9/11 Truth at the American Citizens' Summit, Denver, Colorado February 11-15, 2009

David Ray Griffin and Cynthia McKinney are invited speakers at the upcoming American Citizens' Summit

Here is the invitation to all citizens'-


Inspired citizen leaders
Conservatives, Liberals, Greens, Independents, Libertarians
Innovators, visionaries and pioneers

Bridgebuilders, mediators, facilitators
Leaders of grassroots networks

Business and industry leaders
Be a co-founder of the

Transpartisan movement!

The Transpartisan Alliance invites you to join us February 11-15, 2009, in Denver, CO. at the American Citizens' Summit to catalyze a nationwide, transpartisan partnership among citizens, organizations and businesses seeking to empower grassroots solutions to our nation's most pressing challenges.


"A house divided against itself cannot stand"

Create a safe place to confront judgments that divide us and search for values that unite us.
Re-build bridges of trust, respect and communication and search for unlikely allies.
Create an opportunity for all agendas -- left, right, center -- to be heard, respected and valued.

Truth and reconciliation
A concise "declaration" of values, principles and priorities around which to build a transpartisan movement
Catalyze a transpartisan movement of empowered citizens focused on co-creating innovative, win/win solutions to our most pressing challenges
In the face of uncertainty, cooperation
is our call to action!

Early registration and scholarships for activists are available at http://www.transpartisan.net .

Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance will be joining with Colorado911Visibility to man a 9/11 Truth Exhibition space and presence at the conference with delegates- including Ken Jenkins, Richard Gage, AIA (whom we also hope might be able to speak), Carol Brouillet, and Fran Shure.

At the moment- there are very low priced airfares available. The Summit welcomes our issue and it would be good to have a strong presence there.

This is dynamic!! This is sooo cool!

I feel that something like this offers enormous potential!
For example: A common enemy to all the groups and activists mentioned above is the mainstream media. The mainstream media is probably the most culpable. The real issues and real information are not being broadcast. I feel that most groups could unite under a banner which states that "TV Lies".


HARD AND SOFT CONFIRMED Speakers, Presenters and Trainers

** Alumnus, Transpartisan Leadership Retreat (2004 to 2007)

* SOFT CONFIRMED -- Ron Paul, Founder, Campaign for Liberty
* SOFT CONFIRMED -- Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform **
* SOFT CONFIRMED -- Cindy Sheehan, Candidate, U.S. Congress
* HARD CONFIRMED -- Steve Bhaerman, Comedian, Department of Heartland Security
* SOFT CONFIRMED -- Marianne Williamson, Author, Healing the Soul of America
* SOFT CONFIRMED -- Cletus Kiley, President, Faith and Politics Institute
HARD CONFIRMED -- Barbara Marx Hubbard – President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution


TOPIC: Conflict

** Mark Gerzon – President, Mediators Foundation, Chief Facilitator, Congressional Bi-partisan Retreats and author of “Leading Through Conflict: How Successful Leaders Transform Conflict Into Opportunity” (Harvard Business School Press.)

TOPIC: Listening

** Peter Hwosch – Artist, filmmaker and facilitator who has been applying the tools of Compassionate Listening to deep rooted conflicts in war torn regions of Israel-Palestine and the Balkans for almost a decade. He has been documenting the unfolding political reconciliation work of Reuniting America since the Spring of 2006.


