"WTC7: NIST Admits Freefall" ...The Movie


NIST has now officially accepted that WTC7 came down with the acceleration of gravity, but they still couch it as a phase in a 5.4 second interval they claim matches the 5.4 seconds required for their model to collapse 18 floors. The starting point of their 5.4 second interval is totally arbitrary. This new video highlights the August 26 technical briefing and allows Sunder and Gross to shoot holes in their own feet. Part II, which is planned to come out in a week or two, will go into detail about the implications of freefall. A list of bullet points has been compiled on that topic already, but if anyone has a special take on it that they would like to feed into the mix, please contact me at dchandler@ae911tuth.org.
--David Chandler, AE911Truth.org


David -- You are a real HERO of TRUTH.

Where are all the other high school and college physics teachers?

Why are they hiding?

Maybe this will bring some of them out of the woodwork.


Drop the Fourteen Points Paper in their boxes

at your local high schools and colleges. Get the ball rolling.

Include a cover letter with your contact info and links to stj911.org and ae911truth.org.

Buy bulk dvds from ae911truth.org and add those if you can.

Let's generate a real buzz in the academic community, these people love real science.

WE need to get them out of the woodwork. Many people, including physics teachers, still have not even heard of WTC 7.

Love is a verb, brothers and sisters, let's get busier.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Truly Outstanding

Though I don't fully understand all of the scientific jargon, I do understand human behavior, and those men were clearly uncomfortable giving those answers. It was like watching a 11 year old, in the living room, lying his way out of a broken lamp, when he still has a basketball clutched in his hands.

I will put this up on my site and reference back to here. Truly outstanding work Mr. Chandler.


they are all quiet because they are defending the oil-based society. something like "a higher cause".
ever wondered why most of the people don't know anything about 9/11? ever wondered why people
put up a funny face, like they are scared or some sh*t, when you talk about 9/11? oil-based economy.
that's probably why physics teachers, professors and such are keeping their mouths shut. and that's
probably why all of the mainstream media is deliberately lying about 9/11, spreading disinformation
and ridiculing truthers and such.

sometimes i look at the videos of wtc1 and wtc2 collapsing, and i get a feeling that 9/11 was a mass
sacrifice ritual or some evil and sick crap like that.

anywho, people do not care. they don't want to know. because if they knew, well it would mean that
they (people) have to do something, anything about it. but that's just too difficult (read: risky). anywho,
keep up the good work. the truth will eventually prevail. just right down all the names of people who
lied about 9/11 during all those years, people who spread disinfo and so on. :)

"wtf i hate all cops"

This is an outstanding video

This is an outstanding video and should be widely disseminated.

The free-fall evidence, now confirmed by NIST, is devastating. The demeanor of the two NIST scientists is several floors of icing on the cake.

Great work. Thanks for doing it.

JFK on secrecy and the press

thank you

David, thank you for busting the NIST clowns. Guilty as charged.

I watched your excellent Youtube presentations yesterday after seeing them in a thread at Rigorous Intuition:


Keep up the incredible work. And, btw, I only got a C in high school physics, but even so, I have understood the basic principles of gravity since that time -- something that these Ph.D.s at NIST seem to have no problem obfuscating (I'm being kind -- they know they're lying and covering up the crime, otherwise they wouldn't be squirming and stumbling when answering those simple questions put forth by you and Steven Jones).

sour grapes at RI

Just a quick follow-up to point out that the discussion over at Rigorous Intuition (RI) continues to be full of fireworks. And even though, from my estimation, the postings are mostly in support of David Chandler's fine work, the moderator/owner (Jeff Wells) and a couple others continue to resist the science and reason behind the videos. Frankly, it comes across as ego-driven sour grapes -- the contention being that CD has ruined the truth movement -- and I find that short-sightedness extremely disappointing. After all, it was Wells who wrote the amazing piece "The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11" a number of years ago. Perhaps, as brilliant as he is, he simply doesn't understand basic physics. Who knows....

Anyway, check out MacCruiskeen's excellent commentary where he shreds the opposition over and over. Link again:


Further comments on RI...

Jeff Wells, and his various minions and alter-egos at Rigorous Intuition, work feverishly to ensure that all talk of CD is smacked down with as much force as possible. All the tricks used by professional disinfo agents are brought to bear on anyone and anything related to CD.

