Hamid Gul and Mahmud Ahmed

Somebody ought to at least ask this Gul what he thinks of the fact that one of his predecessors, Mahmud Ahmed, was with Congressman and later CIA director Porter Goss and Senator and Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Bob Graham in Washington discussing Osama bin Laden when 9/11 occurred, and of the possibility that Ahmed was the one who ordered $100,000 to be sent to Mohammed Atta.

Alex Jones asked Gul about the money.

Gul, who says he is good friends with Ahmed, denied it, calling it "disinformation". I say never trust an ISI chief, period.

Here's the interview with Jones that Joe posted...


Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed met with Senator Biden,

the soon to be Vice President, on September 13, 2001.

I think someone should ask good ol' Joe what he and Mahmood discussed during that meeting.

(Too bad gov. Palin didn't ask during their debate, that would've been a hoot)

The truth shall set us free, some may be going to Leavenworth.

Love is the only way forward.