Professors Anthony Hall, Michael Keefer, Graeme MacQueen and John McMurtry - "9/11 and the Global Community"

The video conference featuring Canadian academics Anthony Hall, Michael Keefer, Graeme MacQueen and John McMurtry has been edited and the audio enhanced significantly. The result is very good, and is here in two parts;

Part 1

(Part 2 below the fold)

Part 2

This is a subject that interests me very much

I haven't finished the first video yet, but I appreciate your having posted this. Very important discussion. I've felt so disappointed (near despondent) by every established institution which has acquiesced to the 9/11 deception. It has undercut my faith not only in the US Government (which wasn't very strong to begin with) but the whole of Western Civilization. I (obviously falsely) believed that we were better than this, that intelligent, civilized people would not accept this level of OBVIOUS "deception". Especially given to the manifold crimes it has led to. If we let them get away with this, what won't we let them get away with? How can any of us EVER be secure?

Is there a transcript of this that could be read?

Current Events Shaped By Control Freaks & Resources

Our world seems shaped by a small minority (the "illuminati", "corporatocracy", "globalists" - choose your term) bent on preserving their higher position within the human "food chain", acheived and maintained through the control of resources, money (a means by which resource access is manipulated) and information.

I believe 9/11, Iraq, the growing surveillance condition and the apparently manufactured economic collapse underway has everything to do with the disappearance of non-renewable energy resources that the controlling minority has used to its advantage over the controlled majority (along with credit, taxation, controlled political processes and the regular dissemination of skewed or misleading information).

Renewable energy alternatives cannot be restricted the same way non-renewable energy is. It is the potential for equal opportunity that renewable energy represents that the dominant minority seems to fear.

This is why sustainable systems seem to have been suppressed to this point and may continue to be suppressed.

As for 9/11, it seems to have been a large component of all of the above - a psychological operation manufactured to generate non-renewable energy acquisition and the type of control and justification that fear generates.

Well said

Aidan, you said it about as succintly as one can.

Since seeing that 911 was not what we were told and was caused by insiders, I have thought that the stolen election of 2000, 911, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the probable stolen election of 2004 are all related to the goal of control by a very small minority bent on maintaining their positions of power and dominance, through whatever means necessary.

Alternative/renewable energies does level the playing field and the energy market will need to be shared with newcomers. This causes me to wonder if the threat of them to this present controlling small minority isn't why we are seeing very low gasoline prices at the moment.

That is exactly how I see it, Aidan.

It is all about "market control" -- whether the market be money, energy, drugs, munitions, information, food, water, clean air, etc. The first trick is to create the market (by making what may have been abundant scarce or through manipulating demand for something never before needed). The second trick is to control it that market centrally.

It is time for all of us to begin envisioning a completely different society based on completely different values. The world we have was once imagined by others and they've brought it into existence through the articulation of their will and desire. We can do the same thing but first we have to know what we want, what we desire. Imagine a world not of competition but cooperation; a world where people exchanged goods and services because it was a benefit to each within the exchange to do so. A world where what was valued was the QUALITY of life as experienced by many rather than the PRIVILEGES of life available only to the few.

Those of us who live privileged lives (relative to the mass of humanity) -- what is our responsibility? How do we respond to the INCREASING centralization of markets and market controls?

Ultimately, I think Fascism is nothing but the politics of fear. Fascism is the fountainhead of all terror and terrorism. Fascism is the aggregation of 'me, my, mine' as opposed to all that is perceived as 'other'. All 'other' is perceived as 'threat' or 'potential threat'.

What concepts, words, politics do we have that operate differently? How do we include as opposed exclude? Cooperate rather than subjugate? Etc.

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY & Carlyle Group & other "corporatocracies"

In the Fall, I completed a huge college research project covering an overview of the current Alternative Energy Marketplace. (example of parts of classroom video presentation--> (to which I later added more data about the Money scenario so I could snare some of the unenlightened on YouTube.) Check out the Aptera car currently being made which gets 300 mpg.)

The Alternative Energy Marketplace is being dominated by the big boys. Also, often the military gets involved in groundbreaking innovations. There are a few exceptions of independent small guys in the Alternative Energy Marketplace.
~ (Personally, as an Environmental Science major, I am gung-ho on some of the ideas presented by David Blume his videos/audios to hear about Rockefeller. Rockefeller financed prohibition in order to make gasoline the dominant fuel. Remember, Rockefeller oil first dominated because of the kerosene lamp demand. The light bulb threatened that kerosene demand. But the Ford car was also coming into the marketplace. Henry Ford conducted all kinds of research towards people making their own alcohol as a fuel. Rockefeller wanted the car fuel market. Think about it...all these male politicians who smoke and drink? for an AMENDMENT to the constitution to outlaw whisky for more than 15 years?!!)

