Talking points: "Conspiracy Theory"

When people use the phrase "conspiracy theory" this is where I take the conversation...

Regarding the indiscriminate use of the phrase conspiracy theory ...

There are three conspiracy theories regards 9/11.

1) The government’s conspiracy theory was put forth in the hours and days after the attacks. This is the theory that 19 Arab men led by Osama Bin Laden from a remote location conspired together to hijack planes using box cutters, flew 2 planes into 3 buildings thereby knocking down three, managed to hit the Pentagon with more that 1 hour of lead time, etc.

2) The Independent researchers conspiracy theory. This is the theory resulting from the collective work of sincere, independent researchers, who have proved the government’s conspiracy theory false and in violation of the laws of physics and common sense. This leads you to the study of false flag attacks, etc.

3) The disinformation conspiracy theories. These are the theories put forth by agents of disinformation who are paid to put forth theories that are false and ridiculous. This is done in order to confuse people and to provide straw men that can then be highlighted and attacked.

Some people use the phrase conspiracy theory without understanding that it has multiple meanings.

Other people use the phrase conspiracy theory as an ad hominem attack because they are unable to argue their position based on facts.

Others use it as part of a campaign of disinformation targeting people who are intellectually and/or emotionally challenged in examining the facts about 9/11.

Hopefully the above is useful for those wanting to have a more intelligent dialogue regarding the events of 9/11.


Well said

Talking points that get a reaction:

The FBI has not charged Bin Laden with the attacks on 9/11 because there is NO hard evidence that he had anything to do with it. The video confession was a fake. If it were real, it would be enough for an indictment.

A hijacker would nose over and fly straight into the Pentagon. He would NOT make a 270 degree turn while dropping 7,000 feet at 500 mph in a 575.

Do you believe that a plane they knew was coming could hit the most heavily defended building in the world?

Do you think the failure of a single column could cause a 47 story building to collapse completely in 15 seconds?

Add this one:

The steel used in the WTC Towers was tested and certified to withstand a structure fire of 2000F for 2 hours without failure. This is an industry standard, ASTM E-119, and the steel used in the towers was tested to this standard before the towers were built.

Wikipedia reports the following data for Jet-A combustion:
Open air burning temp: 287.5 C (549.5 F)
Maximum burning temp: 980 C (1796 F)

So under ideal conditions, fed oxygen in ideal proportions, Jet-A can
reach 1796F, and it may approach that temprature inside a jet engine,
but under the conditions we find in the burning buildings the
temperature would be closer to the diffusion limited (open air) value
of 549F.

So the fires were not hot enough, nor did they burn long enough, to cause the steel to fail.

Barry Zwicker on C.T.

Fast forward to the end of this video, it is the very last comment made in this 17 minute clip: