I just sent the following letter to Ben Rattray, founder and CEO of change.org.

Mr. Rattray,

I am writing to inform you that on Friday, December 26th, I will be sending the following letter to President-elect Barack Obama.

Dear President-elect Obama,

It is with great sadness that I report a serious violation of free speech connected with your election. On Inauguration Day you will receive a communiqué from change.org, purporting to inform you of the will of the American people.
Change.org has invited citizens to post their ideas for change, which are then voted on, with the most popular to be formally presented to you on your first day in office.

When I first logged onto change.org on December 1st, I was thankful to see the top-rated idea, posted by Donna Marsh O’Connor, a family member who lost a loved one on September 11, 2001, was a call to fully and independently investigate the crimes of 9/11. Within hours that idea, which had more than double the votes of the second ranked suggestion, had been deleted along with scores of other posts calling for investigations into 9/11 and the Federal Reserve.

While there are many good ideas on change.org, as well as some suspiciously high-rated ones, it is clear that this endeavor does not reflect, as alleged, the true will of the American people.

When you receive this list, I hope you will remember that the number one idea would have been an urgent call to thoroughly investigate the crimes of 9/11, had change.org not decided to censor this and other suggestions, which are the true wishes of the citizens of this country. Change.org clearly has its own agenda, so I hope you will take their information with a grain of salt, if not with an investigative eye.

Sonny Knox

It is the unconscionable deletion of the suggestion submitted by 9/11 family member Donna Marsh O’Connor, along with scores of other calls for 9/11 investigations, which has led me to this point. You need to realize in no uncertain terms, that these submissions were made at your invitation, and were submitted not for your approval, but as a direct communication from a citizen to their president.

I therefore respectfully request that you restore the suggestion by Ms. O’Connor, along with the 750 votes it had received before its wrongful deletion. If this is done there will be no need to write to Mr. Obama. If not, I can assure you that scores, if not hundreds of like-minded letters will find their way to the President-elect.

Sonny Knox

P.S.: Ms. O’Connor’s post was originally found here:


Should Donna Marsh O'Connor's submission not re-appear by Friday, I will be sending my letter to the President-elect. I hope many of you will do the same.

Well-said! I am with you

Well-said! I am with you 100% on this one.

JFK on secrecy and the press

Very well said!

It will probably fall on deaf ears though. Though change.org might be technically grass roots, I get the impression that many of the people who are working for them are white-collar citizens, and as someone else said on the main thread here, they were probably some people who were sweating their corporate asses off at the sight of 9/11 truth on their doorstep.

Here's what I predict change.org will say

if they write you at all (Let's see how accurate I end up being):

Dear Sonny,

You incorrectly said that we are connected with Obama's election. We are an independent grassroots organization not connected with the Obama team and we reserve the right to refuse ideas which are outside the scope of our vision for change.


Ben "The Coward" Rattray

Well said

I'll be sending one of these letters myself. Change.org is busy undermining the credibility of the Obama administration before they even take office. Deleting 9/11 posts will not make the 9/11 Truth Movement go away.