INVITED Speakers, Presenters and Trainers

* Raven Brooks, Executive Director, NetRoots Nation
* Joan Blades, Co-founder, MoveOn.org, President, MomsRising.org **
* Dave Keene, Chairman, American Conservative Union **
* Scott Heiferman, CEO, Meetup.com**
* Jackie Salit, Director, Committee for a Unified Independent Party
* Cynthia McKinney, former Presidential Candidate, Green Party
* Chuck Baldwin, former Presidential Candidate, Constitution Part
* Ralph Nader, former Independent Presidential Candidate
* Michael Ostrolenk, Founder, Liberty Coalition
* Bob Spanogle, former National Adjutant, American Legion **
* Jodie Evans, Co-founder, CodePink Women for Peace **
* Tony Zinni, former Command in Chief, US Central Command
* Melissa Stockwell, Board member, Wounded Warrior Project
* Rennie Davis, Anti-Vietnam War Protest Leader, founder, Foundation for a New Humanity
* Fred Smith, President, Competitive Enterprise Institute **
* David Keating, Executive Director, Club for Growth **
* Bob Edgar, President, Common Cause
* Naomi Wolf, Author, The End of America
* Bill Moyers, Author, Moyers on Democracy
* Richard Land, President, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention **

Wow! This could be the real "CHANGE" America needs!

"It is you who are the torch-bearers with respect to that truth.... ...Steel your spines. Inspire your children. Then when the moment is right, rise again...." W PEPPER

"INVITED" does not mean they will be there...

just that they were invited.

"Hard Confirmed" means they will.

Fantastic! I'm going, I'd

Fantastic! I'm going, I'd like to meet these speakers especially Richard Gage, I live right here in Aurora, Colorado. I've been corresponding with Richard and Ken Jenkins even lately, see you guys there. :)


GROVER FRACKING NORQUIST, one of the founders of the neo-conservative movement in this country, is on the Board of Advisors of this new "Transpartisan Movement !?!"

Hello? Can anyone hear me? There's a wolf wearing a sheepskin coat loose out among the sheep!!!

Talk about an organization starting out at the very beginning completely compromised?

Come on people, do your homework! Google "Grover Norquist" for God Sake!


Looks great!

Good luck with this great effort!

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Norquist may be sign that we've been compromised

I agree that the presence of Norquist is not a good sign, and is likely an indication that this nascent movement has already been compromised. I think it is superb that libertarians, progressives, populists, anarchists, conservatives and liberals can sit down to discuss where they diverge and where they have commonality. Yet, it also makes sense that the PTB would want to steer any potential alliances off the road before they could ever get anywhere. I believe the presence of Norquist is designed to keep progressives away, thereby keeping the truth and bipartisan movements firmly encamped to the right-of-center. Essentially, still divided, still conquered.

At the core of the rift are two visions of government: One that sees government as being run by an elite cabal (to aggregate and maintain their power) by repressing the freedom and power of the people; and another that sees government as being an instrument of the people to maintain their freedom and power by restricting the power and influence of the elite cabal. Of course, the first description is closest to what we have today, and the solution on the right is to remove government and get it out of the way. But there are those who still believe that working with government holds the best promise for changing the situation. Both camps have some compelling arguments.

I also realize that this Citizens' Summit is an effort to get beyond such divisions. But I believe we need to be smart about this. Most who have spent much time looking into our present mess will agree that the US is tightly controlled by the CFR. From there, people tend to see the CFR as being controlled by Masons, Illuminati, Bonesmen, globalists, bankers, monarchs, martians, purple-people-eaters, etc. Yet, if one looks at how the CFR is pursuing its agenda, it is clearly through global corporatization. The CFR and its various arms and legs are crowded primarily with corporate CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, and chairmen. The corporate control of our food supply, our media, armed forces, our water, our educational institutions, and even our culture and economy are all signs of how they hope to aggregate and maintain their power. Yet, this is precisely the sort of agenda that folks like Norquist advocate. Consequently, while supportive of the Summit, I am skeptical of Norquist's involvement.

If fighting against globalized corporate control is not one's radar, then I feel either the person is ill-informed or complicit in the takeover. Strange bedfellows is fine, but let's not invite our enemies under the covers at the exclusion of vast numbers of potential allies.

The right wing knows how to rebuild...

Thankfully, the Northern California 9/11 Truth and Peace collective is chock full of very savvy and very experienced people who have been at this kinda stuff for years and years. I cannot wait until we get a report back from this endeavor.

