911 hijacker's uncles said to work for Mossad

An article re a 911 hijacker's relatives involved in espionage has appeared in muslimedia.com, which I've never heard of. The article is without attribution, so at present it would be well to take it with a grain of salt.

Perhaps somebody with time on their hands can try and check it out.


Last month the Lebanese army smashed an Israeli spy ring and discovered something that may have far reaching implications for another terrorist operation: the 9/11 attacks on the US. Two brothers, Ali and Youssef al-Jarrah, operating in Jlela region of the Beqaa Valley near the Syrian border, were found in possession of spying equipment while operating under the cover of the National Association for Medical Services and Vocational Training and claiming to run a humanitarian mission. Ali and Youssef al-Jarrah happen to be uncles of Ziad al-Jarrah, one of the hijackers of the 9/11 planes.


Just read through the first comments by our debunker-friends:

"Yes, a post from a site called muslim-edia alleges the 911 MUSLIM Terrorists, had connections to Israeli Mossad."

"News sources in the Middle East are not exactly unbiased when it comes to Israel."

The last one can be translated to "Members of the JREF are not exactly unbiased when it comes to 9/11". Lol.

Maybe our friends from the research-elite should have checked out the issue before making such comments, since then they would have known that Israeli news-outlets reported it first and it would have prevented them from revealing their racism towards muslims/arabs.

This has been covered...

...in Lebanese and Israeli news-outlets at the beginning of November 2008. (There
was also a post about it here on 911blogger).

I've had a look into this two months ago, so I can tell you that it has been confirmed that the two brothers Ali D. Jarrah and Yussef Jarrah were spying for Israel and that they are relatives
of alleged 9/11-hijacker Ziad Jarrah. All three come from Marji, a small town with 15.000 inhabitants. Marji is divided into 58 families - one of them are the Jarrahs:


The article on Muslimmedia is the first one explicity stating the degree of relationsship:
that Ali and Yussef are uncles of Ziad. It would be good to know the source for this, since
no other report stated that they are Ziad's uncles.
One report even states that they're just remote relatives, but this seems to rely solely
on the speculation of the author (see latimesblog-article).







There was also a report on an Israeli TV-Channel. Watch it here:

If the information given by Muslimmdedia is correct, and they were indeed Ziad's uncles, then this
would mean that one of the alleged 9/11-pilots was in contact with Mossad agents, since
there is no way that they did not know each other if Ziad was their nephew.

But even if they weren't, given that Ziad grew up in Marji, and that Marji has only 15.000 inhabitants, there's a high chance that they ran into each other a few times.