Design of Bldg 7 -- Texas Engineer, Richard Gage, and Alex Jones on the radio.

Texas Engineer calls into the Alex Jones show and discusses with Richard Gage elements of the steel construction of Building 7. Some excellent photos of steel construction are in this short video.

Derek, a mechanical engineer familiar with aspects surrounding steel welds, states: "Engineers have an ethical responsibility to protect public health and safety. If we designed building 7 wrong, shouldn't we get many opinions on where we went we don't have more buildings falling at freefall speed from office fire?"

Derek points out that NIST has not been forthcoming with sharing building 7 construction contract documents with the public, and therefore blocking an independent Finite Element Method survey, which will solve many many mysteries which lie therein.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

North Texans for 9/11 Truth

good post, Thanks Derek and Tom for calling them on their BS.

Keep up the Truth pressure. Dr. Sham and his team failed at creating plausible deniability. It was an extremely tough assignment in the face of so much evidence that shows that WTC 7 was obviously a controlled demolition. They should have rejected the task and saved their credibility, although they may not have had the choice.

I agree ROB

The collapse of building 7 was so obviously a controlled demolition a two year old could figure it out. The whole official 9/11 story is a joke. One would have to be brain dead to believe it.

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