News from the Mary Ferrell Foundation

I hope all has been well for each and every one of you, and before we all head off for our respective holiday breaks, I want to share some big news with you.

When the MFF opened up shop in 2005, we had under a hundred thousand pages in our document archive. This past month we passed the 1.2 million page mark.

Last Friday, our project to digitize major collections of FBI Records provided by the Assassination Records and Research Center (AARC) came to a close. These records comprise more than 450,000 pages of our archive. For the complete story and collections, please check out the feature article.

I hope you will join us in 2009, as we have some exciting developments coming up, that I will be sharing as the date gets closer.

And on a personal note, thank you for the warm welcome I received with my first post. I hope to continue posting as time permits, and to share what we at the Foundation have to offer, as we continue to explore and illuminate the stories connecting those events that shape our current society.


There is a ton of interesting stuff...

at the Ferrell site. Please check it out when you have time, there is much to be learned from the research that the JFK people have done.

A brilliant and important site.

The assassinations of the 60s are really the key to understand the "gangster nature" (Michael Parenti) of this system.