Unusual Video View of Twin Towers and Building 7 on 9/11

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found this video on: http://www.garagetv.be/video-galerij/bartvanbelle/unseen_footage_9_11.aspx?utm_source=GTVPlayer-&utm_medium=LopendFilmpjeE...

Sorry if this is a repost. Perhaps some closer detail of Building 7 can be useful.

Dutch Youtube.

This seems to be a Dutch version of Youtube. Using my rudimentary understanding of Dutch (and Babel Fish) it seems the comments on this video are favorable and people not above questioning the conventional wisdom/original conspiracy theory.

Here is a rough translation of one comment:
"Slobodan Milosevic and other world leaders are tried in The Hague but America, the most belligerent country, that is involved in every conflict in Iraq, Pakistan. Darfur, Bosnia etc and even Iran, are left in peace (above reproach?) Thus I can believe that the devil Bush has used the death of his own people to engage in a war for power and oil, but he will never be tried for that. No. forget about that!"

As can be expected there are the typical debunker videos there as well. It seems the power of denial is universal and, being of Dutch background this doesn't surprise me at all. We can tend to be a little stubborn and close minded. (Not me of course:-))

Puff of white smoke and streamer

This may be nothing but I wanted to point it out so that others can take a look if they hadn't seen it.

Look at about 5:20 in the video when something comes out of the north tower from the area of aircraft impact. It has white smoke trailing off it and you can see it falling away from the tower with the white smoke trailing away like a streamer.


This too may be something big

notice that you hear an explosion right before the white streamer. The actual sound of the explosion takes longer than the image to reach the cam so it is heard about 1/2 second after the initial start of the white streamer...

That white streamer may be a fire extinguisher or some other sealed container blowing up from the heat/pressure build up...

It might ALSO be a thermite shape charge falling out of the building and burning up on the way down...

Whatever it is, it pops loud and has white smoke. Thermite has white smoke.

Great picture of the

Great picture of the truck


whoever filmed this knew what was going on.

the short slowed down clip of the above truck had a David Lynch feel about it.

A garbage truck with "Manhattan Demolition" written on it?

First I've heard of this. What's the deal with them?

Here's a photo of the same or similar truck: http://www.pbase.com/hjsteed/image/56542907

The telephone number on the truck in the photo is: 718 361 0397

I just tried dialing the number, and it just rang - no voicemail, unless you have a mailbox on the system. However, I called from Skype - sometimes phone systems don't handle Skype like a normal phone.


only mentioned in one comment on 911blogger.com, previously

I did a google search with:

"manhattan demolition" site:911blogger.com

and got exactly 1 hit. This doesn't seem to have gotten serious attention, before.


google the phone number:

google the phone number: 718 361 0397

A lot comes up including a 2007 9/11 Truther discussion of same.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

I would suggest renaming this thread to mention the truck

E.g., "unusual video of WTC and "manhattan demolition" garbage truck on 911"



IT LOOKS LIKE IT SAYS "RADIO DISPATCHED" ON THE SIDE! (I.E. DETONATED BY RADIO NOT DET-CORD!) Edit: And to think about this further, how much explosive demolition using wireless radio actually goes on in Manhattan? And if this is just the weird coincidence that it portably is, here’s proof buildings were being demolished using radio sequencing on and before 9/11, so it shoots down the “debunker” argument about all the “miles of det-cord” that would’ve had to have been used:

Also here's the driver as mentioned by Lucus, I guess this is like a side profile mugshot:



Radio sequencing firworks the same??? I think so.

Speaking of radio sequencing demolition, if you watch the sequenced fireworks displays around the world at the New Years celebration, they obviously had to be radio controlled. It doesn't take a great stretch to imagine to see that if it's possible to radio sequence fireworks across the whole city, the technology would be the same with controlled demolition, only more manageable because of the smaller area.
Think about it.
BTW I wouldn't go so far out on a limb as to suggest "radio dispatch" indicated radio sequencing. It's a real stretch. Even speculating the garbage truck is suspicious is a bit of a stretch for me (although nothing would surprise me anymore.)

Yea, could be "radio

Yea, could be "radio dispatched" as in radio dispatched taxis and stuff, thats true.

Surely it has to be "radio

Surely it has to be "radio dispatched" as in remote controlled demolition. Wrecking crews driving around the city responding on-the-fly to demolition requests is absurd.
Another curious parallel to the July 7th London Underground bombings: Kingstar Van photographed beside the bombed bus.
Kingstar offer "Client sensitive...remote controlled...robotic demolition...in confined spaces...from a safe distance."

beyond absurd

"Wrecking crews driving around the city responding on-the-fly to demolition requests is absurd."

No, it's not absurd. It's beyond absurd. Waaaaaaaaaay beyond absurd.

