Question About Possible Activism

A new President is coming to town. If you think I don't realize what he represents (the other side of the same coin), you would be sorely mistaken. However, he ran his campaign on the idea of "change," and it is very easy to hold his feet to the fire using his own words against him.

One of the things I've been thinking of doing, something I would hope the ENTIRE movement would take part in, is a phone call and fax campaign to the White House for 6 straight months. Clog up their phone lines. It couldn't be a half-assed effort. It would have to be an everyday/multiple times a day thing.

To my knowledge, such a concerted effort by this movement, as a whole, has never happened before. What would happen if we did it? All you have to do is dial a phone number, or send a fax. Everyday. A few times a day. And because he ran his slogan on the idea of "change," there are a multitude of things we could say.

"Telling us the truth about 9/11 would be a welcome change."

"Holding those responsible for the 9/11 attacks accountable would be a change I can believe in."

I'm sure you can think of your own. What would be the benefits of such an effort? Is it realistic to think we may accomplish something? Would it be good to try to at least be able to say we DID try?

Every willing person would have to take part in this. Again, it couldn't be a half-assed effort. It would have to be 100% everyday. Thoughts?

Good idea

Yes, this sounds like a good idea.

Briefing the traditional and the alternative media, before the start and during the process, would be wise. I would expect technical dirty tricks from the White House (lost messages, diverted calls) and a counter-campaign of misrepresentation and disparagement.

Here are a couple more ideas:

"Explaining the contradictions in the official 9/11 narrative would be a change I can believe in."

"Answering the questions from the 9/11 bereaved and the members of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth would be a change I can believe in."

Could non-US citizens take part?

As far as I'm concerned...

If you have a phone, or a fax machine, you qualify. As far as briefing the media, do you mean we should write a press release with regards to the effort?

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Yes, an initial press

Yes, an initial press release, along with interviews given to stations which will carry the message, e.g. KPFA, Green 960, Visibility 9/11. Concise video presentations on YouTube, explaining the aims and encouraging support. It would be great to have endorsements from patriots who the 'average Joe' will recognise.

And ongoing briefings, to counter under-reporting and misrepresentation from the MSM.

We will be considered 'loonies' by many, regardless of the size and annoyance factor of the campaign. The clarity of the message(s) is what matters, not sheer numbers.



Keep your goal in mind

In itself I think it is a good idea, but it may become counterproductive if you clog up the White House telephone lines. Rather than going for quantity, the movement could go for quality. For example, it seems that Mr. Obama plans to schedule a number of hours a day to receive citizens willing to line up at the White House. Wouldn't it be a good idea if a respected member of the Truth movement (like Richard Gage) manages to get the ear of the new President in this way?

Finally, I think it is NOT a good idea if non-Americans start to call or fax the White House, because of the obvious backlash this could create in the MSM (and I say this as a non-American not living in the USA).

Keep up the good work!

Respectful disagreement here, Surfer

Firstly, a massive groundswell always gains the attraction of the MSM. The MSM still controls the message. That said, even the 'green energy' movement is now mainstream. We need to break down the MSM wall, that's old news.

Secondly, why would the inclusion of non-Americans hurt the 9/11 Truth movement's concerns? I think our global impact is one of the most compelling, if not promising, touchstones of the movement. How will foreign interest hurt the movement with 'the obvious backlash this could create in the MSM'?

We need everyone we can get. I'm not advocating 'Big Tent' for theoretical, speculative discussions of the 9/11 Event. The quality of evidence is already there. The experts are already there.

Jon Gold is right on this one, big time. We're all keyboard commandos here in the front lines of the blogosphere. However, we need to make our impression felt outside of the computer community. In the street. At the mall. On the TV. At the White House phone lines.

The polemical hemming and hawing, and lack of political action on the ground in regards to 9/11 Truth is truly gutwrenching. Enough speculation, we need far better organizing if we want to take control of the message. It requires a paradigm shift of the highest order.

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.

~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


Good point about quality contact, versus quantity, IMO.

I believe it will do us all no good to simply assume the worst about this new administration, even before trying tactics based on reason. Jamming the phone and fax lines would mainly come off as a harassment campaign. Isn't that so?

Remember when that fellow Blair Gadsby in Arizona did a hunger strike for 9-11 truth in front of McCain's office? I was impressed by how respectful he was of even McCain. That attitude looks to me to work lots better. He reached many people with that respectful stance.

Protest Action


i appreciate the spirit of such actions, and especially your opening up a dialog. i think such individual initiatives are always to be encouraged, like engineer don meserlian's "Citizens Campaign For 2009 9-11 Year Of Truth", and some campaigns are perfect for different people, based on their time, energy, and various ways folks believe is best in using their energies to make a difference.

From the point of view in working from the bottom up, rather than top down, and building with the momentum of campaigns already in operation -- I would hope that all the various campaigns will only add and not take away from ongoing campaigns such as Richard Gage and work in getting 1,000 architects and engineers to question the official government version and demand a new investigation. Richard Gage AIA and others plan to announce this to the public at the national press club in Washington, D.C., and also The NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative where les jamieson and fellow volunteers collected 30,000 petitions signed for a referendum vote this 2009 november election in NYC.. Would not a YES vote put fire under President Obama's feet to respond to citizens demand for truth and justice; but even better is not needing a response from the President, Congress, or the media.., but via a direct referendum vote based on democracy and our efforts in educating the public.

