"America: Freedom to Fascism" played numerous times on Colorado Public Television

Extremely encouraging news!!! First I'd heard of this and seen it with my own eyes.

"America: Freedom to Fascism" played numerous times on Colorado Public Television

I don't have much more to say, but I'm sure this program was seen by many people.
We all could learn more about this activism and push our local PBS or Public Television Stations to play this.
The precedent has been set in Colorado at least to help encourage them.
I don't even know the difference between PBS and Public Television
But when I heard from a family member this aired in Colorado I was thrilled.
They said.. oh I watched that IRS movie you've been talking about.
Can't believe those IRS agents aren't paying their taxes anymore.
Great news.

My plea is that we all work to reach out to our local PBS/Public Television Stations and request they follow suit and play AFTF.
Google will work for the details most likely. Peace.

Here's a link to Colorado Public Television's page:

Please post any other experiences with Public Television or PBS in the comments.
As well as ideas or strategies etc on getting this played on more stations throughout the Country.

Yes, this is the 2nd time...

that I am aware of that KBDI channel 12 in Denver has played AFTF, which goes out statewide. I have talked to SEVERAL people who brought it up to me and even walked in a friends house one day when it was on their TV. To make something sweet, even sweeter, again Colorado 9-11 Visibility made their presence known with yet another fund drive answering phones and getting our mugs and our message on TV statewide in Colorado. This is actually the 4th time we have done this and now get invited back for every fund drive for the station.

Here is a short video compilation from two of our previous appearances on KBDI:


I am not sure if anyone got a recording of the fund drive last week but we had 10 people from Colorado 9-11 Visibility there and I heard it was a great success!

GREAT WORK! Thank you friends.

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