Cheney Calls Iraq 'Significant Success, Masterfully Done' By Blue Texan, Firedoglake January 5, 2009

Cheney Calls Iraq 'Significant Success, Masterfully Done'
By Blue Texan, Firedoglake

Posted on January 4, 2009, Printed on January 5, 2009

Not only does Dick want everyone to know how proud he is of BushCo's signature policy, he's pissed that the Iraqis took some of the luster off of Rummy's military masterpiece.

SCHIEFFER: Wouldn't it have been better, on reflection, to have a better and larger force [going into Iraq]?

DICK: Well, um, we could debate that forever and we may well. I think that the original campaign was masterfully done in terms of the small, fast moving force as you say, that achieved our inital objectives in taking down the regime and capturing Baghdad, that was a masterful performance.

I think the thing that we underestimated, at least I underestimated, was the damage that had been done to the Iraqi population by all those years of Saddam's rule, so that there weren't any Iraqis early on who were willing to stand up and take responsibilty for their own affairs. Anybody who had that kind of get up and go in earlier years had had their head chopped off.

Yeah, what a drag.

I mean, we gave these underachieving brown people their freedom through a massive bombing campaign followed by a full-scale ground war, after a decade of sanctions and more bombing. And all they had to do was demonstrate a modicum of personal responsibility and everything would've been peachy. But noooooo instead, they had to die by the hundreds of thousands and flee their war-ravaged hell hole of a country by the millions. Spineless losers.

So we needed more boots on the ground to pick up their slack, right Dick?

DICK: I'm not at all sure that having had 4-500,000 troops there would've achieved the objective we're talking about. What we finally did, what finally sort of got us across the goal line here was the Surge the President decided upon, coupled with the counterinsurgency strategy.

In other words, the problem wasn't that we didn't have enough troops, but the key to our victory was adding more troops.

Go fuck yourself, Dick.

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