We have much to do to accomplish those last two campaigns; so new ones are okay.. but please take consideration on efforts already in the works, or else we will get too diverse and less effective.. than a concentrated effort in unity for a independent investigation into the events of 9/11/01 and cover-up.

jonathan mark


Wouldn't be an "individual initiative." It would be something the ENTIRE movement would have to participate in. Day in, and day out. Again, it couldn't be a half-assed effort. If everyone wasn't involved, it wouldn't even be worth the time. Such an action would not impede the actions of others. It is possible for everyone to "multi-task." However, this would require everyone's efforts if we hope to accomplish anything.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

yes.. but..

theoretically any huge action on this issue is big and vital..
and i fully support it..

however.. what has been the record in united actions..

we tried to promote the shell game.. dozens of films..
and i am concerned that our numbers for activists are limited..
so am concerned of the lack of focus, effort on ongoing campaigns..

like giving more impetus to richard gage and
reaching 1,000 strong.. with national press club event.. this could help with other actions.. but if we spread ourselves too far out.. maybe we will be less effective than more..

not sure..
and only using this space to analyze another campaign beginning that may or may not reach the impact we are seeking..

also.. the most significant action for a new investigation so far in my opinion is 30,000 petitioners gathered in NYC for a new investigation.. this is a campaign not needing to ask the president or press to act responsibly.. such a people's campaign is significant.. and if it can be more successful this year.. will also help making our activism have much greater potency for 9/11 truth.


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Where's the Kucinich Inquiry?

Thrice now, Dennis Kucinich has stated and reiterated his promise of a Congressional inquiry into the insider trading issues, etc. This was supposed to have been done by the end of last year.

We need newsworthy events creating the media and buzz that might force Obama to publically address 9/11. I'm for emailing the White House and faxing, but simply urging Obama to do "the right thing" and "tell us the truth" is not enough. This won't generate media attention and therefore won't force his hand.

A Congressional inquiry might create MSM converage that becomes a tipping point politically. This could lead to demands for more investigation. We should email and fax Kucinich to keep his word!

If it doesn't cost corporations money, it doesn't matter.

Who answers phones and picks up faxes. Nobody that makes decisions, that's who.

2 million people were in the streets in the US marching against invading Iraq. Hundreds of millions worldwide. Nobody on the far right even got so much as one bad night sleep over the protests against invading Iraq.

Hispanics decide to have a one day boycott/general strike two years ago, and the whole far right from Dubya on down went into melt down about it.

Good point Adam as it

Good point Adam as it relates to Jon's idea. We have to organize around an effort to make a big impact and when we hurt the corporate pocket book, we make the biggest gain.
Boycotts are a harder idea to fashion around a 9/11 awareness campaign in that respect. I like the idea of encircling FBI headquarters in a peaceful demo, to demand disclosure of 9/11 the 80 surveillance tapes from the Pentagon strike.

Block the MSM

How about stand on the driveway to the local FOX, ABC, CBS or NBC station in your towns. Don't let any trucks get out. I'll bet you make it to the evening news, and probably to jail as well :-( But it is a peaceful way to show how serious the movement is.

I'm thinking...

This Spring/Summer might be the time to have MLK's march on Washington where we camp out there until our issue is covered. He was going to do it for the issue of Poverty before he was killed. The weather would be right at this time. The idea would have been useless under the Bush Administration in my opinion, but it is well known that the protesters affected Pres. Nixon when he was in the White House. A new administration might be more receptive to such an action. I'm just so frustrated with the lack of progress and with the seemingly steady destruction of our country and economy. Who knows. But with more people out of work and the weather and administration changing this might be an opportune time. I don't know how food and water works, but I'm sure it could be done.

Outdoor sign

I'm looking at the idea of putting a poster on benches through Lamar Outdoor signs. I'll contact them later today or tomorrow to see what it will cost.

Time Better Spent Publically Identifying Fraudulent System

Obama is a Brzezenski apprentice - a man who has shot to the top becuase he has agreed to play ball with organized criminals.

It seems our time would be better spent identifying how our leaders, information and economy are all controlled by the same forces bent on control and manipulation, not public service.

Let's call/write/speak

to everyone we know and then get out and start talking to people we don't know - at factory gates, shopping centers, or door to door. With all due respect we have been conditioned to call/write "our" congressmen and "our" president, for a good reason. Because it's the single most ineffectual thing anyone can do in the political realm.
Forget pressuring or persuading those on top side. It's revolution time now. Time to get the broad mass of our people up to speed politically, responsible and involved in a mass movement that ends in the FORCED REMOVAL of a criminal, treasonous, and hence entirely ILLEGITIMATE government and corporate elite. Calling our "representatives" misses precisely this point, and betrays a touching faith in the legitimacy of the American democracy. We simply can't afford to naively channel our energies and those we seek to influence in such a colossal waste of time - at best.
Clarity about our real situation and what it will take to confront it is most important now IMO. and our tactics should reflect the gravity of that situation. in sum, Jon, it strikes me as gimmicky and relies on MSM to broadcast the fact of a groundswell of callers. They would probably say we set up calling programs, if they reported on it at all.

