Tampa 9/11 Truth Distributes Rock Creek Free Press


Members of Boston 9/11 Truth and Tampa 9/11 Truth hit the streets in the popular historic district of Ybor City in Tampa this weekend to promote the Rock Creek Free Press (2008 Project Censored Award winner). Don't miss your opportunity to become a RCFP Distributor and support their fine work.

Get the Creek!

Rock Creek Free Press

These always get good attention at the information tables I've set up.


I've also put them in morning papers of neighbors, friends, lawyers offices, and family so they have a surprise with their regular morning papers. Just slip a copy in if you are an early riser or late at getting to bed.

Damn I want this movement to succeed. The alternative and the direction our country is going in as of now is too depressing.


Hittin' the streets with Creek - The Only Real Newspaper

Mia and her gang are showing some hella activism, taking the Creek's distribution to another level! Beats anonymous blogging, any day. My Creekless logo hat goes off to you guys and dolls. She paid for those shirts and hats to be printed up herself. That's dedication.

I deliver my Rock Creek newspapers around the DC suburbs the way these cold black hearts are used to getting their information around here, through the subversive cover of the dark of night, placing newspapers in their driveways and Washington Mockingbird Post newspaper boxes, all wrapped in recycled/reused Washington Post newspaper sleeves that my friends around the metro area save and collect for me to reuse. I do the same thing in Manhattan while visiting with family in a very large apartment building, delivering door-to-door, floor-to-floor. If I run low on papers, I pick up extra copies located at Sander Hick's coffee house in lower Manhattan in the Bowery, Vox Pop - it's a kick ass live joint!

The latest Creek is looking great. We just finished editing it yesterday and its hitting the presses just in time for X-Mas! The best stocking stuffer ever!!

"You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month." - CIA operative discussing with Philip Graham, editor Washington Post, on the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. - 1991"

Thank you Mia, way to Rock with the Creek!

I am currently reading a document that purports to be a plan for global domination. Whether is is authentic or not, I don't know, but it sure is venomously brilliant. It says that the greatest danger (to a fascist takeover) comes from personal initiative, and that genius combined with personal initiative is absolutely deadly to their plan to subdue the masses.

Matt and Elaine Sullivan are the worst nightmare of the media lapdogs and their malevolent masters. The Sullivans had a dream of a newspaper that prints the truth, and they made it come true, through their personal initiative, powered by the genius to see that we are all living in a sea of lies. They give freely of their own money and copious amounts of their unpaid time to bring the truth to thousands of people every month.

Then there are the foot soldiers, all of us in DC 911 Truth who show up every month and sit together to fold, label and stamp all the Creek subscriptions going out by mail, then leave with bundles that we take to the nether regions of DC to stock the blue Creek boxes at Metro stops in our own neighborhoods. And all the Creek supporters across the country who get a bundle by mail every month and take it to a blue Creek box they have set up in their own towns.

Mia shows an abundance of personal initiative, passing out copies of the Creek in the Ybor neighborhood. She approaches people in a friendly, witty manner, asking if they are feeling "intellectually curious" today, and she finds many takers.

Are people reading the Creek in YOUR neighborhood? If not, consider finding an abandoned newspaper box (watch it for a while and make sure it is not being stocked by anyone). Paint it Creek blue, slap some Creek stickers on it, and place it in a high traffic area. Then let Matt know you need to be put on the list to start receiving a free box of Creeks every month for your box.

That's all it takes to bring "fiercely independent" news to your neighborhood and start waking people up day in, day out.

This is what activism look like!

Your group is doing a great job engaging the public and getting the word out with your Rock Creek Press. I am inspired by your disarming charm and enthusiasm. The truth will be known because people like you put in the time and effort.
Thank you for your important work.

I bring 'em with me everywhere...

I keep a few of the latest Creeks in my car, and bring one with me to all kinds of places. I might read it myself, or else give it to someone I meet.

Today I gave the Dec. issue to the woman sitting next to me in a salon. She was waiting for her color to cook, so welcomed something to read, and then asked me before she left where she could find more of them. Happily, she takes the metro at the place where I fill the Creek box, so I could tell her exactly where to find it.

I also bring them to doctors' appointments and leave one behind in the waiting room, or while getting my oil changed -- anywhere where people have time on their hands. Since it's obviously a newspaper, not a political tract, it doesn't raise any alarms.