NIST Final WTC7 Conclusion is an Absolute Impossibility!

The conclusion of NIST's 10,000 page report which took seven years to produce claims fires, coupled with "thermal expansion" and unusual truss design caused core column 79 to fail, leading to a complete "progressive collapse".

The absolute impossibility mentioned above is evident in their computer simulation of the physical copllapse as initiated by core column 79. In reviewing the individual screen shots, and when seen in the non-NIST animation of their screen shots , it becomes apparent that the collapse they postulate is totally different from all videos of the actual collapse.

In their simulation, the East side of WTC7, where column 79 was located, fell completely down taking over 25% of the building to the ground, while the balance of the building was as yet unaffected.
Visit to view the flash based animation of the NIST collapse theory.

In reality, every video of this collapse (seen from the West, North and East) showed the building maintaining total integrity of the complete roof line and all four sides as well. It collapsed in a synchronous manner, as if it had been constructed on a massive elevator and someone had pressed the "down" button.