Carlyle Group and Nanosolar
Nanosolar is experiencing tremendous growth, and they are a year backlogged on production of one of their products. VIDEO-->
"One of the corporate investors in NanoSolar is Riverstone Holdings -- a multi-billion developer of energy projects of the Carlyle Group."

Wind Turbine Technology
These big wind turbines cost over a million dollars each -- a rule of thumb for cost is 2 million per megawatt. A crane to erect one of these massive towers (or to replace or repair the blades) now costs around $100,000 per day because they are in such demand. Cranes used to go for $40,000 per day prior to today's demand. A rule of thumb for building the transmission lines and electrical substations is a million dollars a mile. An interesting note: At times when the grid is full, the electrical company will charge to take the electrical power from the turbine. Thus, turbines can actually lose money by operating.
GE is building thousands with many slated for Texas.
FPL Energy is the North American leader in wind-energy generation, and operates the two largest solar fields in the world.
~~So, one of the dilemmas which exists is that the big league alternative energy wind providers can take away the viability of an independent, small wind turbine on your acre of property. Spending $15,000-$20,000 for an eight-ten year life turbine on personal property may not be viable when one considers all the factors. Example of small Texas home turbine--> & Skystream-->

The oil refineries actually produce huge amounts of hydrogen. One of the reasons they make hydrogen is to assist in the making of gasoline. #2 & #1
NHA (National Hydrogen Association )-->
- Expo -->
AHA (American Hydrogen Association) (I enjoy the 'independence' of this site)-->

The EPA regulations are intense. Politics, paperwork, regulations, and big-money influence in the waste management industry can hamper some viable approaches. Startech Environmental may have been adversely impacted by these factors (Their stock has been on the downtrend and I picked up that innuendo during an phone interview.) VIDEO->
Another plasma waste plant-->

This is a nice reference website (American Solar Energy Society) .
News Sites-->

Most people are not aware that General Motors in collusion with some other big corporations deliberately sabotaged the public transit system during the 40's and 50's. Check out the documentary called "TAKEN FOR A RIDE". One of the Executives actually admits the sabotage on film. This was proven in court.
The Executive shows absolutely no remorse and has an attitude of "So?"
"Narrator: Weren't the streetcars making money?
Barney Larrick: Not after I got done chopping heads off, they weren't making money. Reduce service, make it less attractive to the customer, sell off property and holdings, take the money out, raise fares, suck the company dry, pull the company down. That's what we did."

There had been in place prior to the 50's, a wonderful train and transit and bus system. This was destroyed deliberately by covert infiltration. It is unfortunate that the documentary "Taken For A Ride" is not widely available (It costs more than $100). Some Universities have it.

With all the hope of alternative energy concepts, the covert manipulation by those in power may thwart some of the wonderful benefits of these concepts. I feel that the only way to defeat the covert manipulation is by exposing the truth about 9/11. 9/11TRUTH opens the door to the reality that there can be tremendous impacting manipulation of our society.

Having watched all two hours ...

I'm VERY impressed with these thinkers and this presentation. Thank you very much for providing it. It is a bit long and not for everyone as it is "intellectual" (and not everyone goes for that sort of thing) -- but as someone who thinks about things and still believes in the value of doing so, I found it refreshing and heartening. Thank you to everyone on the panel and the students involved. Again, I'd be very happy if there were a transcript -- much easier to isolate certain statements and give them further thought and discussion. But, in any case, thank you!

Thanks Reprehensor

.........good video's. I guess this would define what is meant by a higher degree of learning. It's too bad the majority of our countries professors are lacking in basic common sense ...........or BALLS.
I think Albert Einstein's quote say's it best.
"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance"

Walk on

Thanks for the post.
I too have been amazed at the silence of the academic community in questioning what is really just grade school physics.
Is there not ,for example, at least one Harvard prof who understands concepts like 'gravity' and 'resistance' and can see a few problems with free fall collapse speed through undamaged steel structure ?
It's pathetic.
Kudos to those involved here for showing some academics still have a pulse.

it's the same people.............

who five hundred years ago, would have laughed at you if you told them the world was round.