Ottawafro's 9/11 Truth and Conspiracy Store

I recently made an ONLINE activism store at I made a number of products concerning 9/11 Truth, SPP and NWO.
I made this activism gear for myself, it has helped me find my voice and get off the computer and get involved.

Ottawafro's 9/11 Truth and Conspiracy Store

I will be updating this store with more products regularly.


I particularly like the "conspiracy theorist" T shirt

I've been looking for something like that. We need to reclaim the term "conspiracy theorist" as a badge of honor. Got any bumper stickers that say that?


......but i also think it's sad that it happened to us , and yet the topic is not taboo in other countries as it is here.
It makes me sick to think Americans are this stupid, lazy, or blind as to turning our heads and letting this massive corruption in our media , and government continue.
I hope i am wrong when i say we will pay dearly for our lack of involvement.
Don't get me wrong. I am not speaking to those of us here at 9/11 blogger.
With the massive fraud , and failures on wall st. coupled with decades of government waste, and
and outright theft on the American taxpayer. And the biggest fraud of all . The unfed no reserve bank.
When we are jobless, and our families are hungry and in the streets only then will Americans unite.
The irony of this is that Americans could, and should have stopped this long before we let it get this far.
And i know i will find no comfort in saying ......I told you so.