A consideration...a few things that the right wing KNOWS how to do well...

1. How to rebuild a broken party...this endeavor reminds me of the beginnings of the major rebuilding that took place in 1964 after Goldwater and the repubs lost badly and the conservative movement started over. It was a slow, 40 year claw-back into power that eventually took over this country some 20-40 years later with their highpoint being the latest Bush years...

2. How to lie, deceive, trick, fool, manipulate, convince, and otherwise make something look and sound like one thing...while it is THE EXACT OPPOSITE. IE:

...No Child Left Behind...
...Clear Skies Initiative...
...Healthy Forrest Program...
...Partial Birth Abortions...
...Tax Breaks...
...demolishing the word "liberal"...
...demonizing the word "unions"...
...this list goes on and on and on...

3. How to control and manipulate the media, books in the classroom, institutions of higher learning, getting money to churches bank accounts to do governemntals services and to vote them back into office...and of course, to control politics inside and outside the beltway. Not bad for a broken party aye?

4. How to effectively spend the HUGE sums of monies that thay have either ripped off from their control of the financial infrastructure and corporations, OR...from their hapless religious followers who, even though as poor as can be, were tricked into donating to the millionaires and billionaires who are leaders of their churches...

5. Add whatever other tricks that you want here___________here__________here_________here________here__________here_______here_______here__________here__________or here...ad infinitum...

At this stage of the game, anyone in the 9/11 Truth for Peace Movement....or anyone who is at all aware of the realities of our stolen democracy....or anyone who considers themselves a progressive, should see this event NOT as a wolf in sheep's clothing...but perhaps more appropriately....as a wolf.

I have LONG stated that the We Are Changes first served as fronts for The Ron Paul Experience and hence, conservative libertarianism [sorry for the redundency], as much as they have stood for 9/11 Truth seeking. An opportunistic lot.

I have further stated, and stand by the statement, that associating the 9/11 Truth for Peace Movement with ANY party, or ANY candidate, of ANY stripe....is a VERY BAD idea...especially any FRINGE CANDIDATES. And sadly, this problematic tree seems now to be bearing bearing fruit.

These associations are now bearing fruit for libertarians, conservatives, fringe candidates and of course, for those who deliberately drove our country off the road and into the ditch starting 44 years ago.

As amazingly savvy as most Truthers are regarding digging into and understanding this horrendous event...and discovering all the hidden connections leading to each other...and all the illegal and immoral behaviors of politicians and memmbers of the US military, The 9/11 Truth for Peace Movement is as equally politically naive' as it cannot see its own value as being FAR greater than anything FRINGE!.

The strength of the 9/11 Truth for Peace Movement is that we have a chance to inform and reengage the average citizen into becoming re-involved with their own governance by becoming more self-informed, and then finally, into giving or witholding their "informed consent" to existing governance...OR...in more plain words...

...to throw all the bums out!...and to continue to do so should they become "new" bums...

Even IF we get a new and competent investigation into the events of 9/11...and we get the outcomes that we feel should happen [showing deep governmental involvement] well, WHAT THEN?

The 60s-70s came and went and the anti-war and Peace Movements FORGOT to ask their followers and members to remain good and engaged citizens by keeping an eye out for the same criminal elements doing the same criminal acts as got the Vietnam War started. And then they went to sleep for 30-40 years. only to be bailed out by their informed and awakened grandchildren in 2008.

Due to the napping, all things war and peace got sigificantly worse because they were not engaged. Collectively they were NOT politically savvy...yet most other main movements remained awake and more effective making changes by being political by being "a-political"...only dedicated to their specific cause and not neccessarily to a candidate or to a party.

So, we have many options as a Truth Movement and here are but two...

...try and reeducate the small number of tricksters and their followers who ran this country into the ground like many of the people who will eventually show up at this obvious conservative re-convention...you know, to try to educate the uneducate-able...

...or, to spend our time on educating the "educable masses" who, in the end, are really fine caring people and are the ONLY ones who will be the power behind the significant changes that this country and world actually needs...