I like it..

I don't think it's necessarily harrassment, but I understand that point of view.

I think perhaps focusing this type of action towards our respective Congressperson and/or Senator would effective. The idea would be to continuously request a meeting with the Congressperson/Senator or their chiefs of staff. Obviously, these meetings have been done before with some people in Congress, and the movement has had some success.

This renewed effort would be refreshing. Of course, all meetings should be videotaped, if possible, and then posted here. This would hold these people accountable for their promises and/or reactions to our presentations on 9/11 Truth, advocating for a new/independent investigation, and the needed legislation for First Responders health care.

DC sit-in

I have to agree that a daily barrage of phone/fax messages would very quickly become an irritation. A "Camp Casey" type of sit-in across from the Whitehouse would undoubtedly get the kind of publicity the movement needs. We would have to craft a reasonable expectation (demand?) so that we are credible to the media and the administration. We would probably have to have at least 20 people at the site for the duration in order to represent the movement well. I would be willing to go to DC to camp out for a couple of weeks and I imagine that there would be many more willing persons. The time has come. Let's do it.

I'm seeing a lot of mention...

Of how irritating this would be to the White House. A nuisance.

More irritating than what we've had to endure?

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Being irritating to the White House was not the point

The media, too, might well paint the campaign as a "harassment campaign" by "9/11 loonies".

I think Aidan has a good point above. And perhaps the other kinds of action suggested in this thread would be more productive.

In Jon's defense

Remember how many people bought Steve Alten's The Shell Game? Something under 15k or so...that's not really a lot. But it's not direct activism. A form of direct actvism that can be coordinated by anyone at any time, from their homes, from anywhere.

If we have 15,000 people calling the White House, every day, directly addressing the issue - how is that bad?

The MSM is going to dis us. They already do - every day. Employing direct democracy to the White House, perhaps to some willing ears, I think is the essence of what America is supposed to be about. Not to sound corny, but we do need to build a public groundswell of some kind if we want to affect any real meaning of 'change'. The MSM might be the only real means of presenting 'alternative 9'11 evidence' to the masses AT ALL. But it could get people talking. The masses HATE Bush, and history will be no friend to their organized crime cartel.

If it were to backfire, well, so what. Jamming the phone lines would be a direct, decentralized action that many non-activated Truthers could easily participate in.

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.

~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

It doesn't sound like...

Anyone is jumping up and down over this idea, and none of the "big wigs" have jumped on board.

I wanted to let Obama know in a big way that this issue is not going away. I wanted to do something that would get people's attention. Sure, the media would probably attack us, but it would bring the issue to the forefront. Once that happens, who knows what will happen next. Maybe Dennis Kucinich will speak up. Maybe more family members will come forward. Maybe... maybe... maybe. To me, it's better than not trying. We're supposed to be a "movement," and yet we never use our "muscle" it seems. I can name several efforts that have taken place in this movement, and there was always someone faulting the effort in one way or another, and as a result, not everyone would take part. Or, people were just too "lazy" to really take an interest. Or, people's egos got in the way. Whatever the reason, we've never really done something as a movement.

Imagine if we did. People say you can't fight City Hall, and I say that City Hall can't fight the people so long as we stand together.

Incidentally, this is a non-violent action. Irritating or not.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

My idea from a Canadian perspective

One thing I thought we could all do as a movement here in Canada was to all show up at the CBC on the same day in every major city across the country. CBC is Canada's state sponsored television. Our taxes pay for it.

I then saw it expanding to include all of the BBCs in England, the ABCs in Australia, etc

Why don't you all target CBS then NBC, then FOX, etc. Pool your videos so that if anyone does actually get onto television, your YouTube clip would show that it's in every city

Just throwing another idea out there. I like Jon's idea and am looking forward to helping out on this.

As an aside, I am a full blown 9/11 truth activist that is out on the 11th of every month and I did not purchase 'The Shell Game". I didn't even consider purchasing it. My reason is that I got spammed about it like 6 months before it even hit the shelves and it stank of someone looking to make a fast buck. I wouldn't use the 15k as any kind of an accurate measure towards how many activists are out there.

Best of luck this Sunday to everyone. The winter months are the hardest :)

Thinking big, taking stock, "knowing purpose"....

IMO, unless the 911 truth movement grows into something bigger, when all is said and done it will not have done much to move us to a more ethical government, such that another 911 would not be allowed to occur, or made to occur. How has all the attention paid to the Kennedy assassination made this country's government more ethical? I don't detect any effect, whatsoever.

In order to grow into something much bigger, the 911 Truth Movement simply can't focus on 911 alone, but also needs to educate the public about other "high strangeness" misdeeds (i.e., false flag operations), also focus on more conventional forms of corruption, help transform the media habits of the public as a whole, and back more populist-oriented political movements within the Democratic and Republican parties, as well as backing populist-oriented third parties, such as the Green party.

I have explained these ideas recently at these links: