911's Canadian Crusaders

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"As an international movement questioning the official story of 9/11 continues to grow, these Canadians are at the forefront." By R.D. Loyd

The subject of what really happened on 9/11 remains taboo in the mainstream media, particularly in the United States. 9/11 is too tragic an event; it is too close to home, an agonizing wound that still, literally, lies exposed in the center of lower Manhattan.

To question the Bush administration’s explanation of 9/11 in America, regardless of any glaring anomalies in the official story, is tantamount to heresy or treason in the established media arenas. For a long time now, anyone who publicly questions the official 9/11 investigation is more than likely labeled a conspiracy theorist, a lunatic, and a nut case. Yet slowly, over time, we are beginning to hear the voices of a few journalists on the American airwaves asking questions about the events of September 11, 2001.

They join a growing movement of citizens in the US and internationally. 9/11 Truth, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are just a few of the many organizations that have provided internet publishing platforms for the many thousands who remain sceptical.

In Canada, 9/11 Truth controversy inflamed the 2008 federal election when Winnipeg Liberal candidate Lesley Hughes and Cariboo-Prince George NDP candidate Bev Collins were exposed as sceptics of the official explanation of 9/11. The outcome could be viewed as symbolic of the growing division in the public sphere between those who accept, and those who choose to ask questions. Then-Liberal leader Stephane Dion asked Hughes to step down under accusations of anti-semitism, which Hughes hotly denied. NDP leader Jack Layton, on the other hand, refused to fire Collins, and is on record saying that he is a “good friend” of prominent Canadian 9/11 Truth activist, journalist, author, and media critic Barrie Zwicker, and is up to date on Zwicker’s publications about 9/11.

Apparently, publicly questioning 9/11 can be detrimental to one's credibility, and livelihood, even here in Canada. Some of the very politicians we count on to protect our legal rights are instead punished for exercising their own (supposedly) protected right to free opinion.

Despite such threats, the 9/11 Truth movement continues to grow in Canada and internationally. So, who are some of these stubborn Canadians at the forefront of this controversial movement? Moreover, why won’t they just take the hint and shut up about it?

BoB decided to ask them.

Complete interviews: http://backofthebook.ca/features/911-crusaders/

Great article. Thanks for

Great article. Thanks for the link.