Jim Corr woke up and now has a website

Earlier in the year Jim Corr made some headline news and he has had a website for the last four months. It doesn't provide all the information but it does point people in the right direction.

"My name is Jim Corr. I have been studying what is referred to as the New World Order the past couple of years. I invite you to come with me on a journey, so we can attempt to get closer to what is really going on in the world today behind the movie that's presented to us via the television set. It is not my intention to cause anyone fear, indeed the opposite, for fear has been used as an effective tool to manipulate and control us for long enough. It is essential we wake ourselves and our fellow men and women up to what's actually going on in this world once we realise it, so as then, we can all move forward in a positive direction. As you will discover with a little research, the lies we’ve been told relating to for instance the current wars being played out in the middle east go way beyond the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lies.

This becomes evident when one studies 9/11. Indeed that event is the nexus doorway into the bigger picture, being the push towards global governance, the formation of an elite run totalitarian One World Government with the subjugated masses underneath."

We could do with a lot more people like him to speak out.

Link to the Website??

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site


Sorry folks


I'm a huge fan and

I'm a huge fan and absolutely thrilled to see a link to
9/11 Blogger on his friends list.

Passionate, articulate spokesman for the truth

I just came across the clip of his 10 minute radio interview from June 08, and posted it late last night on my blog. He does a good job, with an apparently completely clueless interviewer, of succinctly painting the big picture.


Thank you Jim !

You have a big set. On behalf of all good Americans ,thank you! The world needs more people like you.