Becoming Our Government, Making the Future Our Own, by Don Paul

Don Paul is a writer, musician and activist who was among the first to speak out about 9/11 fraud. His books, including "'9/11': Facing Our Facist State" and "Waking Up From Our Nightmare (with Jim Hoffman)", have inspired many to seek the truth about 9/11 and other critical issues.

A new compilation of Don's writings is called "The World is Turning: "'9/11'", the Movement for Justice, & Reclaiming America for the World". This new book combines two earlier and much-acclaimed Don Paul books with many articles that are new to print and that extend into late 2008. I was honored to be asked to write the introduction. The book should be available soon though Don's website.

Today, a new essay from Don, entitled "Becoming Our Government, Making the Future Our Own" is available here.

Many thanks to Don for all his courageous and hopeful work.

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Conquering Detrimental Societal Control Systems

Once the systems of societal control - economics and information (or lack thereof) - can be overcome, progress can happen.

But this will require enormous vigilance. The public as a group is continuously manipulated into counterproductive activity.

I'm afraid our country is collectively insane

I'm afraid our country is collectively insane. We already thing we are in control of our govenment because we vote. Our lives are comfortable. After we vote, maintaining the government is someone elses problem.

When confronted with the facts of 911, we ignore them, because to accept them would turn our comfortable lives upside down.

When someone decides to live in a fantasy because its too painful to live in reality, that is INSANITY.

Kevin, The sentiments in

Kevin, The sentiments in Paul's piece are shared by many, perhaps a new majority. Organization is the operative word here. Without it we go No where. No Where.
As maligned as labor unions are in the public's mind, they do provide a model and even a means to enabling widespread organizing to happen. Work and the fruits of our work are the most important asset we, the people, have to combat the unholy cabal of government and corporations. Economic power IS power. We have to start realizing that. We Have it, now we have to start using it. Am I saying to consider joining a union? You bet. One step further, we need to start organizing "new" types of worker unions that encompass a wider array of up till now, unorganized workers. We need New unions that model new democratic union structures that are currently missing from many unions.

Nothing gets done without organizing, and what better thing to organize around then the most potent force we have...the work we do.

Forming "citizens unions" or "citizens councils"

corresponding to geographic and/or ecologic areas would be one way to proceed, these would be problem solving entities based on a cooperative as opposed to a competitive model.

We are, of course, talking about re-engineering "democracy" here, not a small task (we don't really have a choice, imo).

Localization is the antidote for globalization.

Organization is very important, but many fight it because they have been inculcated with the idea that organizations interfere with their personal sovereignty. In order to survive as a species we will have to recognize, accept and return to the age old concept of the community commons.

The 9/11 truth movement has to evolve into a 9/11 truth-informed movement, organize and then create new modes of civil political discourse and decision making.

Civility and openness are critical.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.