New Discoveries Prove Lies and Deception by Britian and America and the sinking of the Lusitania

Secret of the Lusitania: Arms find challenges Allied claims it was solely a passenger ship
By Sam Greenhill
Mail Online

Her sinking with the loss of almost 1,200 lives caused such outrage that it propelled the U.S. into the First World War.

But now divers have revealed a dark secret about the cargo carried by the Lusitania on its final journey in May 1915.

Munitions they found in the hold suggest that the Germans had been right all along in claiming the ship was carrying war materials and was a legitimate military target.

The Cunard vessel, steaming from New York to Liverpool, was sunk eight miles off the Irish coast by a U-boat.

Maintaining that the Lusitania was solely a passenger vessel, the British quickly accused the 'Pirate Hun' of
slaughtering civilians.

The disaster was used to whip up anti-German anger, especially in the U.S., where 128 of the 1,198 victims came from.

A hundred of the dead were children, many of them under two.

Robert Lansing, the U.S. secretary of state, later wrote that the sinking gave him the 'conviction we would ultimately become the ally of Britain'.

Americans were even told, falsely, that German children were given a day off school to celebrate the sinking of the Lusitania.

The disaster inspired a multitude of recruitment posters demanding vengeance for the victims.

One, famously showing a young mother slipping below the waves with her baby, carried the simple slogan 'Enlist'.

Two years later, the Americans joined the Allies as an associated power - a decision that turned the war decisively against Germany.

The diving team estimates that around four million rounds of U.S.-manufactured Remington .303 bullets lie in the Lusitania's hold at a depth of 300ft.

The Germans had insisted the Lusitania - the fastest liner in the North Atlantic - was being used as a weapons ship to break the blockade Berlin had been trying to impose around Britain since the outbreak of hostilities in August 1914.

Winston Churchill, who was first Lord of the Admiralty and has long been suspected of knowing more about the circumstances of the attack than he let on in public, wrote in a confidential letter shortly before the sinking that some German submarine attacks were to be welcomed.

He said: 'It is most important to attract neutral shipping to our shores, in the hope especially of embroiling the U.S. with Germany.

'For our part we want the traffic - the more the better and if some of it gets into trouble, better still.'

Hampton Sides, a writer with Men's Vogue in the U.S., witnessed the divers' discovery.

He said: 'They are bullets that were expressly manufactured to kill Germans in World War I - bullets that British officials in Whitehall, and American officials in Washington, have long denied were aboard the Lusitania.'

The discovery may help explain why the 787ft Lusitania sank within 18 minutes of a single German torpedo slamming into its hull.

Some of the 764 survivors reported a second explosion which might have been munitions going off.

Gregg Bemis, an American businessman who owns the rights to the wreck and is funding its exploration, said: 'Those four million rounds of .303s were not just some private hunter's stash.

'Now that we've found it, the British can't deny any more that there was ammunition on board. That raises the question of what else was on board.

'There were literally tons and tons of stuff stored in unrefrigerated cargo holds that were dubiously marked cheese, butter and oysters.

'I've always felt there were some significant high explosives in the holds - shells, powder, gun cotton - that were set off by the torpedo and the inflow of water. That's what sank the ship.'

Mr Bemis is planning to commission further dives next year in a full-scale forensic examination of the wreck off County Cork.

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War is a Racket, again

I first read about this ship carrying weapons 20 years ago. It was one of those Discovery programs, where the divers reached the ship and noticed that the bow was blown out. The extreme weapons of Earth`s nations is a symbol of Human Failure

The sinking of Lusitania to ravage British and American treasuri

The sinking of Lusitania to ravage British and American treasuries 15.12.2008 Source: Pravda.Ru

Divers made a sensational discovery during the examination of the Lusitania ocean liner which sank in 1915. They confirmed the version, according to which Britain and the USA used civil passenger vessels to smuggle arms, jeopardizing the lives of thousands of civilians. The passengers of the liner were virtually used as the human shield in the event the liner was going to be attacked by the German navy.

The divers found war supplies on board the Lusitania liner, which sank on May 7, 1915 off the coast of Ireland. Most of the passengers – 1,198 people, including 139 American citizens – were killed in the tragedy. The event, which the media described as the largest military crime in history, sparked numerous protests in the world and had the USA involved in WWI.

Europe found itself in the middle of an arms race on the threshold of WWI. Great Britain tried to mislead the enemy regarding its military power. The country was building both conventional and reserve battleships that were guised under civil vessels. The latter included large ocean liners, which Britain planned to use within the structure of its navy in case of necessity. The 31,000-tonnage Lusitania was one of the largest ships of that time.

Indeed, cannon platforms and ammunition hoists were mounted on the Lusitania and other vessels of the type as soon as the war broke out. However, Britain was forced to give up the original idea of their usage because of the fear of the ‘newest German weapon’ – submarines, for which a large ocean liner was a very good target. Once mobilized for military purposes, the Lusitania became a plain, albeit a huge, passenger ocean liner again.

The British industry found itself not ready for the world war and was unable to meet the demands of the nation’s defense industry. The ocean liners were eventually used as contraband ships. The Lusitania sailed on her deadly voyage from New York to Liverpool on May 1, 1915. A German U-20 submarine torpedoed the liner a week later.

The German media immediately wrote that there were explosive substances and military hardware on board the liner. Britain and the United States rejected the affirmation.

Needless to say that the truth about the ocean liner would have remained a mystery for it was extremely difficult to submerge at the depth of over 100 meters, where the Lusitania was resting. Things have changed nowadays. It turned out that the ship was carrying many cases of Remington bullets.


So they're saying that...

The U.S. and Britain lied when they claimed "the Lusitania was solely a passenger vessel" because it was carrying, "four million rounds of .303s," and probably more explosives which might explain how the Lusitania sank "within 18 minutes of a single German torpedo slamming into its hull." Then they used the disaster "to whip up anti-German anger" by telling Americans, falsely, "that German children were given a day off school to celebrate the sinking of the Lusitania," and by using "a multitude of recruitment posters demanding vengeance for the victims." "One, famously showing a young mother slipping below the waves with her baby, carried the simple slogan 'Enlist'."

Hmmmm... this reminds me of something, but I can't quite place it.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Those who do NOT learn from History

are Doomed to Repeat it again.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Not to mention...

the fact that there was a lot of American support for Hitler in the years before WWII, totally ignoring his crimes until he went "too far" and became one in a long line of "Boogeymen". Sounds familiar too, huh?

I am certain

"Tim Osman" - oops Osama Bin Laden can relate to that.

BTW Michael , this is a very good post that gives good historial references for long running false flag terror events or Provocateured events.

Your site and radio show is good material and useful tools to wake up and inform people who are new to this type of thing.

Much of our Activism involves Education and the Important Lessons of History (understood in Truth) are vital Tools for our efforts.

Keep up the good work.

Perhaps we should have a section on 911 Blogger for historical data on false flag events be it terror or war based events.

The list is exhaustive, if anybody has the time perhaps a detailed log of historical false flag engineered events for political / war purposes can be compiled.

From Nero to 911.... the list is long...

Such material should be mandatory reading in History Classes Everywhere.

Our Future is also built in the classrooms our kids are attending.

Its high time we remove the propoganda and lies being fed to us and our children.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it