Cincinnati 9/11 Truth / WeAreCHANGE Ohio public access TV show Episode 4

Taped Dec. 22, 2008. My first appearance on the show. I am the one at the far left with the Investigate 9/11 sweater. We eased the audience in with the financial crisis, which led to discussion of the Fed, which then segued into false flag terrorism, and finally 9/11. We figured it would be more effective than hitting the audience hard with 9/11 stuff from the get-go.

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Very cool Adam.

From the grassroots and on up. Good to see you take the initiative.

Nice job

Lotta detail. If you have a time slot on Public Access, will you be doing this kind of round table talk again? Can your techies add photos or Power Point to the presentation? Good work, man. Keep it up.

Yes, there will be more

We have a regular time slot and this 4th edition will be followed by a 5th, etc. Our techie is learning as quickly as possible and would like to be able to provide visual & audio assistance. What is possible will depend on the facilities available. Thanks for the kudos!

Vincit Omnia Veritas

Molten metal was only under the buildings that collapsed

One of the panel members was trying to make a point about molten metal under WTC 7 and said it wasn't under other buildings, and then said well some of them.

I think he was trying to make the point, but couldn't quite get the thought right, that the molten metal was ONLY under those buildings that collapsed, which of course were the two towers and WTC 7. The second part of the point is that there were other buildings like WTC 5 and 6 which had been burning fiercely and were heavily damaged by debris but did not collapse to the ground and did not have molten metal under them.

Additionally, the NASA and NOAA infrared imagery ONLY shows the hot spots under the two towers and WTC 7.

Awesome approach !

..........I always like to tell those that i am trying to inform. Don't take my word for it. Look for yourself..
Followed up with. Don't know, or don't want to know?
To sum it up. The unfed , and our controlled media is the biggest problem we have in our country.
I always laugh when i hear people arguing republican or democrat. I tell then we have the best politicians money can buy.
Time is running out. When your family is hungry and in the streets it will be to late.
The irony of this is we should have never let it get this far. I am sure i am like most when i say i always thought our government was corrupt, since seeing the JFK cover-up. Only the government had the power to do this.
Americans have no excuse now with the internet. It woke me up to many issues i was unaware of.
It blows my mind that people refuse to look, or those that do say ..............Well what can i do?
PASS IT ON !!!! Tell all your friends , and family ! Tell them to pass it on!
Great job guys. I would like to see these groups hit the college campuses.
Power in numbers. Organize! Then approach your professors, and get them on video.
My son just graduated last year , and ALL of his professors didn't know the Fed was private!
This is a higher degree of learning?.............Ok i am starting to ramble and get pissed.

9/11 in one word.............

.........OBVIOUS !...........Come on America wake up !

Well Done!

I'm very proud of my peeps!

Vincit Omnia Veritas

At this juncture ...

I would like to suggest that WAC focus the parallels of 9/11 to the financial robbery. People who are in denial to 9/11 cannot deny what is happening in our treasury. And this round table video is a good start (I only watched the first one so far).

In fact, the exact same MO technique is being used by the treasury dept. as administration used on 9/11. The exact same shock methods, lies all year that the economy is sound even earlier in the spring, summer and fall, with Bear Sterns and Lehman Bros. collapse. Then when AIG, Freddie&Fannie started to unfold they could no longer hid the truth and the banking community was made to consolidate with those with the most connections like GS, BofA and Citi.

Problem, action, solution. Their desired solution is to circumvent congress thereby the constitution and allow the Fed to just print money to collapse the dollar. Everything that is being done now will result in the destruction of the dollar and need for a world currency.

Congress was held hostage with coercive threats of a crisis to pass a bailout without any accountability (just like the tactics to get the Patriot Act passed) even when MSM and Congress request documents they are told to F-off, the puppets are only given info on a need-to-know basis.

The financial collapse and the government's actions to it are waking those that have been in denial and they are awaking fast and are very angry. The two events are connected just look at the opts and the same cartels behind it.


Don't stop. Keep doing it. You will only get better and better.

With you in solidarity,
WeAreChangeLA -