India Attack Likely a False-Flag

Many people wonder what the purpose of the 9/11 Truth movement is. It includes peace as a very important goal but also includes educating the public on the broader and less understood political tool of FALSE-FLAG terrorism. Thanks to the 9/11 Truth Movement, this term is now beginning to gain mainstream recognition by the general public. Even this evening I heard liberal radio host Thom Hartmann mention the term in relation to vice president Dick Cheney's latest idea to dress up US navy seals as Iranians and have our American boys shoot at them in order to provoke war with Iran (yes I kid you not). The film Terrorstorm also added to the exposure by documenting the history of false-flag terrorism, and even exposes the more recent 7/7 London Bombings in 2005 as a likely false-flag operation.

Now in the short time that has passed since the Mumbai attacks in India there is already evidence coming out that points to this event being another likely candidate for false-flag status. Detailed analysis of news reports during the first few days after any "terrorist attack" is crucial for discovering false-flags, as this is usually when evidence of the cover-up is easy to recognize. On 9/11 many news reporters, including Dan Rather, were noting how the 3 world trade center building collapses looked like controlled demolishions. We never heard these claims again after 9/11 and the new and now official reason the buildings fell became a result of the plane impacts and fire (ask yourselves if Al-Qaeda could have pulled off a controlled demolition of all 3 world trade center buildings... no, that story wouldn't work). Now in India, we formerly had many news reports stating NUMEROUS terrorists were captured ALIVE, many of them described as being from a radical INDIAN organization. The most recent and "corrected" story is that only ONE terrorist was captured alive and he admitted he was from a radical PAKISTANI organization. Remember that the aim of false-flag terrorism is to have an excuse to attack another country. Which county do you think that might be in this case? Time will only tell what happens to Pakistan.

I encourage everyone to check out the following alternative news stories regarding what happened in India. Then decide which stories, the mainstream reports or alternative reports such as these, give more support to the "rapidly losing support" War on Terror, and which stories look more like a potential false-flag. Consider how exposing these types of false-flag terrorist attacks may actually reduce public support for the war by revealing the fabricated or hyped threat. Conversly consider how false-flags give an immediate excuse for a continuation of the War on Terror PLAN, a plan which was laid out by Bush's Project For a New American Century (PNAC) and Obama's now foreign policy advisor Zbigniew Brzezinksi, while many on the "left", including many progressives and many in the general anti-war movement STILL FAIL to recognize or acknowledge false-flag terrorism. Recognition of and exposing false-flag terrorism is the key to ending this war.

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Other gunmen taken into custody?

I do recall hearing/reading earlier that several gunmen had been taken into custody. Now, I can't find any mention of such a claim having been made. Did anybody document such a claim, and could you post where it might be found? Thanks.

Try here

I believe the info you are looking for is found in this article which I posted above:

Mumbai False Flag Attack: Update

Portion of article:

"Here is a google search for MUMBAI+CAPTURED+TERRORIST … you might want to save it to your computer and watch for vanishing stories in the days ahead. In any case, here are the top stories which show, clearly, that many of the killers were captured quite alive…"

And they list the stories...

Undercover mission.

Here's the latest update on the arrests.

"Is suspect a cop or a hood?

Accused is one of ours, India counterinsurgency agency says."