911 truth at anti war rally Madrid

Last week there was an anti war rally with about 500 people, our 911 truth group was present with megaphone and lots of signs


A beautiful sight . . .

A beautiful sight . . . seeing the familiar black & white 9/11 Truth Now signs in a Madrid anti-war protest!

Thank you. : )


FREE Screenings the 3rd Thursday of each month @ the Anthony Wayne Movie Theater in Wayne, PA:
Thursday, December 18th: Paul Krik's "ABLE DANGER" - 5pm, 7pm & 9:11pm showings.

Q & A following with author Sander Hicks, "The Big Wedding: 9/11, the Whistle Blowers, and the Cover-up."

"9 /11 (And Beyond) Documentaries, Wayne, PA" - a Meetup.com group open to the patriotically questioning public.

Films that question the official 9/11 story, and more.


This movement can only grow. I find "9/11 Truth" the precise informative to change our WORLD for the better. Glad to see the international community helping others wake up!

~In Lak'esh
(Mayan: You are another me)