find new dumping grounds for its arms i.e in India by creating a serious conflict not only between India and Pakistan, but also between the Hindu and Muslim communities inside the country.

- Sixthly, he concluded by saying that he would never dare mention anything like that in India because he would disappear in no time - despite all the big talk about Indian democracy. And the whole media cover up of the Mumbai drama has left him seriously doubting any credible argument from his own government. And he finished off by saying that it is not only Pakistan that is being framed but that India has fallen into the trap as well.

I am truly worried for Pakistan and the Pakistani people. And am also quite concerned about a violent eruption of sectarian/ethnic conflicts in both countries Pakistan and India. But I believe that Pakistan is the prime target and am preparing myself to hear more on that in the coming weeks/months...

After Pakistan, I know that Saudi Arabia is down the line, the final frontier. Again, Iran will be all too happy to oblige and fulfill its role in that grand American Zionist game. As a matter of fact it is impatiently waiting to do so.

Addendum :

And this is what Obama had to say about Musharraf in August 2008
The Obama camp issued the following statement following Pakistani President Musharraf’s announcement today:

“President Musharraf has made the right decision to step down as President of Pakistan. It is in the interests of his country and the Pakistani people to end the political crisis that has immobilized the coalition government for too long. I have long said that the central terrorist threat to the United States lies in northwest Pakistan and Afghanistan, and not Iraq. US policy must focus on assuring that all elements of Pakistan’s government are resolute in shutting down the safe havens for al Qaeda and the Taliban. There can be no safehaven for terrorists who threaten the American people. A year ago, I advocated that the US move from a ‘Musharraf policy’ to a ‘Pakistan policy.’ I hope all of Pakistan’s friends will now seize the opportunity created by Musharraf’s exit to focus on the urgent issues of today: confronting the threat of extremist violence, dealing with food and energy shortages, and helping the Pakistani people build a stable, secure, democratic future, ” said Senator Obama.

And whenever an American talks of a stable, secure, democratic future - Layla Anwar gets the shivers...

Obama has long been critical of President Musharraf, most notably in August of 2007, when he said he would be willing to strike al Qaeda targets inside of Pakistan - with or without country’s permission. And last March, Obama accused the Pakistani president of “playing” the U.S. “We were giving him billions of dollars in economic aid, he was using it to repress his own people while trying to cut deals with terrorists.” (source: click here)

Painting : Iraqi artist, Salman Abbass.

Posted by Layla Anwar at 1.12.08

Almost certainly a false flag,

but the question remains by who and to what end?

Until we have credible information as to the identity of the perpetrators and a good idea of who sent them, we can only take educated guesses as to the real purpose behind this attack.

While I'm not a south Asian expert, I could make the case that this was perpetrated by a variety of actors for a variety of different reasons. Everything from influencing internal politics in India and/or Pakistan to reinvigorating the tension between those two countries to framing Pakistan as a failed state and haven for terrorists.

It's important to keep in mind that both India and Pakistan have substantial defense forces and modern nuclear weapons, thus it is more likely that this program of terrorist attacks is intended to affect an internal struggle within the ISI than create a pretext for a large-scale U.S. attack on Pakistan. Decades of heroin trafficking have made certain elements within Pakistan incredibly powerful and corrupt, some may have no real allegiance to Pakistan while others may be fierce nationalists tired of doing the bidding of their western masters. One way to reign in possible rogue assets, or simply retire some and move others up, is to embarrass them and force their retirement (e.g. Lt. Gen. Mahmoud Ahmed).

Pakistan does remain one of the most likely candidates for a limited hangout on 9/11, should one be needed in the future, so this does require us to pay close attention and constant analysis as the manufactured history moves forward.

What a tangled web we must work our way through.

Being the optimist that I am, I think that there are enough people of good will everywhere that we will be able to overcome any and all schemes the sociopaths throw our way and move humanity forward into a sustainable future.

Be well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I know,

> What a tangled web we must work our way through.

Tell me bout it.
I'm still quite puzzled but this was also definitely an inside job.
Who did it for what? is a very good question we need to figure out like you said.

9/11 Truth Australia
September 11th was an Inside Job!


One of the reasons I wrote this. Do they honestly think we believe they are just now finding out about the ISI's connection to "Al-Qaeda" and "terrorism?" We supported them, and it seems we still do, since 9/11. Read through this thread, and watch how the U.S. protected Pakistan when the Lashkar-e-Toiba was accused of attacking Mumbai on 7/11/2006.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Though I don't know a whole lot here,

but John, are you telling me that this is not to frame Pakistan?

Yet, don't you remember that Taliban was once US's ally, so was Saddam, so were a few others in the Central/South America and so forth before the U$A decided to call them all evil doers and started wars?

And I'm sure you remember Obama said he would want to go into Pakistan, right?

Barack Obama's plan for AFGHANISTAN & PAKISTAN

He said there "you got people who're responsible to 3,000 Americans' death in Pakistan" but that's incorrect. That's what your 'leaders' kept telling you guys in the US but it was actually about 3,000 people from 80 some countries from around the world. Why is he lying there just like Dubya et al? Sorry that's a diffrent thing but a few more pages on that:

though I heard that first from my friend Doug Rokke,

Anyhow, we've gotta keep watching.
Sorry if I ever misunderstand you... I think I might have......

9/11 Truth Australia
September 11th was an Inside Job!

I'm saying...

That since 9/11, the Bush Administration have protected Pakistan, and have constantly referred to them as our "ally" in the "War On Terror." Even though they KNEW that the ISI is connected to Terrorism. Even though we KNEW about the alleged ties to 9/11. I'm saying that the Bush Adminitration is STILL protecting Pakistan even after the recent attacks in Mumbai being blamed on them. We have already attacked Pakistan. Several times. If you're saying this recent attack is to blame Pakistan and set them up for attacks, we're already attacking them. And protecting them at the same time. I think what might be happening is that since the installment of the Bhutto Government, the U.S. and the ISI (an organization Bhutto is against) is showing Bhutto that we can set them up any time we want, so be careful not to piss us, and the ISI off. I think the reason we might be periodically bombing them now is because Pakistan's connection to "terrorism" is SO obvious, the U.S. makes random bombings in order to show those that question our support of them that we "mean business." It's all speculation. Including your idea that they're being framed. The ISI is considered a "state within a state." That means they are almost independent from most of the Government of Pakistan. Musharraf was a HUGE advocate for the ISI, so they were protected. Now they may not be. At least not by the Government of Pakistan. Recently, their political wing was closed. If it's one thing I've learned doing this, it's that you never know what the future may bring.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

What do you mean?

> because Pakistan's connection to "terrorism" is SO obvious

All the 'terrorism' is just a show.
Who's really behind it is sometimes hard to see, but it's all performance.

Al-Qaeda is a front organization of CIA and MOSSAD : Mumbai based group of intellectuals and human rights activists


> Bhutto Government

Are you talking about Bhutto's husband?
He's known as a "10% man" who demand a rebate of 10% every time he provide you a job related with the Government. I heard nowadays it's not 10% but more.

Bhutto was not an angel either.
That's what I heard from Pakistani immigrants here.
Tops are all the same everywhere.

9/11 Truth Australia
September 11th was an Inside Job!