Describing Bush in a Word - Incompetent

In the final year of his presidency, even as his approval rating steadily declined to historic lows, most Americans continued to say Bush's anti-terror policies deserve at least a fair amount of credit for preventing more terror attacks.

(If you don't know 9/11 was an inside job, you'd think that way)

What might have damaged Bush's legacy most was his administration's mixed record of competent governance. Between Iraq, the government's flawed relief effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and more minor missteps over the Dubai ports issue and other matters, the government "brand" deteriorated badly during the Bush years. In late April 2008, just 37% expressed a favorable view of the federal government, about half of the percentage of five years earlier (73%).

Final Judgments

In a Pew survey conducted Dec. 3-7 among 1,489 adults, the American public paints a harshly negative picture of Bush's tenure. Nearly two-thirds (64%) say his administration will be remembered more for its failures than its accomplishments, and a plurality (34%) says Bush will go down in history as a poor president. Fully 68% say they disapprove of Bush's performance and most of those -- 53% of the public -- say they disapprove strongly. That is the highest rate of strong disapproval measured by Pew surveys in Bush's eight years in office.

(Above shows there are still many Democrats living in the myth of "Clinton was a good President")

Then comes, "Describing Bush in a Word"

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