The 9/11 Truth Movement: An Incomplete History 2

As I mentioned in the comments of Part I, "I told someone today that if I were to make a 10 minute movie about everything that I've done, and a 10 minute movie about everything that person has done, there would still be 50-60% of everything we've done left out of both movies. Now imagine trying to make a 10 minute video of everything the entire movement has done." The reason I made these was to give the people some indication of just how much we've done, and how little attention we've gotten.



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Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

We can't....

We're too lazy ( :

uh, interseting stuff i

uh, interseting stuff i didnt know, thanks for that

i know you are being cheeky about how it is "incomplete"....
but to not even mention once We Are Change is a crime of omission in and of itself.

Meet The Truthers

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Everyone (even though they WERE mentioned in Part I).

The names of the songs are:

You're The Best - Karate Kid Soundtrack
Dreams - Van Halen

Edit Part III:
It's funny to see Howard Stern. Most people probably think Jesse Ventura on Howard's show was the first mention of 9/11 Truth on his show. I think he posted "Pentagon Strike" on his front page for a couple of days after talking about it on his show. Suddenly, a lot of truthers pounded his site with 9/11 info. Reason being, he had over 300,000 users on his site, and at the time, much like now, we were literally BEGGING for any kind of media attention. At one point, there were a group of users on their site trying to convince Howard to have me on. I even talked to "Mike" from the Howard Stern show about getting on, but it never panned out. That's how I got on Opie & Anthony. O&A had me on because Howard wouldn't. Back in those days, this was our 9/11 Truth activism site. It's where I met dz (the founder of Somebigguy, the former moderator on, "followed" me to my site (the YBBS), after watching me post on the HSBB (Howard Stern Bulletin Board), and then eventually became a moderator here. I turned SBG onto 9/11 Truth. He had no idea until he read my posts. He later turned out to be a moderator/contributor for probably the most "popular" 9/11 Truth site (alongside ever. Pretty cool. SBG was a fruit of my labor. :) He was HUGELY responsible for, and a good guy.

I listened to Howard from Elementary School all the way until he left to go to Sirius.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

"We Are Change" and "Truthaction" were in part one

Still no Towers of Deception, don't you like Barry?

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Just kidding.....

Good job, Jon, we can make another one after the revolution.


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