Next year, we better have some flying cars.

Happy New Year to everybody from myself and from Louder Than Words. It's been a long, crazy ride since everything began on April 13th, 2005, but I'm glad to say that we've all made it this far and we're all still alive.

Here's to 2008. To the end of an era. To Barry Jennings. To everyone that continues to fight for the justice of both family members and first responders.

And here's to 2009. To a new administration and hopefully a new direction for our country, if half the promises being made are fulfilled. Regardless of the outcome, I'm glad we're all in this together.

2009 will be a busy year for me on multiple fronts. Besides the numerous side projects I have going on to keep myself both afloat and occupied, I have a test screening on January 30th up in Marin, California for a remastered version of LCFC. The fine folks at SMT Studios finally wrapped up their surround remix and scoring, and I have to say the finished product is incredible to say the least. I'll have a flyer for that show up shortly.

And while I'm up there, I'll be shooting a music video for Remo Conscious that is a long time coming. No, it's not Loose Change or We Know. It's an amazing song off his upcoming album that's gonna hopefully have an amazing video to go with it.

Talk to you all again soon.

I want to believe...

in the change from the top down... but I'm not feelin' it.

But Happy New Year anyhow! Change takes a while.

Change is likely inevitable.

I think we all know it can go either way or stay the same. I know that sentence sounds redundant but... Either there will be another false flag and subsequent martial law as per Alex Jones; or we could experience a miracle and see actual Truth and Justice relating to not only 9/11 but the whole matrix. On the other hand, life could very well continue as it has for the past 7 years in which we've all imagined and hoped change was just around the corner bt it never materialized.
Considering the recent worldwide financial meltdown and renewed aggression in Palestine, it is not unrealistic to expect the worst but hope for the best.
Happy New Year to all and continued good luck and best wishes.
BTW Dylan, flying cars are still a few years down the road. Still plenty of fossil fuels to burn off:-(

Haha, touche. Maybe we can

Haha, touche. Maybe we can skip physical transportation and go straight to astral projection. :D

Change comes from the bottom up.

No other way around it.