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December 24, 2008 - Bush Insider Killed * Upside Down

"Fear and religion. Religion and fear.
The two are historically entwined. The catalysts
for most of the atrocities committed by man.
Fear of evil fuels religion, religion fuels hatred,
hatred fuels evil, and evil fuels fear among the masses.
It is a diabolical cycle, and we have played into the Devil's hand."

- Julius Gabriel

1) Dark Transition Phases – Will Justice See the Light?
- - Bush Insider Who Planned To Tell All Killed
- - Career Army Specialist sues Rumsfeld, Cheney
- - Entrapment? Five convicted in Ft. Dix plot
- - CBS News: Did Contractor Expose Troops To Toxin?
- - Brainwashing and UNESCO Global Education System
- - Semantic Trickery Will Continue Occupation of Iraq
- - McClellan: "Pres. Bush Outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame"
- - The Bush Family of Secrets -- The Bush Dynasty
- - Charlie Rose interview with Sean Penn
- - Design of WTC-7 - engineer malfunction?
2) Inaugurate Yourself tour with Sander Hicks
3) Leonard Peltier – Mumia – Lori – freedom calling
- - President-elect Barack Obama on Leonard Peltier
- - Oglala Pine Ridge winter emergency support
- - Upside Down World - Lori speaks out of prison
- - White Christmas poem by Jonathan Mark

“Brainwashing is a system of befogging the brain
so a person can be seduced into acceptance of what
otherwise would be abhorrent to him. He loses touch
with reality. Facts and fancy whirl round and change places…
However, in order to prevent people from recognizing the
inherent evils in brainwashing, the Reds pretend that it is
only another name for something already very familiar
and of unquestioned respect, such as education or reform.”

-- Edward Hunter,
Brainwashing (New York, Pyramid Books, 1956, pages 185-186).

Editor’s Notes:

Fear, religion, education-brainwashing, allow the best of people to slip away from reality; but it is catching up to us, no matter how fast we run from the truth. Like Paul Wellstone, Bush insider IT expert, Michael Connell, fell from the sky. Following the original newswire article are links to other resources on this case. This first item is a walk on the dark side; like the last days of (P)resident George Bush’s administration. And on their heels is a lawsuit that was filed by a Career Army Specialist, April Gallop, on Rumsfeld, Cheney, regarding their giving no evacuation order on 9/11 at the Pentagon. Both the plaintiff and her attorney, William Veale, were in the documentary by Michael Berger: Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of Our Republic. Most news is recycled, but it is not just going on in circles, but spiraling.

NY Times best-selling author Steve Alten is working on a major rewrite of The SHELL GAME for the mass market paperback, which would place Obama in the White House when the next 911 hits in 2012. This riveting cautionary tale could be released in September 2009 to coincide with the 8th anniversary, and in support for NYC campaigns for a new investigation. Alten plans to add special pages in the book for 9/11 truth resources that support the paperback. On the last Wednesday of each month I facilitate an hour teleconference for leaders in the 9/11 truth community. In January we plan to hear updates and Q&A with Richard Gage, Les Jamieson, Sander Hicks, Steve Alten, and others. We will learn about their projects, but also discuss how we can unite them to be more effective. Other truth leaders and representatives of truther groups are welcome to contact me to participate. Uniting the truth movement for mainstream awakening is key for the truth to set us free.

Item 2 is on an initiative by Sander Hicks called “Inaugurate Yourself.” Sander is traveling across the USA from January 10 to Washington DC for the inauguration on January 20th. Please check his schedule and let him know if you can help. Sander is also checking college venues in NYC for a major 9/11 event on the weekend of September 11, 2009. Please pass the word on this forum that would also be out in the streets in support of a YES referendum vote November 2009 for a real 9/11 investigation. The power of the people cannot be denied forever. Communication systems and outright lies have produced a tsunami of information that can counter the affects of brainwashing by our political leaders, education-pharmacy reforms, and the mainstream media. It will not be easy, but with people like Richard Gage, architects and engineers questioning the official report, we have a chance. Please send any architects and engineers you can contact and send them to

The articles in item 3 are important to touch upon where holidays are most painful. My friend, Jehan Abdur-Raheem sent this quote with his last letter: “If you make friends with pain, you have a friend for life.” He was denied for the fifth time, parole. If anyone wants to consider supporting him, I would welcome sending you a hard copy of his letter that includes where you can write in support of his appeal. In this issue, item 3 includes an open letter by Harvey Arden to President-elect Obama to free Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal. Also, note the following on an emergency situation in the Pine Ridge Reservation. Completing this issue is an article from Peru and interview with political prisoner, Lori Berenson, who answers questions about life in prison, Peruvian and international politics, and activism. Please help make miracles happen in 2009, turn the world into a better place for all our relations. Mitakuye Oyasin.

"The most beautiful experience we can have
is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion
that stands at the cradle of true art and true science."

-- Albert Einstein

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December 24, 2008 - Bush Insider Killed * Upside Down

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On-scene Video: Crash of Mike Connell's aircraft

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On-scene Video: Crash of Mike Connell's aircraft