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France 2, one of the national television stations filmed Richard Gage's entire conference when he came to Paris last month. As usual, they did a bad job of informing the population. They did not even mention his name !

For the moment there is not a copy original on the internet but you have below acopy of the reply made by (FRANCE)

When a copy of the original comes up, I will put a link to it here if someone does not before me.

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Thank you for posting my original (French) commented video on It's the video about France 2 poorly covering Richard Gage's

There's now an English subtitled version available. I'm not sure this version is perfect, as English is not natural language, but at least I
hope it can be understood by everybody.

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The television spectators see right through the falsehood

French and Belgian television have been taking a defensive stance towards the reality uncovered by bloggers: instead of themselves admitting that they have been pushing a false story for the last 7 years, they are attempting to portray the bloggers questioning the veracity of the official account as crazies or paranoiacs, deluded by pseudo-science, and beliefs in extraterrestrials, or by people with anti-Semitic leanings.

In the program on the 9/11 Truth Movement made by Stephane Malterre of Canal Plus, they tried to picture Nobel Peace Prize Candidate David Ray Griffin as a petty anti-Semitic, chasing conference fees in order to sell his books. They use film techniques to focus in on David Ray Griffin’s mouth moving in a mechanical way, or a cold picture of his eyes.

I was filmed by the RTBF1 “Question à la Une” team with Franck Istasse, as I was invited along with fellow "Truthers" over to RTBF to lay forth my arguments of why RTBF should abstain from buying Stéphane Malterre’s calumnious program. RTBF1 went ahead with their original project and bought the textbook example piece of deceitful journalism, which basically tries to manipulate public opinion to believe that the 100 million Americans who claim that 9/11 was an inside job were simply mislead to believing that from watching an internet movie made by some teenagers on a shoe-string budget, who in turn, according to Canal Plus, were misled by 60 year-old “anti-Semitics” from over at “American Free Press”. The program was packed with lies and false accusations: one I remember was that it accused Loose Change to have done document falsification by showing General Lemnitzer’s signature on a declassified “Northwoods” document of the joint Chiefs of Staff planning false flag attacks in 1962 in order to go after the Cubans: . The French journalists no doubt simply assumed this, since they could never imagine French “Black-Ops” to ever be declassified. As usual, they never gave counter arguments to the scientific inconsistencies of the official “Al-Qaeda did it” story, but simply ridiculed the whole concept of how one could imagine one’s own government to do such a dastardly thing.

Patients of mine who saw the Belgian deceitful piece of journalism where scandalized that I was pictured as a “Jew hater” by the program. This is pure manipulation, and trying to give a lesson to others who might want to join the 9/11 truth movement. If you want to understand what the dynamics of being treated as a “revisionist” and “Jew hater” is on French media, don’t miss the short clip of comic Jean Marie Bigard explaining this with English subtitles here: The arguments we gave to Franck Istasse fell on sterile soil, he did not want to understand anything of it, and he did not allow any of these clear and heavy arguments to be repeated out on TV: we were only shown as background “bloggers”, with flash pictures taken out of context, and in bad augur, like some little moment of frustration or tenseness during the filmed session.

This same technique is used by the France 2 television crew who had the honor on Nov 13th to be invited to see Richard Gage give a three hour thorough presentation of irrefutable proof that the three skyscrapers in New-York, The North and South WTC Tower + WTC 7 where taken down by explosive demolition. The France 2 team presented the people who came to this exceptional event as crazies, who only believe in conspiracies, especially the “paranoid” types who believe that the main stream media is lying to them, and they can only believe the information that circulates on internet. These journalists did NOT explain how the amazing architect Richard Gage was touring 9 cities in Europe, having given +/- 85 conferences already on these issues especially to Architects and Engineers. The journalists did NOT mention that the site that has the backing of 550 Architect and Engineers ( See the rate of conversion of doubters to people who understand that the buildings were taken down by explosives here: ) The France 2 journalists sat through the whole presentation, but apparently they had not come to learn the truth. If they had, it could have cost them their job in Sarkozi's France: It seems more like they were sent out on a mission to keep up the disinformation that the politically appointed editors of France 2 have decided upon in advance.

In light of the fact that these journalists where shown such high quality irrefutable forensic proof of an inside job, and they then afterwards continue their attempt to blame this on a religious and ethnic group, as the official version does without laying forth any legal arguments, and against the common sense of the majority of humanity who are presented with the real facts (see conversion rate of the people attending Richard Gage’s presentation) then, in my opinion, these journalists have now officially made themselves facilitators and accomplices to the cover-up and continuation of this century’s most abject crime against humanity.

It is high time a Media-study-institute takes it on itself to log these blatant attempts of disinformation, in spite of overwhelming scientific and logic proof that we are dealing with criminal false-flag synthetic terrorism, with an agenda that is getting al the more obvious for each day that passes. This is all the more urgent in Europe, where we see more and more that the executive of the state takes the upper hand on deciding on the Editor in Chief of these Media outlets. We are slipping into feudal control of our media, which is not an option for a democratic society.

It is urgent that we act! Blogger Zonk said: “WE MUST DO EVERYTHING WE CAN !

Love from Brussels,

"unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all. It is in fact mandatory. If such a determination is not embodied in our political vision we have no hope of restoring what is so nearly lost to us - the dignity of man." (Harold Pinter)

PS: Donna Marsh O'Connor's humble proposal to appoint a scientist to head the NIST is still alive and kicking in 16th place over at (lame)
You can still give her a proposal a friendly push if you haven't yet done so!

Please put up subtitles so that we can all understand !

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

please can some one put up english
bonjour ,

please can some one put up english subtitles so that all the non French speaking citizens can understand.



PS we can not forget that the translators have little time to do this that all the non French speaking citizens can understand.



PS we can not forget that the translators have little time to do this work !