EVERYTHING about this whole 9/11 thing is absurd. How about that plane "in Shanksville" finding a soft enough spot to swallow it up enitirely?

I don't want to read too

I don't want to read too much into things like this, but it's a pretty sick coincidence as well that this poster for a movie called "The Decent" was on the 7/7 bus:

Yea...after the

$20 9/11 thing, I put nothing past these freaks to do weird stuff.

The Fed res would even go as far as putting Kennedy on the 1/2 dollar, a coin never used...Probably to be symbolic of the fact he only got 1/2 way there...who knows, but they put Wilson on the $100,000 bill that can only be legally traded between the elites.

Also, in the Kennedy 1/2 dollar they reduced the silver content down to near worthlessness. It is obvious thay certain people like to be symbolic...Who knows what's going through their mad scientist brains

Yea, I think they have mad

Yea, I recon they have mad scientists working for them and sane ones as well who are forced to work, but I think right at the top the nutjobs are into occult garbage with all the crap they do at Skull & Bones etc.

Have you seen the video

Have you seen the video where they draw lines through all the cities that have had events over the past years and it forms the masonic symbol?
Waco... Oklahoma City... Shanksville... Pentagon... NYC....
Together in Truth!

I've only seen a few good

I've only seen a few good documentaries about Freemasons/Secret Societies like:

Secret Mysteries of America s Beginnings 1: The New Atlantis


Riddles in stone - Secret Architechture of Washington D.C.

A lot of the other ones I've seen on Youtube etc have been either just goofy and ridiculous like UFO/Alien stuff or really bizarre with all sorts of headache inducing flashing imagery on the screen, a lot like Nico Haupt's "video mashups" - so basically just really weird garbage that makes people not want to know anymore about the subject. I do recommend the two videos above though, very good info in my opinion.

I found this interesting

Together in Truth!

There is a chance this video is

huge smoking gun. If the owner(s) of the demolition company and it's financing can be traced it may lead to a pot o' gold. If you look into these people and their dealings in the stock market and funding can tell a lot. Hopefully someone will do so. I work so much I have little time anymore to do heavy research.

This video may very well be a major component of the huge billion pice jigsaw puzzle we are trying to put together.

And Cheney call this his

And Cheney calls this his "Highest Moment" over the last 8 years? Yea, what a highpoint.


I can see

I watch this video and I think of the crude video of Saddam being executed ... Death by Hanging....

I can understand what many of the Iraqi people felt when they knew that he was dead. I imagine that Saddam still had the admiration and support of at least 10% of his people.

I look at Cheney and wonder.... I wonder how we will feel.... When we watch this man fall in High Def!
Together in Truth!

The source of the video is

The source of the video is found on this page: http://roguestatus.com/blog/?paged=2 scroll through the bar at the side, to "Nine Eleven" someone first found this over a year ago, on the Loose Change forum, this page was the source. You may have to click on "previous entries" to find it. I have the download of the full 76 megabyte flash video up here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7L898SLK The original thread is here on the old Loose Change Forum: http://z10.invisionfree.com/Loose_Change_Forum/index.php?showtopic=16392 Including a reply from a user calling themself Rogue Status claiming to be the video's editor, and his comments about the video.

How can I get a copy?

How do I get a copy? Thanks. (I tried the links in your post, and couldn't get anywhere).
The rougestatus cut to a skateboarder half-way through.

Massive WTC1 explosions at 6:19!

This is the best evidence yet of planted explosives specifically going off within the North Tower at the moment the South Tower is struck. You may remember seeing explosive activity like this on other clips, but just check out the 6:19 mark in this new video. The shot is not very long, but if what you see is not evidence of massive explosions timed to go off in WTC1 just as WTC2 is hit, I don't know what is.

3 tasks 1) Find the original

3 tasks
1) Find the original footage/poster
2) Do a detail close-up analysis of building 7 as seen in the video
3) Do a detailed sound analysis at the point mentioned by nobodyparticular.

The photographers

The photographers, brothers Jeff and Scott Such (spelling?) appeared early in the morning of September 12th on CBS at 3:50 am. You can grab the CBS news clip with the interview and portions of their footage here: http://xenomorph.s3.amazonaws.com/CBS-9-12-350am.avi Right-click and save to download.

Nice how CBS edited out the WTC1 explosions

It was interesting to see a segment of this footage in the CBS report, from the moment of the WTC2 impact, but edited just late enough to avoid seeing the clear explosions at 6:19! Just a co-incidence I guess..

The explosions actually precede the impact sound

After watching it again and listening carefully, it's clear the visible explosions erupting from the North Tower actually start happening about one second BEFORE the audible crash of the plane hitting the South Tower.. if anyone has a plausible explanation for what we are seeing in the North Tower at 6:19 besides internal explosives, please post it here.