With one approach we waste time and become lunch for some canines...much like the "tasty" and easily devoured peace movements of the 60s-70s...or

With the other approach...CI...Civil Informationing we help citizens to become more involved with their own self governace this year than they were last year, and we end up doing wonderful work at enlightening the world...

I trust full well that the Northern California 9/11 Truth for Peace activists will discover which energy is actually at work in Colorado [not that conservatives have any interest in making that state red again...]...

...and will report back to us what was going down out there...

Good luck Northern Cali 9/11 Truth for Peace...hope I'm wrong and that your efforts are worth it.

Love, Peace and Progress...

Robin Hordon

Wolf? More like the devil's kids

Oh my. No one spotted Barbara Marx Hubbard as the wolf? Wow. She is famous for rope-a-dope schemes.

Please, I beg you to read Constance Cumbey about BMH. BMH is a major, major player in the business of infiltration and control for the occultists running the world today. Cumbey has some really choice quotes and revelations. They hate her for it, but she just reads their books back at them. Because of which the New Age bookstores have banned Cumbey from their premises.

What I see here is interesting. 9/11 truth must have galvanized enough people whom they used to control with the left/right mindtrap which they realize it's broken now, and are trying something new. What, I don't know, and probably they don't just yet, either. But for them, "crisis equals opportunity" is a famous slogan.

So although the left/right mindtrap is an impediment, I agree that this event is probably occult control/infiltration as usual.

Of course, it could be legit and BMH is just trying to "steer" or "influence" or something, not in total control. But a giant red flag is waving over this thing.

Those who stick to left/right nonsense need to understand what the real political spectrum is.

The Conference is a Sham

Previously I stated that I felt Grover Norquist's participation has compromised the integrity of this conference. Since then, I bumped into the below morsel of information that adds a bit more substance to my skepticism.

While leafing through last month's Foreign Affairs magazine published by the Council on Foreign Relations, I noted a section where it had asked various political figures to put together their ideal "Dream Teams" for the next administration. Norquist was one of those asked, and on his list he named Dov Zakheim as his "Dream Team" choice for National Security Advisor. Now, that is a very interesting choice.

If you will recall, Dov Zakheim in 2000 was Bush's foreign policy advisor and a signatory of the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) document "Rebuilding America's Defenses" that called for a catastrophic, catalyzing Pearl Harbor-type event to reshape the American mindset. After Bush took office, Zakheim was appointed as Undersecretary of Defense and as Pentagon Comptroller in May 2001. In his capacity, Zakheim oversaw all US military assets, including the 2.6 trillion dollars that was announced missing on September 10, 2001, the day before the 9-11 attack. After some accounting adjustments, Zakheim succeeded in reducing the amount to $1.2 trillion.

I suppose Norquist, the founder of Americans for Tax Reform, considers Zakheim's success as Comptroller as one more reason why he'd make such a good National Security Advisor.

Before being picked as part of the Bush administration, Zakheim was CEO of SPC International, a company that builds the Command Transmitter System, a remote control system used for planes, missiles, and other craft. The military uses the system to both guide and destroy target drone aircraft. The highly sophisticated war-game technology allows the control of several 'drones' from a remote location, on varying frequencies, and has a range of several hundred miles. This technology can be used on many different types of aircraft, including large passenger jets.

In fact, after being appointed to his Pentagon post, Zakheim brokered a deal of at least 32 Boeing 767 aircraft to be outfitted by SPC at Florida's MacDill Air Force Base.

Coincidentally, it was an SPC subsidiary, TRIDATA CORPORATION, that oversaw the investigation after the 1993 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

Zakheim now works for Booz Allen Hamilton, which has contracts with the US government for analysis of economic and defense matters. Booz Hamilton is owned by the Carlyle Group.

And Finally, Zakheim is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Is it still too much to suggest that Norquist is in their camp, and not ours?