David Ray Griffin in Olympia

Back on the 3rd the Washington 9/11 Investigators hosted a presentation by David Ray Griffin in Olympia, Washington. The event went over very well, and we had over 200 people in attendance. There was one debunker in the crowed who tried to interrupt a few times but Mr. Griffin is a pro at dealing with such people. By a show of hands most of the people in the audience hadn't heard a lot of the latest evidence about 9/11, so it seems we reached a good number of people who hadn't heard the truth yet. We also handed out a 9/11 DVD compilation for people to take home and watch. After wards a bunch of us & Mr. Griffin grabbed a bite to eat at a local restaurant. All in all, a good turnout and good event. Pictures and videos are available at our new website http://www.washington911.org


Heartening to hear. Thanks for post and cool site.