The apparent squibs from the east side of WTC1 can be seen a moment before we hear the WTC2 jet collision/explosion.
This lapse is expected as we see before we hear (i.e. the event has already happened). My thought is that this fuel-air
explosion created a vacuum drawing air/smoke from all directions including from WTC1. I would agree but for the lack
of squibs on the north side of WTC1 simultaneous to this..

We should be cautious, but good find/eye anyway. I'm still open to other input, but that's my initial thought.

Aircraft debris follows through South tower and lands Church St.

Isn't the initial 'bang' just the South tower being hit? The later noises could be caused by debris raining down near the camera (on Church Street I guess?)?

OK...let's REWORD this to be "Politically Correct"

The driver of the demolition truck can be seen at 9:23.

The driver of the truck has a particular facial feature that can be seen by the silhouette of his profile as he drives by.


Some people took what I said the wrong way and deleted my post.

I can understand why...sort of, but, then again not.

Regardless...This is the updated, softened up version of my other post.

Dude I like your

Dude I like your contribution to 9/11 truth, but you said "I HATE TO GO THERE" and then talked about the size of the guy's nose! There's nothing risqué or judgemental about identifying characteristics and silhouettes of people, but there is about suggesting he was Jewish because of it. What you said only makes sense in one context.

If your wife is raped

by a man and the police take a report...when the police ask you what "race" he was, are you going to clam up in fear of offending caucasions because the man was white?

So...why, is it in ANY WAY offesive to someone to state a fact about a video that shows that a person could either be middle eastern or from some other country in that region?

So...you think it is a good thing to limit clues in fear of offending someone?

For all we know it could have been the ghost of JP Morgan...he had a huge snozola..Or maybe Al from happy Days....My point is that is this...

Where do we put a limit on it? What is an acceptable level? Looking at it from this stance it would be politically incorrect to even bring up the words black, white, chinese, or whatever in any converstion because it would signify differences in people.

I am by far not racist in any way...but, how come I have been made to feel like I am for any, and I repeat any criticism of Israel, their policies, their government, or their treatment of others?

People can slander Iraqis, Pakis, Afghanis, Poles, Russians, Germans, and anyone else on the planet 24/7...The first sign that anyone suggests that their may have been Israeli involvement in something nefarious people start jumping on the defense.

Those Israelis caught video taping and arrested and deported...They said they were here to "Document the event"...so, why in the hell is it out the realm of possiblity that the demolition driver may ALSO be from the same place the "EVENT DOCUMENTERS" came from?

Stop trying to paint me as something I am not...It's unwarrented, unrealistic, unsubstanciated, and frankly, just plain bullshit.

Forget nationalities - focus on the individuals

If the demo company had 3 drivers downtown that day - then the siloutte would probably match one of the 3 better than the other two.

That's about it.

Without reading any comments

Without reading any comments here yet . . . these are my impressions:

1. Intense, real & quite excellent "raw" footage.

2. What is the thing on the corner of the tower, up along the lower part of the fires - never noticed it before in any video or movie. It looks like a large vent-like attachment. Just curious.

3. Right after the obvious explosions are heard, the millions of pieces of paper begin to fill the sky, and not before.

4. The orange/red "Manhattan Demolition" truck - wild. "Radio dispatched" - Never saw it before. CIA or Mossad cover. Looks like it was just FRESHLY painted. : )

5. Amazing view of WTC1, 2 & 7 at 9:08

Now, off to read all of the other comments.


There is no real home page on the web for such a company, but one of the google results does suggest that the company does exist:


and here....seems to be a small company..

further detail of this Manhattan Demolition company...


Pretty Nice Equipment

That truck looked brand new.... they must do very well.

Most demo companies that I have ever seen drop a dumpster on site and never known one to be radio dispatched??

"Unit 9... we have an emergency demolition.... Let's roll!!!"

That is a curious truck... I would like to know what they do and how they do it
Together in Truth!

Telephone number is different

The telephone number for Giacomo Bordone of Manhattan demolition in the excel spreadsheet is
7183610369. However, the telephone number on the truck is 718 361 0397. Bordone is the "permitee". The owner, however, is Simon Wong, whose telephone number is 2122265522.

I suppose it can't hurt to call them, but of course, if they're involved in nefarious activities, we can expect that will make some misleading statement. OTOH, if there is a perfectly legitimate reason for this truck to be near GZ on 911, we probably wouldn't be able to distinguish this case from the other one.

This is the problem when you can't trust your own government to do a serious investigation. State power has a much better chance to forcing the truth out, whereas those without state power we cannot force anything. But when the state itself is corrupt?

Noam Chomsky, when describing subtle methods of control in academia, journalism, etc. in the book Understanding Power ( p. 242):

Alright, all of these are subtle forms of control, with the effect of preventing serious insight into the way that power actually works in the society. And it makes very good sense for a system to be set up like that: powerful institutions don't want to be investigated, obviously. Why would they? They don't want the public to know how they work - maybe the people inside them understand how they work, but they don't want anybody else to know, because that would threaten and undermine their power. So one should expect the institutions to function in such a way as to protect themselves - and some of the ways in which they protect themselves are by various subtle techniques of ideological control like these.


