Globalist Constitutional Convention Dealt a Defeat in Ohio

Globalist Constitutional Convention Dealt a Defeat in Ohio

Kurt Nimmo
December 13, 2008

The global elite will not rest until they have undermined the last bastion that stands in their way as they attempt to dominate and subjugate of the once great republic of the United States — the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Over the years — but especially since September 11, 2001, and the creation of the phony GWOT against manufactured terrorists — the government has made great strides in curtailing the Bill of Rights.

On Wednesday December 10th, the Ohio House Judiciary Committee were confronted by members from Campaign for Liberty, Ohio Freedom Alliance, We Are Change Ohio, John Birch Society, Institute for Principled Policy, Constitution Party of Ohio, and the Libertarian Party of Ohio whom testified against HJR, an Ohio call for an Article V Constitutional Convention. Video produced by Ohio Change.

Government has singled out and specifically attacked the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. However, for the global elite and their minions in government, this piecemeal approach is too slow and often results in organized resistance and legal challenges.

So the global elite have decided on another tactic — change forever the Constitution and the Bill of Rights through a Constitutional Convention.

Article Five of the United States Constitution provides an option to assemble a national Convention to propose amendments to the Constitution as an alternative to the process of securing two-thirds approval in both houses of Congress.

Remarkably, thirty two states have called for a Constitutional Convention — allegedly to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution – and it takes thirty four to begin the process.

If you have not heard about this, it is not a mistake — the corporate media is not reporting on it. A Google News search produces no stories on the subjected published by the mainstream media.

“A public policy organization has issued an urgent alert stating affirmative votes are needed from only two more states before a Constitutional Convention could be assembled in which ‘today’s corrupt politicians and judges’ could formally change the U.S. Constitution’s “problematic” provisions to reflect the philosophical and social mores of our contemporary society,’” writes Bob Unruh for WorldNetDaily.

“Don’t for one second doubt that delegates to a Con Con wouldn’t revise the First Amendment into a government-controlled privilege, replace the 2nd Amendment with a ‘collective’ right to self-defense, and abolish the 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments, and the rest of the Bill of Rights,” Unruh quotes the American Policy Institute (API).

API was successful in stalling a vote on a Constitutional Convention in Ohio, thanks to the Constitution and Libertarian parties of Ohio that testified against the bill. “Members from Campaign for Liberty, Ohio Freedom Alliance, We Are Change Ohio, John Birch Society, Institute for Principled Policy, Constitution Party of Ohio, and the Libertarian Party of Ohio showed up in support [and] most of them testified,” reports the PeaceChicken blog.

“After seeing how many of us came, Committee Chairman Blessing changed his mind and decided not to vote on it today. In fact, he acted like it was a mistake that the paper said ‘possible vote.’ [Teri Owens of the Central Ohio John Birch Society] thinks it’ll probably be voted on at the next committee meeting (which will also probably not include further testimony) so we’ll need to keep watching.”

WorldNetDaily should be commended for reporting on this important story neglected by the corporate and much of the alternative media. Unfortunately, WorldNetDaily writer Bob Unruh turns the article into an anti-Obama screed and leans heavily on the false right-left paradigm to make his points, including Obama’s disingenuous calls for wealth redistribution and so-called political and economic justice. In 2001, Obama told Chicago’s public station WBEZ-FM that “redistributive change” is needed.

One has to wonder if Obama’s economic advisors — including Robert Rubin, director and senior counselor at Citigroup, and Timothy F. Geithner, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York — are up to speed on taking money from their rich friends and giving it to the poor who voted for Obama.

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Institute warns that the ultimate outcome of a new con con “will likely be a new constitution, one that would possibly eliminate the Article 1 restriction to the coinage of real money or even eliminate gun or property rights.”

In fact, this is the real goal of the globalists behind the con con scheme: to eliminate gun ownership and turn other god-given rights into state granted privileges that can be easily restricted or taken away entirely. Outlawing firearm ownership in America is part of a larger agenda to dismantle and destroy the United States of America from within and the global elite cannot turn the country into a third world cesspool so long as millions of Americans are armed.

DeWeese told WND that a Constitutional Convention would be “our worst nightmare in an age when you’ve got people who believe the Constitution is an antiquated document, we need to have everything from controls on guns … all of these U.N. treaties … and controls on how we raise our children.”

For now, a few dedicated people in Ohio have managed to delay another state from joining the push for a con con under the cover of a Balanced Budget Amendment, but as the blogger PeaceChicken notes, the government of Ohio will continue to push HJR 8 calling for a Constitutional Convention. It is up to activists and concerned citizens in Ohio to make sure this bill is defeated and the global elite is not allowed to eviscerate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.