There are several clowns (nomo and orz being chief among them...nomo most likely being Jeff) whose sole reason for being at RI is to immediately pounce on any CD-related threads. Jeff claims that he only posts on (I believe) Sundays, yet if a 911/CD thread is started, he's in their like white on rice.

Quite some time ago I got banned from the site for calling Jeff on his pure, unadulterated bullshit (I wondered out loud if I too could get paid to spread disinfo, and that sent him/them over the edge). Since that time I continue to monitor RI, and continue to be amazed at the brutal efficiency with which the anti-CD team ply their craft.

And I agree, CK: MacCruiskeen is superb. Jeff and his stooges would have us believe that it's MacCruiskeen's and others' (rock-solid) arguments that are the real disinfo, but one only has the read any of the many CD-related threads at RI to see who the real 'agents' are.

'nough said.

what about Part II?

Is that on-line yet? Let us know!

still wondering about Part II

Did I just get confused, or is there going to be a Part II? I'm very interested to see where David Chandler takes this -- where he left off at the end of Part I. Thanks!

Great Work!!

Your other video at
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC44L0-2zL8 is excellent, too. Thank-you for your efforts. I wish I could get the local High School physics teacher to see these...

Carol Brouillet

"Your other video at is excellent, too"

Yes. This is another clear illustration of NIST BS.

Spread this one around too. Mr. Chandler again catches NIST attempting to distort reality in order to coverup the obvious demolition. Great work.

Also check out...

Graeme MacQueen's short new paper posted at David's site;


Thank you Mr. Chandler

Excellent work, we need more short videos like this one.

I'm going to be posting this everywhere.

I'm sure you enjoy working with Richard Gage as much as I do.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!


Excellent observations and presentation Mr. Chandler!

Your students are lucky to have such an astute and courageous physics mentor.

Thank you for your important works.

An important point established

Well done David, very clearly put. (but can't find part 2 of the video?)

I'd like to know if the NIST

I'd like to know if the NIST computer model predicted free-fall for any span of time. They should release all the details of this model since so much of their argument depend on it.

Exceptionally good question!

Perhaps a FOIA request on the modeling data? Aidan, are you there?!!

This hasn't sunk in yet - but it will

NIST's official certification of 2.25 seconds of freefall of building 7 is (in my opinion) THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT IN THE HANDS OF THE TRUTH MOVEMENT. Why? Because it is a HARD FACT THAT HAS BEEN CERTIFIED BY THE GOVERNMENT ITSELF AND IS TANTAMOUNT TO AN ADMISSION OF CONTROLLED DEMOLITION. This hasn't sunk in yet - and my use of upper case letters is probably not going to speed the process ---- BUT THIS WILL SINK IN --- AND IT WILL SINK THE OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY THEORY.

Hey David

you've got a good way of explaining things......... suppose you would, being a teacher.
Anyway, you have to laugh at the way Sunder & co are at pains to make out that only gravity was the acting force.
If their conclusions were naturally occuring, then it would be self evident...... clearly they themselves know their
own nonsense isn't convincing.

Keep up the good work... and keep this vid for their trial.

Good work, David!

I much appreciated both of your videos on WTC-7. Drop me a line, would you, hardevidence@gmail.com ...

You must have one good spam filter, Dr. Jones!

I hope it's a linux box, but I'm guessing it's your Mac.

Stay well behind the firewall, beware the cyber thermate.


I hope that you and yours are well.


David, can you do something

David, can you do something like this for the Towers?

JFK on secrecy and the press

NIST is on the ropes with their admission of freefall

Just my opinion, but I think I best to keep hammering WTC 7 - as NIST is now on record as certifiying freefall. This one admission is signed, sealed and delivered. Now the trick is to utilize this stunning victory to wake everyone up.

Something else about this

Something else about this film. It's just a really good piece of work. Short, straight to the point, irrefutable, and has the bonus segments of the NIST boys talking nonsense.

I agree on pushing this one, but having something on the Towers would also be good.

David's style will communicate with many people. It forces those who are uncommitted to get off the fence. I do not see how any rational person can accept the OCT after viewing that video. It's all over but the shouting.

JFK on secrecy and the press

It's been done

See this paper: World Trade Center Tower One Collapse but I agree it would be good to see NIST do this...

Thank you, David

Excellent work!

Mr. Chandler,

It would be great if you'd check these arguments out and give your input to the discussion here:http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=125x229422#229428