Gators 9/11 Truth continues the wakeup call in Gainesville, Florida

University of Florida, Gainesville - 12-12-2008:

The corner of U. Ave and 13th Street was buzzing. The entire stack of AE911Truth/Gators911Truth flyers was handed out. A 3rd year finance student eagerly hopped off his scooter to grab a flyer.

You will see a local resident give is assessment of 9/11 while hurrying along to catch a bus.

We ordered a 2nd megaphone to work traffic in opposite directions. John - a new Truther found a little Radio Shack megaphone that performed surprisingly well to get the message through those closed windows in noisy traffic. Delivery of Ed's 50 watt megaphone he bought on EBAY is expected by next week.

A few incredulous looks came conservatives who thought 9/11 Truth to be a partisan issue to impeach Bush. They were surprised to hear us challenge Obama to stop the government coverup of 9/11.

Tina Steiger - UF student body Senator and SDS member came by to chat. We introduced her to John, a science teacher at Eastside High School in Alachua County. So far, SDS has not commited to a position on 9/11 or Chemtrails.

Many Veterans For Peace in the Gainesville chapter have accept the evidence as proof that 9/11 was achieved with controlled demolition but the national VFP board disengenuously voted down a 2008 resolution to include an end to the 9/11 cover-up with c criminal investigation in their mission to end the war, bring the troops home and/or Impeach Bush.

To their credit, VFP has included "9/11 TRUTH" as a "related organization" on their national website: