Thermite,inward bowing and the 105th floor

Thermite,inward bowing and the 105th floor.(a new theory)

We all belive ,in controlled demolition of Twin Towers,but do we have a good image about the actual method,which was used to bring them down?And do we have a convincing answer to the inward bowing?I'll show you that we have a very good,convincing answer.

Let me start with this video:

(direct link: )

This video proves,that kink of some sort appeared on,or near the 105th floor,while the South Tower was collapsing.This was the only problem,which NIST (willingly)noticed.This video shows,that there's another,more probable chain of events which could lead (sp) to this phenomena....This kink is first indication of structural instability-near the 105th floor.(the video suggest that there were some cuts in the east part of South Tower's core.....which caused.....see the rest of this article)

I immediately (sp)knew that I found what I was looking for.

Because I remembered some of the South tower victim's 911 calls..........
here are the transcriptions (quotes):
9:37 In the South Tower,a person on the 106th floor tells a dispatcher that floors below are beginning to collapse.

NYTimes, January 9, 2005, '102 Minutes':

"...Here is the moment at 9:52 a.m. when the south tower collapsed: 'The voices from the 105th floor, 20 stories above the top of the impact zone, grew more urgent. One woman called 911 and said the floor was collapsing. A moment later, a man called from 106 and said a floor below was collapsing. …"

NYTimes, May 19, 2004,'Surprising and...'

"The tapes showed another kind of communication breakdown, as well. At 9:37, about 22 minutes before the south tower collapsed, a person on the 106th floor called 911 and told the operator that a floor was collapsing. At 9:52, a police dispatcher sent word to officers: "The 106th floor is crumbling."

Yet on a morning when information often meant survival, that word about a collapsing floor was evidently never passed along to the Fire Department... "

911 Commission Report p304:

"9:37, a civilian on the 106th floor of the South Tower reported to a 911 operator that a lower floor -the "90-something floor"- was collapsing." (she could be wrong,she could sense some leaning...and extrapolate that lower floor was collapsing....this transcription isn't reliable)
This information was conveyed inaccurately by the 911 operator to an NYPD dispatcher... telling NYPD officers "the 106th floor is crumbling" at 9:52..."


"9:41 am NYPD dispatcher advises units that floor 106 in WTC2 is collapsing...
9:51 am NYPD dispatcher advises that at WTC2, floor 106 is crumbling..."
„Floor collapses before the buildings fell

"At 9:24, fire rescue received a call from a frightened man who said that the stairway had collapsed on the 105th floor of Tower Two. It would be an omen." - p. 641 (right....stairway and core...)

"At 9:47, in a nearby office, a woman called fire rescue with an ominous message. The floor underneath her, she said, was beginning to collapse."

James Bamford, "Body of Secrets," (2002 update) p. 64“
„Coincidence“,yes I would be as skeptical as you about this phone calls.They are nothing,on their own.

But the problem is that they are not even remotely close to the (on their own state).

LOOK at this video:

the first part of this video is irrelevant,it only shows,that the preparators used directed arson to cover up their tracks (this is not object of this post,I'll send a post about it latter)

However the part which follows(after 2:17) ----- ----- is EXTREMELY important,it shows new fire,6 floors above the crash zone!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the 104th and 105th floor.

This type of fire movement is unprecedented in the Twin Towers case.This happened only here,at this floor,nowhere else,also this fire is located right where I would expect it.(you will get it)

So we have 3 important pieces of observation.

The South Tower's kink near the 105th floor.

Numerous phone calls about collapsing floors from 105-106th floor of south tower,well before the collapse initiation.

And unprecedented fire movement to the 104-105th floor.6 floors above the crash zone.(North Tower)

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(this is the 104th-105th fire)

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(this is the kink,look at the left and to the top of the tower)

What links it together?


(direct link: )

that's it!

Thermite charges which were used to cut the core columns!!!!Later,the redirected force caused inward bowing of the perimeter walls (see this blog post,which for some unknown reason didn't made it to the news section)

How did the preparators managed to cut these columns?They certainly didn't use explosives.This method would be loud and noticeable.Blown-out windows would be catastrophe.They needed something silent,yet powerful.

Thermite,and the line of reasoning

Yes,thermite was the weapon of choice.Thermite isn't as efficient as some people,here in truth movement,suggest.Thermite is inherently weak and problematic when it comes to the horizontal cutting.Personally- I don´t belive that the preparators used some advanced devices.I belive that they used primitive containers of some kind.I don't pretend that I know the exact size of container which could be used to cut steel of this size (core columns.),but I guess,that you have to use very wide container,at least a few times the thickness of the core column wall.

They faced a problem.

Yes!!!I think that everyone who saw Gage's presentation believes,that the devices were installed in the elevator shafts.And that's where their problem started.The elevator shafts were narrow-to some degree.I don't know,if I can afford speculation (here at 911blogger) but let's say that they needed 4-6 times the thickness of the core column wall.

The core columns were progressively thinner.The wall thickness was between 10 and -appx.2,5 cm (as I remember).

They put heads together.Yes,they „could“ destroy lower columns.That would be most effective.The number of „prepared“columns would be lower.The redirected force would be the same (as in the 105th case).
The only problem was,that they couldn't do that.Their 40-60cm wide (handwaving,illustration)devices could block the elevator cabins and drag the cables.
They had to use higher floor with smaller wall thickness,hence the 105th floor,the thinnest walls were ideal!

How many?

It's probable that they needed higher number of columns in the case of North Tower,than in the South Tower case.

What affected what?

Look at his video: (911 tilting)

WTC1 tilted to the south,draw your own conclusions.....
Why such a headline,for a speculative question?

As I mentioned,the 104-105th fire (WTC1)was right where I would expect it.
It appeared at the west face.It probably originated from thermite cutting devices,which were installed to drop the south part of North tower's core(the south part was dropped to cause the „illusion“ of inward bowing at the south wall....(link zpět na video,které už viděli na vrchu) (you could make a straight line between the windows and the first row of columns which made the south part of the core).I think that the thermite fires could be fired in west->east order (this is a little bit made up,but let's consider it....maybe it has something common with the plane trajectory,but this is not a good part of post to explain,so I'll explain it latter)) this offered. a time,which the fire needed to reach the west windows.

Ok,you probably ask yourself,why there was no such fire in the south tower case.As mentioned higher(lower) they needed lower number of columns.WTC1->entire face bowed,WTC2->only about 50% of the columns bowed( ).The bowed section (wtc2) was approx. in the middle of the east wall (all of the thermite was far,far away from the windows.) this along with the lower amount of charges caused no visible fire at the top (105th floor)of south tower.

Factors like floor(s) layouts could play a major role,also,but this needs further research.

Notice:preparators could make deliberate precautions to stop the fire at the 105th floor of south tower,they could expect some survivors,which could report fire.In the NT case there was no need for that.It was clear that the whole top of NT will be in very bad condition (opposite to the ST) and that 75min after the impact there will be almost no survivors........(there wasn't any call from the top of NT,after the south tower collapse.....)


Well,(link na zpravu nist).
This is almost coherent.Nist says that the first observation (WTC2)of the bowing was made at 9:21 and that the observable maximum appeared at cca.9:52.This is consistent with the phone calls.(quotes from them are at the start of this article)

Note:All of the charges couldn't be fired at the same time,sudden bowing would appear suspicious.They had to fire them with some delay.....

We learned,that there was a kink in the vicinity of 105th(east face),while the South Tower was collapsing.
We learned that they there were reports of collapsing floors form 105th and 106th(unknown orientation) of the South Tower.
We also know,that fire emerged appx. 20 minutes before the collapse initiation of North tower at the 104th and 105th floor.(west face)

Thermite charges could be a very good explanation for these phenomens.This placement would be logic,and very beneficial.

Further research
There are certain „gaps“ in this story.
I suggest you to fill them.
Gaps include: the precise location of the elevator shafts,and additional informations about them....
floor layouts-could have ffected the N/S tower fire/no-fire problem

AND COMPUTER MODELING-WE NEED somebody who could do structural simulations,when supported by simulations it will be undebunkable.Dear reader-If you have necessary skils to make this simulations- do it,please.......

Bonus material
Every heard about the increased smoke acctivity before the North Tower collapse initiation?
If no - look at this video (link na xenomorphovo video).

Could be this smoke seen as a result of final fire-ing sequence of the thermite cutting devices?Look at the smoke,the smoke comes from the top of the building(100+),not directly from the impact zone.

Warning!There were other,minor demolition preparations at the basement level.
See this! :

„These important columns opposit to the maximum of bowing (both towers) fit exatly the discribed damage in the lobby WTC1. And that damage occured about 1 minute before any fuel could have rained down from the impact zone. (no fluid fall at fast as a stone. The formula to calculate the fall-time of fluids could you find in my video about the lobby damage.)“

(achimspok on Re: 9/11 Debunked: World Trade Center's Collapse Explained, )

this blog-post would not exist without his videos,make him a favour,visit his channel watch all of his videos and try to understand.....

I'm sorry for my english,but this post is so important that I couldn't keep it for myself.

Note for administrator:Please,do not restrict this post to the blog section,this post is important,HOT and deals with acctual topic.The more people see it,the better it will be.(bigger chance to get somebody who can do the important simulations)

I bet this was to cut off

the enormous hat truss.

Failing clips before columns

These floors or floor trusses were supported by l-shaped brackets... they were designed to hold the trusses but mostly to support them from below. If the floors were going to bow and fall than that clip would have failed long before it compromised the large box columns that they were attached.

This building was excessively overbuilt. It was the first of its kind really so they went a bit overboard. Those box columns were incredibly strong and far less susceptible to fire than standard I-beam construction.
Together in Truth!

Did you share

.............this with Richard Gage?

I think

sort of,I emailed and their contact person told me that she will share it with the "team"