Window Washers

At 4:00 you can see a person falling... it appears that a squib went off just as that person passed the side of the building. When the camera pans back up you can see the smoke from that squib pass by the building. This is so disturbing to watch.

At 6:30 to 6:33 there is something sizable falling straight down off of WTC 7.... Right after the sound of the explosion which was supposed to be masked by the second plane.... the camera man gets rocked to the left which seems to be coming from the direction of WTC 7.

Has anyone seen the window washers on this side of WTC 7? You can see them again in this video. All the footage I have seen, from this side, has clearly shown the window washers moving up the side of the building. They are peeping through the windows at the highest levels of the building.

If they survived that day then they had to do it from the top of the building. The washing scaffolding docks there. They would have to take either an elevator or use a stairway. Possibly a service stair or freight elevator. They would have been a pretty good witness to any explosions, death or destruction..

Or.... they didn't survive that day and their families assume that they were in WTC 1 or WTC 2. If this is the case and they died in WTC 7 then their deaths would need to be questioned and investigated.

Together in Truth!

object on building corner?

I wondered about the object on the corner of the tower - it looks like an exterior building maintenance / window cleaner's hoist. Interestingly, it seems to be at the same level as the impact site.

Maybe emergency services were using the hoist to try to rescue people after the crash occurred? If not, it seems to be a coincidence that the object should be on the corner between the aircraft's entry and exit points at the same height.

Maybe there's a simple explanation?

Sorry, should have mentioned

Sorry, should have mentioned that it first appears clearly at around 34 seconds and then it’s shown several times throughout the film. I note also that Betsy had mentioned this as point 2.

The object may well just be a maintenance elevator making a rescue attempt, but the reason I think it is interesting is as follows.

It's intriguing to imagine the events from the perspective of the demolition team. The demolition charges may have been connected wirelessly (so it would not matter if a few cables were severed during the aircraft crash) and the collapse sequences would have been meticulously modelled, yet the exact location of the aircraft impact would have remained a key unknown factor.

I would be surprised if they would accept aircraft strikes at random heights / locations. If the hits were remotely guided, then why not use as many aids as possible? Therefore, did this object act as a visual aid for targeting of the aircraft? I must admit that it would seem a bit obvious, considering the remarkable competence exhibited by the demolishers...

Considering the collapse itself, the North tower started to collapse whilst the upper section was still relatively intact. If this was an intentional act, to give the appearance that the building 'broke' at the height corresponding to the impact site, then demolition team would have needed to design the charges specifically to make this 'slice' across the building at that point. Since the precise point of impact (though partially controllable) may have been unknown, then it seems likely that a 'survey' would have been required in the minutes after impact. In this way, the team could configure the demolition sequence to shear the building at the impact point, before the rest of the building became pulverised. Was this object part of surveying operation in the minutes following the impact?

Just a thought.

other interesting things

Check out the shadow that appears in the middle of the east wall of WTC1, just above the 78th mechanical floor stripe, at 4:01, then it moves to the northern edge at 4:04 and rounds the corner. Also I like the puffs of clouds that appear in the sky above the Woolworth Building at 6:35 and 6:38, seeing that it was a cloudless day, but there were those claims that someone was shooting missiles at the WTC from that building. And can anyone identify the metal object in the street at 7:12?

At 4:01 - 4:05

To me, it looks like the shadow of a helicopter circling the building.

The real question I think lies in the puffs of smoke right after the impact of the second plane, and the Manhattan Demolition truck. This video is full of great raw information to be disseminated. Let's get these crooks!!!

helicopter shadow

I agree that the shape of the shadow, as it passes along the East side of the North tower looks like a helicopter...

In some ways even better than building 7

In a way this is even better than WTC7 because ANYONE can see this - and NO ONE can hide behind "I really don't understand physics." Alot of people can't handle "freefall" and "potential energy" and "kinetic energy" etc. etc.

But EVERYONE can see the simultaneous explosions in this video. AND these explosions are NOT caused by the top of the building coming down and "compressing air", because the building is stable at this point.

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE slow down and enlarge the explosions? They seem to me to mostly happen between 6:19 and 6:20.

It all happens so fast and so simultaneously, that I can't count the number of explosions. It seems to me that there are dozens --- but I really can't count them.

I think this is ABSOLUTELY FANASTIC FOOTAGE. The ONLY way I can think of to "debunk" this to claim that the video has been manipulated.

Manhattan Demolition Truck

Great picture of then truck


whoever filmed this knew what was going on.

the short slowed down clip of the above truck had a David Lynch feel about it.