Hungry for Truth: One Man's Struggle to Confront September 11, 2001 by Blair Gadsby
Hungry for Truth
by Blair Gadsby

In his typical style, Blair has donated the profits from his book sold here to AE911Truth. Thank you, yet again, Blair.

Hungry for Truth:

One Man's Struggle to Confront September 11, 2001

by Blair A. Gadsby
6" x 9" • 174 pages
ISBN 978-0615222141 • paperback • $12.95

A personal journey into the world of activism for 9/11 Truth. Questioning the official story of the 9/11 attacks has many hazards, not least of which as a motivator to speaking up about "false flag" terror and the manipulation by governments of their populations to go to war. To a college professor of Religious Studies, seeing Islam portrayed as a religion of violence was spiritually and mentally degrading, not to mention socially destructive. This book discusses one person's awakening to the lies told to us about 9/11 and how they compelled him to activism and a hunger strike against John McCain as he campaigned for President. McCain wrote the Foreword to Popular Mechanics cover-up of 9/11. The author sat for 17 days outside the office of Senator John McCain waiting for an answer about 9/11 issues. He did get them, and the answers may foreshadow how "President McCain" will confront the requests for a new 9/11 investigation, conduct foreign policy, and his handling of the Middle East wars.


From Karen Johnson
Hey Folks:

In a shameless plug for the book and as part of a fundraising effort for, I’m sending you the link to where Hungry for Truth can be purchased at AE911Truth. I’ve donated/given 40 copies to them for sale without any remittance back to me…it’s my way of saying “thank you” to Richard Gage for early-on going out on a limb and supporting our effort. Remember, not everyone thought a hunger strike was a good idea (even me, when I look back, I must have been nuts!! J) and Richard’s endorsement was important to gaining momentum—recall how I sat in front of one of his signs for the entire time…Photo enclosed.

Please pass it along folks…Richard is doing 911 Truth work 100% of his time now, he needs our help. Buying Hungry for Truth from AE911Truth helps him:

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