What's Your Vision in 100 Words for Obama's First 100 Days? To be published on AlterNet. - You know what to do.


What's Your Vision in 100 Words for Obama's First 100 Days?

Please send all submissions to 100@AlterNet.org

AlterNet. Posted November 28, 2008.

Contribute your 100-word essay laying out your hopes for Obama's first 100 days, to be published on AlterNet.

On Jan. 20, 2009, Barack Obama will be inaugurated, becoming the forty-fourth president of the United States. Obama has promised to hit the ground running … but in which direction will he be running?

A president's first 100 days in office are often seen as a time that shapes that individual's entire presidency and, therefore, the future of the entire nation for the next four to eight years. What happens between Jan. 20 and May 1 of next year could be the most important hundred days in recent memory.

What would you like Obama's first 100 days in office to look like? We here at AlterNet are starting a new project, a project in which we ask to hear your answer to that question. A chance for you to be heard and get your hopes for Obama's new administration published on AlterNet!

100 Words for 100 Days. Answer the question, using around 100 words. You can focus on a certain issue, or issues, that is important to you, such as health care, the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gitmo, etc. Or you can take a broader approach, describing the overall direction you'd like Obama to take the nation in in his first hundred days. Your submission can be funny, insightful, wildly out there or based in realistic policy. Whatever your thoughts, we want to hear them, but the challenge is to fit your vision into about 100 words. You can email your submissions to us at 100@AlterNet.org.

Many submissions will be published on the front page here at AlterNet, and every Friday, the best submission will be highlighted in one of our top stories. Below are some example suggestions provided by AlterNet writers and editors to get the 100 Words for 100 Days party started. Once your creative juices are flowing, you can contribute by emailing us at (in case you forgot) 100@AlterNet.org. Please include your full name if you wish to be accredited on the site … or you may submit anonymously. We look forward to hearing from you and hearing your wonderful ideas for the future.

Here's an sample contribution by an author who focused on a small-scale, yet important issue: The Obama team's mastery of technology, in hopes it will mean more government transparency once Obama's in the Oval Office:

As the first president not baffled by the Internet, Obama should expand e-government initiatives to increase government transparency. While courting Silicon Valley during his campaign, Obama said he would use online technologies to make government more open and accessible. Obama should immediately make good on his promise by expanding the range of government data easily accessible online, posting pending legislation to the White House Web site and creating tools for users to engage with their elected officials more directly.

This should be just the beginning of efforts to try and convince Americans that our government officials don't spend all their time cooking up nefarious plots to screw poor people and get the U.S. embroiled in 100 wars.

Something that many are hoping Obama will move quickly on is health care. Here's one take; what would yours be?

One of Obama's first priorities should be reforming our health care system and making coverage universally available and affordable. This change is crucial not just because our health care system is broken but because fixing it might be the single most effective step toward undermining conservative ideology. It would foster a we're-in-this-together mentality instead of a you're-on-your-own mentality. It would show the good government can do when it's run effectively. It would put an end to the "socialism" heebie-geebies. And it would honor the will of the people, who are more progressive than politicians and pundits would have us believe.

Another important subject that we're sure to hear a lot about is the economy. A stimulus package? Bailouts? What are you hoping to see from Obama in terms of fixing this incredible financial mess we're in? AlterNet editor and staff writer Joshua Holland knows what he'd like:

As a nation, we're so deep in fecal matter that it's hard to choose just one or two priorities. But after a significant stimulus package, I'd choose passing the Employee Free Choice Act -- legislation that would make union-busting by employers far more difficult than it is today. It's not a magic bullet for the labor movement, but it's an important step. And a revitalized labor movement would spill over across all sorts of other issues; 78 percent of white evangelicals went for Bush in 2004, but Kerry won by a slim margin among those who were also union members.

But you don't have to focus on just the issues -- a president's style of governing is just as important:

The most important thing can Obama do when he takes office has little to nothing to do with policy. His biggest task is to offer a new example of what it means to be a man in America. Out with the arrogant, cowboy bravado; in with a cool, collected voice of reason. Obama must shatter stereotypes about what makes a good leader. He must embody a brand of masculinity that is sensitive, collaborative and conscientious. He must imagine himself not as a man but as a conduit for change in world where half the people are women.

These are just a few examples though. We want to hear from you. 100 Words for 100 Days. Contribute your piece -- approximately 100 words in length -- today for a chance to get published on AlterNet. We look forward to hearing your wonderful plans for the not-so-distant future.

Please send all submissions to 100@AlterNet.org. Remember, please include your full name if you wish to be accredited on the site … or you may submit anonymously. We look forward to hearing from you.

Does Anyone Expect A Receptive/Responsive Obama Presidency?

Democrats Pelosi and Reid have not sought to hold the Neo-Con bandits accountable.

Why is there a belief that the CFR dominated Obama White House will be the "peoples" administration?

My expectations..

are that the Obama administration will be more responsive than the Bush administration. I'm not looking for perfection. It isn't a black or white issue with me. It is a movement in the direction of a more responsive government. And I hope the new class of representatives voted in in 2010 will be more responsive than these current folks. And I hope the media will move in that direction and I hope the next administration after the Obama administration will be more responsive than the Obama administration.

I think of it as the evolution approach. not the magic bullet approach.

conning the people of River City

Those of us free from the Matrix, already know Obama speaks with forked tongue. But there are millions still expecting substantive change. Let's hope when they receive their rude awakening, instead of making excuses, they greet this young, black Music Man with flying shoes!

"As long as the Matrix exists, the human race will never be free." - Morpheus, from The Matrix

Does Anyone Expect A Receptive/Responsive Obama Presidency?

No, I don't. I do think we can spread some TRUTH to others visiting the Alternet site.
Until they too remove our submissions.

These submissions are going to an email address

And it's real easy to hit a delete button.

Barack Obama is a psyop

Think a metrosexual Ronald Reagan, charm concealing deceit and conning a new generation out of their future.

You know the saying...when something is too good to be true....

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Big Money, Media & Politics Are Apparently Controlled

Wall Street controls our money, media and political process.

The supposedly "left" leaning media have refused to take an honest look at the strongest 9/11 information.

And Pelosi, Reid and even the retired Clinton have done nothing to aid the Patriot or 9/11 movements.

The CFR dominate this White House as they have so many before it.

Our government is a tool for private wealth consolidation and resource domination.

And our media is a social engineering tool used for generating favorable social outcomes.


Clinton even went so far as to say "How dare you?" in response to the proposition that 9/11 might be an inside job.

How dare he? The people's questions have not been answered. Obfuscation and hinderance is all we get.

I hate to say it but

I don't expect any change at all except cosmetic. Remember these politicians are tools of the NWO thugs. They do what their masters tell them to do. If they step out of line they end up like JFK. Sad but true.

At change.org, this idea in eighth place

I just received this email from change.org

We wanted to let you know that there are only 2 weeks left in the first round of the "Ideas for Change in America" competition, and your idea is in 8th place in the Civic Engagement category.

The top 3 rated ideas for each category will make it to the second round, which will be held in early January so we can announce the winners of the competition just before the Presidential Inauguration. You need 149 votes to move up to third place in Civic Engagement.

The best way to increase your votes is to email your link to friends and ask them to support your idea and pass it on. You can do this by forwarding the following link:


You can also put a badge for your idea on your blog or website by clicking on the link and grabbing the embed code on the right side of your ideas page.

Best of luck!

- The Change.org Team

What's My Vision in 100 Words for Obama's First 100 Days?

Just Nine Hundred and Eleven "Words"

911 Truth Now.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it